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E027: Pearl Twelve
Posted:Nov 11, 2018 11:33 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2018 6:43 pm

Donald wakes with mixed emotions. Yesterday had been so wonderful with Emma, but he needs to get back to the regime he has planned for her. Yes, one day, as she pleasures him and he treats her to delights will come, but for now, he must keep his focus.
Emma waking also acknowledges so many feelings. She wants to just start hugging, kissing, licking, sucking the Professor, but she knows she is supposed to be learning things now, and she does so want to fill up her pearl necklace.
Donald realizes in the frenzy of yesterday’s pleasure and coupling, he never gave Emma her eleventh pearl. He reaches and gets one, and they go through their ritual for her receiving her next accomplishment.
“For Sunday night, and your wonderful performance for me. I got so wrapped up in seeing you and the entry from the diary I forgot to give it to you.”
Emma just smiles at him over her accomplishment.
Donald hugs her to him and tells her to go empty herself and shower. He doesn’t give her a time limit this time, but she does try to hurry. As she empties her bladder she wonders why Donald had mentioned that specifically.
When she returns to the room, again the sheets have been changed, the room straightened, and suddenly there is a square mahogany box on the dresser. She goes over to it to see what is inside. Donald had told her this is her room and she could look at anything she wants. But the box is locked.
Donald is not there either, so she just sits on the side of the bed to wait. But then after a minute, she wonders, should she be waiting in her proper position? She stands, spreads her legs apart with her hands behind her neck.
Donald, showering and dressing, isn’t watching her on his monitors and does not get to see her sitting and then jumping to position. It is a shame as it would have brought a grin to his face.
He enters the room and does smile as he sees Emma in the proper position, without having to be told.
He tells her to sit on the bed and then lay on her back with her legs over the sides. Emma scurries to comply.
Donald brings the box from the dresser to the bed and sets it at his side as he sits beside Emma.
He reaches to her breasts and begins to knead them over and over like they are small loaves of bread being made. It is a distinctive feeling for her. Donald has not really concentrated on her breasts much more than a fondle and pinch when caressing her. This much attention now is rather enjoyable.
Donald takes his time kneading both, then concentrating on one at a time. Squeezing the nipples to harden them, and massaging and caressing her breasts. He then begins to lower his lips to them. He continues to caress the other one as he focuses his attention on the other.
His tongue runs around and around her breast, adding kisses as he goes. Then he starts a second round, but now he is sucking at her breasts, not the nipple yet but sucking hard all around the flesh on her boobs. He leaves red circle marks at each place he sucks at and they remain visible for several minutes.
The feeling of him doing this is somewhat strange, but in many ways enjoyable. And as she glances down and sees his momentary mark on her she feels a surge through her body. After reddening all of her breast this way, only then does he take her nipple into her mouth and suck it hard. The nipple becomes perk and rosy, feeling like the tip of a bullet in Donald’s mouth.
Emma’s low moans and whimpers tell him she is enjoying this to an nth degree. As he does the same with the other breast, he squeezes the first and pinches the nipple to keep it hard.
Finally, when both are tended to, he raises his head and inspects his work. He takes his key ring from his pocket and places a small key in the box and opens it. He takes something from it and closes the lid before Emma can notice.
He brings a string clamp to her nipples. The little lasso fits over each nipple, and he tightens them each so there is some tension for her to feel. The lassos at each nipple are attached to a thin chain which runs between each, and has two hanging weights from them to apply ongoing tension and pull.
Donald tells Emma to sit up, and she does feel the pull of her breasts. At first, it seems a little too much to take, but after a moment it does give her a pleasurable feeling. The look of happiness on Donald’s face as he gazes at her with these on sends shivers up and down her spine. What is a little pain, if it gives her Professor so much gratification?
Donald reaches between her legs now and just holds his hand over her mons and pussy. The heat radiating from it is amazing. Emma is smoldering from his administrations. As time goes on, Donald will often place his cool hand this way, feeling the fire in Emma’s loins begging for attention. And Emma, feeling his cool touch taking some of the burning flames away, will always appreciate this momentary touch.
He tells her to lie back again and Donald runs his fingers up and down her wet slit, enjoying that she is so wet now. He concentrates his attention on her clit now and buffers it until it is a hard-shining pearl. Almost as swollen as the pearls around her neck.
He brings out a third lasso and places it over her now hard clit, and pulls it tight around her too. Then brings the attached similar thin chain with a clasp on it up, to hook at the center of the chain holding her nipples. There is now a great deal of strain for all three lassoed buttons.
The feeling wafting over Emma is extraordinary. It is such a distinct and different feeling. When Donald first pulls tight on each against her she winches with a little pain, but now she just experiences this warmth running through her.
Donald helps her to sit up again, and the tightness of the pulling between the three lessens some. She watches as he goes first to her dresser and chooses underwear and stocking for her, then to the closet to bring out two new dresses.
Her suitcase is opened on a luggage stand that is next to the dresser now.
He places one dress in it, along with the lingerie and shoes to accompany it. The other, more presentable outfit for her going about town he brings and starts to dress her. The bra is placed over the clasps and chain which runs down over her stomach. Panties are raised to her thighs before he has her stand for a moment to raise them up over her.
The top band does hold the chain taunt against her, as does the bottom of the bra. Standing this way, she realizes until Donald decides to remove these clasps, she will be feeling the strain of them.
He sits her again as he raises the thigh-highs up her legs. The repeated up and down does pull and release some on her each time. Once they are on, and high heels placed on her feet, she is motioned to stand again as today’s dress is brought down over her head.
He leaves her standing there as he finishes packing her suitcase for the day and brings it over to her.
“Emma, it is getting late, I need to get to class, and you need to get to your first meetings of the day. I expect you back here at four, waiting in your room, clothes off. I hope you make it all day with the clasps. If you can’t, text me a message just saying, ‘please stop’. I hope you don’t as I will be somewhat disappointed.”
With that, he picks up the bag for her and leads her down the hall, his hand on her ass, as it seems to always find its way there. At her car, the suitcase in the back seat and her door opened for her to climb in, she waits, as she seems to know now what will happen.
And it does, Donald swats each of her ass cheeks once as he helps her into the car.
The sting of that slight spank, and the tightness of the clamps against her as she drives, set currents running through her the whole drive home.
Donald climbs into his car to back out behind her and looking at her in his rearview mirror, able to see the mixed look rushing over her face and just smile. Yes, Emma is coming along very well.
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E026: Tuesday evening reading
Posted:Nov 8, 2018 6:14 am
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 10:9 am

Both now sated, so happy to be together again, Emma and Donald just lie in each other’s arms, the after-throbs running through them. It is not even an hour since Emma arrived.
After their breathing calms, and the adrenaline slows in them both now, a deep sigh comes from Emma. Donald, so holding himself in reins, keeps himself from doing the same.
Emma whispers in his ear that she brought the diary with her for him to see. He kisses her forehead and tells her to get it and meet him in the living room. He will get something for them to eat and drink and they will look at it.
Watching her stand and hurry to her suitcase, he is in awe of her glistening mons, covered with their combined cum. And the slight trickle which is running down her thighs from her cunt. Such a lovely sight to watch. He takes his time getting out of the bed, so enjoying this after-show.
He goes to the kitchen and gets the large bowl of pasta he has ready, and the bottle of wine. The glasses are already waiting in the living room. He arrives to find Emma sitting cross-legged on the couch, her gleaming cunt just tempting him.
The diary is on the coffee table as Emma waits for him.
He sits down next to her, pours wine in their glasses and lifts a forkful of pasta to her lips. And then, he lifts the same fork to his own mouth, loving that her mouth has been on it.
“Emma, do you want to start reading the next entry to me? I will feed us both as you do.” And with that, before she answers, he lifts another forkful to her lips. Then lifts the wine glass for her to sip.
And as she begins to read more of the diary, this is how it goes on. He will eat and drink a little, and as Emma pauses in the story, feed her some too. And lift her drink to her lips. They spend the next few hours like this, both so engrossed in her mother’s story unfolding, before moving on to the next level.
Emma begins to read to Donald the next entry in the diary now dated three days later, covering what happened from after her first night of being spanked.
April 21, 2018
What a few days this has been. Only now have I found time to record it all.
Edward drove me home after our wonderful evening, my ass still stinging some from his discipline, but my pussy was also throbbing from what happened afterward. It was close to three a.m. when I got home, he walked me to the door, kissed me, and then as I turned to go into the house he swatted both my cheeks one last time.
The juices just started flowing out of me with that.
Luckily my parents were well asleep and didn’t hear me sneak in. I went to my bedroom and undressed, and I must confess I stood in front of my mirror and looked over my shoulder to see the fading pink hand marks on my ass.
I so now understand how I need Edward to keep me in line, make me the perfect wife I need to be for him. As I climbed into bed and started to try to sleep, all I could do was play over him spanking me so well, and then the feel of him throbbing in me afterward. Yes, as he said, I am his wife now.
In the morning I heard my parents moving around in the kitchen and I got up. Dressed just in a robe, I went into the kitchen. Both looked at me quizzically, I guess I still had a smug, so satisfied, look on my face. Before I could start to say anything, the phone rang. I answered it and it was Edward. He greeted me good morning and told me to tell my parents just the basics of what we have planned.
I so wanted to talk more intimately with him, but my parents were right there so all I could reply was yes, that I understood. He told me he would come to pick me up at six that night after he got off work.
I just told my parents that Edward and I had reached an understanding and want to be married as soon as possible. My father irrupted with concern, asking if we had to get married for such a rush of things. I assured him it was not that at all, just that we reached a point where being together was all that mattered.
Somewhat reassured, he and my mother started gushing over the impending nuptials.
I went and dressed after breakfast, but all I could think of, and lust for, was Edward’s touch on me again. In any way.
It was a long day for me. I don’t work; Mom and Dad wanted me just to be near them and not be concerned since I graduated college. This is probably how I have become so spoiled and bratty as Edward mentioned. I went over my flaws all day and thought that I did so want Edward to make me learn how to be a proper and polite wife. Each time I thought of some of the sins I have committed I imagined his hands spanking me to make me realize my mistakes.
What a strange day for me, but I could feel myself as I dripped into my panties.
Six o’clock came and I was out front waiting for him. As soon as he pulled up I jumped into the passage seat of his burgundy 1973 Thunderbird. The smile Edward gave me melted my heart.
Edward last night was the first man I had intercourse with. At twenty-eight now, I had in the past my share of boyfriends, but we never went beyond me jerking them off. Edward was now thirty. I knew he had girlfriends before and had sexual intercourse with a few. But this now between us made none of that matter.
Edward drove us to an excluded place at the lake and told me to get in the back seat with him. I did not know what to expect, but the seats are wide there, so anything is possible. I had worn a loose dress, which was a little low cut, but not as much as what I had worn last night. My legs were bare as the weather is starting to warm.
In the backseat, Edward undid his pants and pulled them and his boxers down to his thighs.
“Charlotte, to be an ideal wife for me, there is something you need to learn to do and perfect doing.”
With that, he placed his hand behind the back of my head and pressed me down until my lips were just over his glans.
“Open up, Charlotte, and show me what a quick learner you are.”
Now Deep Throat had come out a couple of years ago, and everyone now did know about blow jobs and sucking cock. I had seen a clip of the ending of the movie, so did in a way know what to do. I opened my lips and took his glans into my mouth and began to suck on it.
The immediate sound of Edward's enjoyment encouraged me along. I took more and more of it in my mouth, as much as I could, until I began to choke a little. I pulled back some and ran my tongue up and down his shaft, and as he patted my head, I went and took first one ball and then the other into my mouth and sucked on them.
Back to the glans and trying to take more of him in without gagging. I did get three-quarters of him in my mouth and was sucking hard on him when Edward pressed more of him up in me. I felt him in the back of my mouth, moving into my throat. I tried to breathe around it and through my nose, but it was gagging me being there.
I got a rhythm then. I would pull back, get a breath, press it up in me more and suck for about a half a minute until needed to pull back some to breathe again. Edward seemed content with this maneuver, and I soon tasted the first of his precum.
What a wonderful taste. I had never tasted cum. Oh okay, I did occasionally lick my fingers of my juices after masturbating, which was interesting to me too. But Edward's scent and taste were intoxicating. I sucked and sucked at him as he moaned with pleasure.
Edward took my hand and guided me to squeeze his balls over and over, and then my other hand to hold the base of his shaft and jerk him when I pulled away a bit. It seemed he thought I got the hang of things pretty quickly. I would never tell him, but I had jerked guys before. But that was as far as I would go.
After I had been squeezing his balls for a while, he took my hand again and led them to his taint where he guided me to press my fingers against it to bring pleasure for him in his prostate too. I soon had that timing going also.
After a while, Edward let out a great moan, and I felt his cum shooting into my mouth and down my throat. I had to back up a little so I could swallow it all. A little did drip on my chin as I lifted my head after he was spent.
Edward just smiled at me, ran his finger over my chin to catch it all and put that finger in my mouth which I just sucked on to clean it.
He took me in his arms and kissed my head, and then slowly worked down over my eyes, my ears, my face and finally on my lips to kiss me deeply.
In a hoarse voice, Edward said to me, “Charlotte, you did that excellently. If I didn’t know better, I would think you have done that before.”
He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a velvet ring box.
“Charlotte, you are going to make me an amazing wife, with some training and discipline. This is for you.” He opened the box and a five-carat diamond in a beautiful setting gleamed up at me.
He took it from the box and placed in on my finger. It fit perfectly. I just grinned at him unable to say anything. Instead, I just leaned toward him and kissed him fully.
We were officially engaged. I knew it would not be for long, but it felt so wonderful to be his intended. Even if we both knew we are already married in spirit to each other.
We climbed back into the front seat and he drove us to an exclusive restaurant for dinner.
After, he took me back to his apartment again, undressed me and had me lay on my back on the bed. He undressed too, and kneeling beside the bed between my legs, he pulled me to him as he spread my legs. And then it happened. I felt his lips kissing my inner thighs, then his tongue running up and down them. Moving closer and closer to my pussy.
I could not believe this was happening. Never have I felt this before, and it did feel so good.
His lips ran up me more and more, he took one of my outer lower lips in his lips and sucked on it over and over, then the other doing the same. I felt them swelling as the blood rushed into them. When he told me they were now nice and rosy like my bottom yesterday, he spread the lips as shivers ran through me as he ran his tongue up and down my slit. He licked up all my juices which had been dripping out of me. He murmured 'umms' and 'awes' at each swipe he took.
It was all wonderful, and my moans and whimpers of pleasure let him know I was enjoying this so.
His tongue first found my vag and slipped up into it as far as he could go. Running it round and round in my cavern. I gasped and moaned at this new feeling. But as wonderful as that was, and I did not want it to stop, when he licked up my slit to my clit and began to polish it with his tongue a loud cry came from my lips, and my hands held his head and pressed his lips closer on me.
When I did not think it could get any better, as he licked and teased my clit, I felt two, then three of his fingers up in my vag now, pressing, looking, finding my g-spot. I was in ecstasy, and the moans and cries coming from me let Edward know he was doing everything right for me.
And then it happened. My back arched, and a guttural moan came out of me, and I clutched his fingers in my cunt hard as I came. Oh, how I came. I knew Edward had cum hard in the car, but I think what I was feeling at the moment far surpassed that.
Edward lifted his face off me when he realized how hard I had come. He climbed up on the bed next to me, and just caressed my face and shoulders. He leaned and kissed my neck and whispered in my ear how delicious I was, and how well I responded.
I was drained. And he could tell. He tenderly dressed me and then himself, and took me home.
At the door after kissing for a good while, he told me he would be over tomorrow afternoon to talk to my father about our marriage. Just hearing those words 'our marriage' sent electric shocks running through me.

That part ends, and the pasta is down to a few more bites. Emma is overwhelmed with what she is reading. Her parents? But the story so far is making her lust so much more for her Donald, her Professor, her teacher, leader, into this wonderful new world.
She passes the diary to Donald and says in such a husky voice now, “Could you read the next part? I’m not sure I can.”
Emma slides down between her Professor’s legs, spreads his thighs and takes his glans into her mouth to suck and lick. Running her tongue back and forth over his slit and then sucking the glans until it starts to redden. Her fingers on his shaft jerking up and down on him brings Donald to full salute quickly. Her other hand caresses his balls. Donald leans his head back and sighs deeply.
Emma slows her pace and just caresses him with her fingers, lips and tongue as he begins to read the next part of this entry.

I was up early for me as I realized to be Edward's excellent wife I could not be sleeping in late each day and needed to train myself. I showered and got dressed, picking out an outfit that I thought Edward would enjoy and approve of.
At three o’clock he arrived. I greeted him at the door and did see him glancing down my V-neck top admiring my breasts. It brought a tiny smile to my face as he lifted his eyes, took me in his arms and kissed me good.
I took him into the living room where my parents were sitting. They know Edward rather well now and greeted him fondly. After the basic beginning conversation was dispensed with, he asked my father if he could speak to him privately. This surprised me some, as I thought we would all talk about what he and I have agreed on together.
Instead, he and my father went to the den, closing the door. While they were gone, Mother saw my engagement ring for the first time and admired it and commented that Edward had to have spent a good deal on it.
“He must truly treasure you, my dear; something this valuable is only given when a man genuinely cares for a woman,” my mother told me.
I felt shivers running through me at that statement, thinking about what Edward is coming to treasure about me. I just hope I can be all that he expects.
It was almost an hour before Edward and my father came back into the living room. Smiles on both their faces.
“Well, it looks like we have things to celebrate tonight. Go get your things, girls; I am taking us all out to dinner,” my father announced.
We were soon at a very nice restaurant in the next town. Edward and I rode in the back seat, and he just caressed my arm in such a way that lightning bolts ran through my body, leaving me very quiet for the ride. My hand found a way to his thigh and knowing my parents could not see, stroked it up further and further until he placed his hand over mine and moved it, whispering to me, “Baby, no more or I will not be able to get out of the car.”
I just smiled as I realized what he was telling me and just kissed his chin.
At the restaurant, my father chose a smaller square table for us to sit at, having Edward and I sit across from each other with my parents on each side of us. This made me pout a little as I wanted to sit next to my beloved. The warning glance from Edward made me stop immediately.
Champagne was ordered and served, and as my father lifted his glass to make the first toast, I felt something between my legs. I jumped a little at first but realized that Edward had slipped his foot out of his loafer and was working his way to my pussy with it. I sighed behind my champagne at the touch from his toes. It felt so different and delightful.
I slipped off my shoe and lifted my foot to lay on his thigh. He reached down and caressed it before directing it over his cock entrapped in his pants.
We spent the whole dinner this way. Me, dripping through my panties, probably soaking his sock in the process. He, lifting my foot away from time to time when he got too hard. My parents babbled on and on but we answered mostly in monosyllabic replies. How we maintained our outward composure is still a mystery to me.
All in all, it was a very nice dinner with my parents. They did seem to really like Edward and accepted our desire to marry very quickly. My mother was a little perturbed about this as she wanted me to have a big, over-planned wedding, but my father assured her it would still be nice, and enough people would be there.
Then she was distressed if people would think we had to get married. This made me smile broadly as Edward told her, “We do not plan to have children for a year or two, so they can think it for a while, but when there is no evidence that Charlotte is showing or no baby in less than nine months, they will just realize what fools they have made of themselves.”
We all laughed at that and my father poured more champagne.
Back at the house, my parents left us to talk in the living room and headed to their bedroom. Edward held me tight, stroking my head and back, in between sweet kisses.
“Charlotte, you did pout some at the restaurant but you did stop right away. As long as you are good tomorrow, since you did toe fuck me so nicely, we will let it pass. If not, you know what is ahead for you tomorrow afternoon.
“I should probably go now, though I do hate leaving you anymore. I will be here for you tomorrow morning to go to church. After, we will talk with the preacher about our wedding. May 4th seems like a good day for it. You will have some time to prepare and invite people,” Edward continued.
Then he kissed me and taking my clinging arms from around his neck--I did so not want him to leave either--he gave me one last kiss, and left.
I went to bed and lay there and imagined his toes and feet pressed against my wet cunt over and over.

As Donald reaches that ending in the diary, Emma is sucking him so hard, jerking him faster and faster from hearing the foot-play part of his reading that he throws his head back, moans loudly and cums. Emma takes it all into her mouth, swallowing as much as she can. He is speechless for several minutes.
Then he pulls Emma up on the couch, kisses her gently and tells her she did a very good job. Hearing his praises is music to Emma’s ears.
Donald hands her the diary and tells her that it is her turn to read again. As she begins, he falls between her thighs, spreads Emma’s legs and starts a slow process of kissing and licking her inner thighs as he heads closer and closer to her prize.
Her reading of the next part of this entry in her mother’s diary is interrupted again and again as she sighs and moans from the attention Donald is paying her.
Edward was here to get me before we had even finished breakfast. As I completed getting ready he had a cup of coffee with my parents and chatted. They would follow in their own car to church.
He had told his parents about asking me to marry him before he came over yesterday and called them this morning to tell them the date we decided on. They would be at church too.
We all arrived and hugs and kisses were shared with congratulations and best wishes. I found myself so excited with the warm welcome I received from Edward’s parents, I found myself wiggling and squirming all through the service. That is, until Edward leaned to my ear and told me to behave and sit properly. And then leaned to me again to say, “After we meet with the minister, I think we need to go back to my place for a while; someone has earned herself a spanking today after all.”
Just the mention of what was ahead for me made me start to drip, and it took all my willpower not to squirm more from that sensation. Edward took my hand in his and squeezed it when I got myself better in control. Needless to say, most of the sermon was lost to me.
After church, as had been arranged, we met with the minister to arrange for the church and him for May 4th. We were with him for over an hour, he gave us some pre-marital counseling and arranged the specifics for the day. We decided we would only have one witness each so not to have to plan too much.
That finally done, Edward took my elbow and led me to his car. I felt myself becoming adrenaline-charged thinking where I would be in just minutes.
I knew we only had about three hours now until we were to meet our parents at the country club for dinner and planning. Between our mothers, they know everyone in town and have special status from their positions in the community as the wives of the bank president and local judge. So I know the two had been planning and scheming since we left them.
Edward was aware of the time too. He led me to the couch immediately and had me stand next to it, facing him as he sat down.
“Charlotte, it will be important for you to tell me before your punishment what you have done wrong to earn it.”
“Edward, I was bad yesterday to pout when I didn’t get what I wanted about sitting next to you. But you did make sitting across from you enjoyable too. Now knowing that, it was even worse that I acted in a spoiled manner then. And today in church I did not sit quietly or properly during the service. I was so excited about all that was ahead I did not present myself with proper decorum.”
Edward pulled me across his lap and lifted my dress to above my waist. He struggled a bit to lower my pantyhose and panties to my upper thighs. And then the pre-rubbing of my cheeks began as he repeated what I did wrong and why I was being punished for it.
Without real warning, Edward raised his hand and spanked both my cheeks hard. I could feel the initial sting. Then again, and again. His hand rained down on me spanking me over and over.
Spank, spank, slap, spank, slap, spank, spank, spank, smack, smack, slap, slap, spank, spank, spank.
Tears were dripping from my eyes, but just as much or more, juices were dripping from my cunt. The tingles running through me with each spank were both painful and exhilarating to me. My cries were combined with moans of pleasure.
When Edward slid his other hand to run his fingers up and down my slit and found how wet it was, he mumbled, “My, my, my young lady. I would think you are enjoying this some besides being punished for improper behavior. I will have to keep that in mind.”
“Edward, I am learning my lesson, but yes, something else comes over me as you spank me, it seems.”
With that, Edward spanked me for a few more minutes before having me stand. He pulled my stockings and panties off me and brought me to his lap to hug and kiss me and tell me he knows I will try my best to be good.
Then he led me to his bedroom and had me undress him slowly. Only then did he remove my dress and bra. He had me lie on my back on the bed with my legs hanging over the side. He pulled up a footstool and sat on it between my legs. He spread my legs.
Edward began kissing and licking my inner thighs. It felt so good. Then, as he had Friday, he took one of my lower lips in his mouth and sucked it until it was swollen and red as my ass. Then the other. Then the same treatment to my inner lips. I was breathless as he did this.
This was becoming a new and wonderful adventure I was on, and I realized I could have this over and over again with Edward. When his tongue then ran up and down my slit I yelled in happiness. My juices were flowing so much, even with him licking them away, more just poured out, dripping down to my crack and over my still stinging cheeks.
That feeling of a little pain was erased by the pleasure I was experiencing.
Edward lifted my calves so my heels were now pressed against my ass, and then bent them wide and aside so I was in a frog-type position. Well worth it when next he pressed his tongue up into my vag as far as it would go and licked the sides, sopping up all the wetness he could. I felt his nose press against my clit as he did this.
I moaned with delight. I felt tingles up and down my spine as he did. Then to make me even giddier than I already was, he moved his tongue to circle and lick at my clit.
He teased at it until I was whimpering for more, and then when he started to buff it with his tongue, and three fingers went up my cunt to press in and out of it, it did not take long until my back was arching, my vag clenching at his fingers, and I cried out in orgasm.
He slowed and removed his touch and tongue as I panted and started to calm a little.
But he did not let me too much; instead, he pushed me back on the bed, climbed up between my thighs, lifted my legs to his shoulder and plunged into me hard and fast. Both our panting increased as our passion now grew together.
He rode me in and out as I continued to clench against his cock. It was almost like I was locked in a throbbing mode that could not stop. He looked down on me with such desire now, his face, neck and chest as bright red as my ass must have been. We were in a state of bliss, not caring about time or anyone but just us.
It did not take long though before we both cried out in zeal as we came together. He collapsed on me and rolled us so we were lying on our sides. His kisses of infatuation made me slightly cum for the third time.
After about fifteen minutes of us just in each other’s arms, enjoying this mesh now between us, Edward told me to go clean up and then we needed to dress to go meet our parents.
A half hour later, we both looked very close to how we did when we left the church earlier. My ass was still stinging some, but it was a reminder for me. As we walked to the car, Edward did place his hand on my ass cheek, and when he opened the door for me to get in, he gave each one more playful smack.
I opened my purse to get out lipstick to freshen up and saw another crisp one-hundred-dollar bill there.
As Emma reads this part of the entry Donald is still down between her thighs. When she gets to the part about her father licking and sucking her mother, Donald begins reenacting what she reads. She slows her reading through this part, as his touch on her is getting her into the same state her mother reached. He does wait for her to finish reading before he turns her on the couch and fucks her the same way which was just described.
They end in the same way also.
But, rather than tell her to go clean up, he lifts her off the couch, and carries her to her bedroom where they spend the night touching, licking, sucking, kissing, caressing and much more, besides some sleep. It is rather late when they do just cling together to fall asleep for the night.
Donald thinks that though they did not work on a new pearl tonight, that will come soon. The intensity of this evening together was worth every moment of it.
E025: Tuesday
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 6:08 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2018 2:09 pm

Somehow knowing that Donald is there watching her, and perhaps the pale glow of the phone with his wonderful face looking down on her Emma does drowse off to sleep rather quickly. Well, the almost full bottle of wine she had drunk while reading her mother’s story didn’t hurt either.
Since spending the night with Donald holding her in his arms, Emma is now able to again sleep on her side, with a pillow at her back to imagine it is Donald there against her. For Donald, seeing her face in front of him, even in the shadowy light of her room somehow comforts him as he watches her fall asleep.
And though he told her he would hang up when she is asleep, he watches her sleeping for almost an hour until he forces himself to hang up and go to bed himself.
Emma’s revelation about her parents amazes him, and he must write all of this up tomorrow. He so wants to share this with his colleagues but he finds himself hesitating about doing so. This is his Emma’s story, and does he want them to know that much about her?
It is the first time that he has thought of her as his Emma. And it feels so good thinking of her that way. And tomorrow he will see her again. This day apart has been agonizing for him. He falls asleep imagining how things will be between them. In the morning he will curse himself for such indulgence, but as he nods off it is so wonderful to just imagine.
In the morning, clearer headed after a good night’s sleep, Donald sends Emma an email for her to see when she wakes. Which he knows will be soon when she hears the sound of an incoming message.
He tells her to come to his house tomorrow at five p.m. Go to her room and wait for him. He wants to see her in her rosy dress. And he reminds her that she must deposit that money in the bank first.
He wonders if he should have offered to accompany her to do this, but then decides she should do fine on her own.
Emma does awake when she hears the message come in. Reading it she smiles broadly learning that soon she will be with her Donald again. But then realizes how much she needs to get done before then.
She hurries and gets up. Her shower will wait until she gets ready to dress. She does love how wonderful it feels now to just go around the house doing things nude.
She goes downstairs and carried all the bags of clothes to the garage. The coolness of the garage does harden her nipples which excites her some. It is several trips, but the bags are now all pushed to one side of the garage.
Back inside she first calls a local hardware store and arranges for them to come Thursday to put a garage door opener in. Then she calls an antique auction house nearby. She explains that she has several perfect condition furniture over one-hundred and fifty years old, along with china, and many other things which she wants to sell.
The auction house knows who she is, and has heard about the treasure chest of things in her house and jumps at the chance. She schedules them to come Thursday also to give her an estimate. She is so satisfied with what she has accomplished this morning. She is going to get rid of much of the old, and move forward.
Only then does she go and fix herself some breakfast, chuckling to herself that she guesses she will have to be dressed on Thursday here at her house.
After breakfast, feeling a sense of accomplishment over all the things she is setting in motion, she indulges herself in watching the DVD Donald had sent home with her on Sunday. It is the 1975 French film the Histoire d'O (Story of . Donald taped a note inside the jacket.
“Emma, you will get to read this book too, which far surpasses this film, but I think visually seeing some of this will help you.”
For the next almost two hours she watches is film, her fingers keep starting to reach for her pussy to stroke herself like Donald had, but stops herself in time fearful of what the outcome would be if she so indulges herself. By the end, her eyes are wide open.
Does Donald want to take her this far into things? Could she go that far? Donald has captivated her, but she is not sure she could submit to all that. Or is that what she really lusts? Is she so like, or more so, than her mother?
Too many thoughts are running through her head.
Then she realizes that she has forgotten one more place she should have called earlier. The charity shop to pick up all the bags of clothes. She does so quickly, arranging one more Thursday event. That out of the way, and the other things too, she feels like this forty-year weight is beginning to lift off her shoulders.
Emma finds a large purse, well almost a carry-all, and counting and recording the money one more time she places it all in the bag to take to the bank. She then showers and dresses. The rosy dress does look wonderful on her. The deep neck, held up only by the shelf bra she has under it, does give an excellent peeking view of her breasts.
She shudders suddenly and wonders if she could wear this outfit into the bank? The bank her family owned? All the officers from President down know her so well. But a sly smile comes to her lips as she thinks perhaps this fresh look, and the $550,000 she will surprise them with, is just the jolt the old place needs.
When she counts out the hundreds, she finds many with unusual color seals on them. And the release dates are from over one-hundred years ago. These might be worth more than their face value. As she packs her bag she bundles them separately.
Deep down she knows everything she is doing today is for Donald. Will he appreciate all she is doing?
The money now took care of, she goes back to her parents’ bedroom and takes her fathers huge leather suitcase and packs the suits, the shirts, the ties for Donald. She moves the luggage to the top of the stairs. Only then does she remember she needs to pack the suitcase Donald sent home with her to take back.
‘What did he want her to include?’
She remembers now that not really much is to be returned in it. But she places the DVD in the sleeve and her book, which she will have to confess with her mother’s diary she did not finish the last seventy-five pages. She hopes her professor will not punish her for that as she has such wonderful things to share with him. Oh yes, and her mother’s diary, that she must take to him. So that filled with what must be returned, she closes and carries this light suitcase to the top of the stairs too.
She goes back into her bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. The darker shades of makeup do create a totally different look to her. She knows it is erotic and inviting. Oh, what will happen looking like this at the bank?
She picks up the purse with the money, carried it downstairs with the suitcase Donald has given her. Then up the stairs for her father’s suitcase. She looks out the front door, and it appears the neighbors are elsewhere as first she carries the two suitcases to the car, then back in the house for her purses and hurries to her car with them, putting them on the front passenger seat.
She has a couple hours to deal with things at the bank before she is due at Donald’s. And thinking this, she caresses her now filling pearl necklace. This she knows she will never take off.
She drives the five minutes to the bank. Her father’s bank. She knows it so well from growing up with it being so central in her life. But never has she looked this way, or could have conceived of what she now has to do.
Big bag in hand, she walks in, her high heels tapping on the marble floor. Good golly, just that sound, knowing it is her heel doing it, makes her start to drip between her legs.
She walks up to the front desk and tells the woman there that she needs to see the President for something important. The woman, Grace, sees the seriousness on Emma’s face and knows who she is. She worked at the bank under Emma’s father for several years before he retired. She presses the buzzer on her desk, and the President arrives to greet her in only a few moments.
It is hard for him to hide his surprise in Emma’s new appearance. Truth be told he has always yearned for Emma, and now how she looks in front of him now, he feels himself hardening and hopes it is not obvious. But somehow Emma’s eyes drop and she does see. And this inner smile spreads through her realizing her new power over men. And she feels herself dripping even more.
He leads her to his office. He so wants to touch her but knows he must not.
In his office, Emma does stammer a little trying to explain how she found this money – but NOT why it was there. He just smiles condescendingly at her, thinking it was a couple thousand dollars she is worried about. But when she opens the bag and he sees how much it is, he is flabbergasted.
She shows him the bills she wonders about and he knows immediately yes, all of the ones she has put aside are worth much more than their face value. And how much there is to deposit into her account.
With the new bank corporation, this bank is now part of he realizes he is going to well over his goals for increased deposits by tenfold this year. This gives him even more of a rush. And when he stands to take the money out of the bag and looks at Emma, he can see a bit down her dress. Her nipples are just peeking out at him and he is so afraid he is going to cum before he finishes this.
He pulls himself together enough to call a teller to his office to count out the money for a deposit. As the teller does, he pampers himself with imagining caressing Emma’s loving boobs, pinching her nipples and running his hand up her silken thighs to find her wet welcoming slit for him to soak his fingers in. He shook his head to rid that thought before he came and embarrassed himself.
The teller finishes counting and writes the deposit slip. She, herself, is rather shaking at how much there is. The president calls a bank guard to take the money to the vault after he adds the amount to Emma’s account. He then escorts her to her safety deposit box, telling her to put the special bills in there for now until he can find some broker to deal with them for her.
Emma feels him rub just a bit against her as they walk to the vault, and an unexpected rush goes over her. She had seen his lustful look at her while the money was being counted and now begins to realize the power she has over men.
Finished now, she thanks the President for his help and he walks her out to her car.
Meanwhile, Donald wrestled with himself all morning and afternoon about Emma going alone with that much money. And just before her leaving for the bank is just down the street from her house watching. He is in a small sedan which she will not recognize.
He follows her to the bank, watchful of anything which might happen. He does wonder about the big suitcase she puts in her car, but his concentration is on her completing this transaction safely.
Sitting outside the bank, wondering why it seems, to him, taking longer than it should, he wonders about her. He had seen her in her rosy dress, and even the makeup for him. Should he have let her go out in public alone looking like that? He is hard in his car from just what he could see. How would it affect someone up close to her?
When he sees her leave the bank finally, with the President at her side, and a little to close to his Emma, he is livid. How dare another man try to pouch his Emma? But as he watches, he calms as he sees her rebuffing any of his advances.
At her car, the President does open her door for her and stands a little too close as he chats his goodbyes. She quickly gets into the driver’s seat and puts on her seatbelt. He starts to ask her if she would like to go out to dinner sometime, but stammers finishing seeing the look of alarm on her face.
Emma is nice, but firm, telling him that her schedule right now is very full, but thanks him for the invitation. She pulls the door close and turns the car on. The look of disappointment on his face does touch her, but no, only Donald is who she wants touching her now.
But this is a learning experience for her as she discovers more and more about the sexual world. A wry smile appears on her lips as she realizes that after their interaction he is probably going back into his office and jerking himself to happiness.
As Donald sees the President start to walk away from Emma’s car he hurriedly starts his and drives to his house quickly. He knows he could arrive after Emma, but he so wants to watch her, on camera, arrive and enter her bedroom.
He gets there in time and situates himself at his command center to watch her entrance.
He sees her pull into his drive, lift her phone to press the app to open the garage and pulls her car into its place there now. Watching her do so sends a wave over him for some reason. It is like he suddenly is a woman, and the car pulling into his garage is Emma entering him as a man. The sensation of that rush running through him is as arousing as actually cumming. He never experienced anything like this before.
He watches her lift the two suitcases from her car and walk down the hallway to her room. The large leather suitcase which he is unfamiliar with seems to be heavy for her to carry, and again he wonders what it is. She sets her suitcase on the dresser, but the other, she puts on the bed. Then standing by the bed, her back to it, her hands folded across her waist, she just waits.
After zooming in on her a couple of times to see how lovely she looks, and admire her makeup, Donald, in a full suit, hurries to her room. Well, he would not admit he was hurrying, but he is.
The wide smile of greeting on Emma’s face as he walks into the room is devastating. He feels his heart pounding. What is coming over him?
His overwhelming lust for her right now gets the better of him and he comes up to her and envelopes her in his arms and kisses her long and passionately. This goes on for several minutes. Emma’s lipstick is smeared, some now on Donald’s lips and chin. As they pull apart she lifts her fingers and wipes the smears away for him.
Her gentle touch doing this is more erotic to Donald than that impassioned kiss.
He presses her to sit on the bed and undoes her necklace, and their ritual is completed for the eleventh pearl she earned while they were apart. When he clips the necklace back on her, her warm smile of gratitude fills his heart.
He doesn’t care how far gone he is at this moment. He has his Emma back with him now.
Emma shyly tells him she brought some gifts for him, which she hopes he will like. If not, he can get rid of them in any way he likes.
He looks at her quizzically as she moves to open the suitcase. As he stands beside her as she does his eyes widen.
“My father had many, too many, suits and clothing. He was the one who always shined and stood out in our family. These are some of the newest clothes he had bought, and hardly or never wore. I think you are both of the same sizes, and rather giving these away to charity I thought you might enjoy them,” Emma tells him as lifting some of the things for him to see.
Donald is overcome by what she is offering him. Not so much from how wonderful all of it looks, and his enjoyment to come in wearing them, but just that she is presenting him with such lovely gifts, letting him know how much she cares and thinks about him.
He kisses her again deeply, and in a voice cracking with emotion thanks her. He closes the suitcase and moved it near the door. Then he comes up to her and tells her she needs to undress him.
Emma takes off his suit jacket and places it over the arm of the couch. Then undoes his tie, pulling it off him. Then slowly unbuttons his shirt and removes that. She actually leans to his chest and kisses it and sucks on both his nipples as she does.
Then as she continues to suck and lick his chest, her fingers lower and undo his belt. Then unbuttons him and lowers his zipper. The spurt of adrenaline running through Donald as he feels her lowering his zipper is like an aphrodisiac to him. He feels himself harden even more. Emma lowers his trousers and boxers to the ground, lowering herself to be in front of his crotch as she does.
She helps him out of his shoes, lifting one foot at a time, pulls the pants aside, and lift each foot again to take his socks off. Before she rises she takes his hardening cock in her mouth for a minute and lovingly sucks on it, letting Donald know how much she is yearning for it.
She stands and takes the rest of his clothes to the couch, folding them properly.
When she comes back to stand in front of him, now nude, he turns her and sits on the bed, her in front of him. Donald had so wanted to undress her himself, but right now he wants her to put on a show for him.
“Emma, undress just like you did me.”
And she does so eloquently. She reaches behind her and unzips her dress, it falls off her shoulders, over her breasts, her waist, her thighs, until it is laying on the ground beneath her. She bends and picks it up and carries it to the couch too. Donald relishes in the sight of her ass swaying as she walks away from him, and the lovely view of her front coming back to him.
Standing again in front of him, she undoes her bra and lets it fall down her arms. He reaches out and she hands it to him. Then her panties down over her thighs, calves and off. Again, he holds out his hand to take them. Then motions her to him, and Emma standing between his legs, his cock so hard and throbbing for her, he reaches behind her and unclasps her garter. Then slowly, so slowly, feeling the softness of the silk as he does, he lowers her stocking to her ankles. Her hand on his shoulder for support, she steps out of her high heels and then stocking. Which with her underwear Donald tosses to the floor beside the bed.
He grabs Emma and pulls her down on top of him, kissing her over and over. Then rolls her over and is deep within her wet cunt before she knows it. She gasps with pleasure as he begins to rock and thrust into her.
It is a feverous coupling as both have been so in want of each other for what seems like forever, but was only forty-eight hours. Donald realizes that for a while he will have to be away from her for a day or two at times, but as he thrusts into her over and over, he wonders if he can handle such separation from his Emma anymore?
As he comes hard in her, and she cries with pleasure, he realizes in the back of his mind, for the first time in his life, he is totally and fully smitten with someone. It is incomprehensible to him how this has happened, but he longs for, lusts for, Emma completely. And seeing her today with the bank president brought it all home to him how much he wants her.
Oh, she will have to learn how to be shared with others, which will eat at him some when he makes her, but she must be his completely now.
Little does Donald know that as they cum, all Emma is able to think is, ‘Yes, I am yours completely, do with you want you want, but these feeling rushing over me, feeling your touch, your cock, it is all that I want.’
So, as they fall together, finished, laying in each other’s arms, not telling each other what is going on in their minds, they seem to know from the energy between them that they have reached a point together of no return.
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E024: Being apart
Posted:Nov 5, 2018 3:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 10:9 am

After Donald turns off his computer, he decides that he too is rather tired from the last two days of almost constant sex and he is ready to go to bed. He walks down the hallway, stopping at Emma’s room for a moment, but shakes his head and tells himself, ‘No, you cannot keep indulging that way,’ and continues on to his room.
He crawls into bed, and on his back, he sighs deeply, remembering how wonderful it felt holding Emma as he slept. In the darkness of the night, he admits to himself that he does long for her, and wants her with him. But that is something she should not know.
Like Emma in her bed, he falls into a deep sleep.
Monday morning arrives, and Donald hurries to shower, dress and have a quick breakfast before he needs to leave for the college. But in his car, before he pulls out of the garage, he texts Emma a quick message.
“I hope you slept well, have a good day today, I will be in touch this evening. Do not reply to this as I am on my way to work.”
The ping of the incoming message wakes Emma. She leans and picks up the phone and reads his message. She is sorry she is not allowed to send him a message back now, but it is heartwarming that he has texted her to start her day.
Donald, driving to work, curses himself for sending such a message to her. He is getting in too deep.
Emma looks at the clock and sees it is eight a.m. She is sleeping in more now, rather than her usual six a.m. arising. It feels good, all the hours of sleep since going to bed early last night.
She gets up and quickly bags all the piles of clothes, shoes, and undies and throws them down the stairs to be taken to the garage. That only takes a half hour. She decides that since her meeting today is not until one p.m. she should finally also do what she has put off for so long.
Her parents' room.
Her mother had died at seventy-three after over five years of being bed-ridden. Her father followed her less than a year later, though he had seemed in good health until just before the end. She always felt that he died from the loss of her mother and grieving so. That had been over a year ago. But she had never gotten rid of any of their things, nor actually entered their bedroom.
She goes to their bedroom and opens their closet. There are more suits of her father’s than dresses of her mother’s. He had been a bit of a peacock. She takes several suits and puts them in a bag. All are top of the line and in very good condition.
There are several in garment bags, and as she looks at them, three are brand new, ones he never wore, and five more are almost the same condition. As she looks at them she realizes that her father and Donald are of the same built. She ponders for a few minutes, and places these eight suits on the bed, instead of in the bag. They are of the finest quality in black, navy, grey and even a southern-style white suit.
Then she starts on her mother’s clothes. And as she does, she remembers her mother repeatedly telling her to always check clothes pockets before getting rid of them.
She knows there is nothing left in any of her own clothes pockets, but takes the time to go back and check her father’s suits. She does find a number of twenty- and fifty-dollar bills in them. She starts piles of each.
When she starts to bag her mother’s rather drab clothes, worse in style or form than even what she had been wearing, Emma begins to find one-hundred-dollar bills in pocket after pocket. In wonder, she stacks them too.
The pile grows as she discards the dresses into a bag.
And then, when she starts to bag their shoes, Emma finds even more one-hundreds tucked into the toes of her mother’s shoes. ‘What is going on here?’
She throws these bags down the stairs too. It is now going on ten a.m. She still has another hour until she needs to get ready for her meeting.
She opens the hutch which is her father’s and sees his array of colored ties. Again, they are in pristine condition and of the best silk. She takes about twelve of them and places them on the bed; the rest, she bags. And his shirts, the best quality and in white and pastel shades. Some never worn, it appears.
Ten of them go on the bed; the rest, she adds to the bag.
Finally, she goes to her mother’s dresser and cleans the drawers of her drab underwear, finding more one-hundreds tucked in among them. When she finishes she sees a bulge under the paper lining and lifts it. It reveals a rather large bound notebook. Emma is curious.
She throws the bags of clothes down with the rest to be taken to the garage. She counts the hundreds. Emma’s mind boggles; there are over five hundred bills, over fifty thousand dollars. All tucked away by her mother. ‘Where did they come from?’
The money from her father’s pockets comes to another three thousand. What were her parents hoarding? She realizes that the money in her father’s pockets was just what he left there when he took a suit off and did not think about, but all these one-hundred-dollar bills from her mother?
She gathers the money and takes it to her room and puts it in one of her dresser drawers which is now empty.
‘I will deal with this later. I need to get ready for my meeting,’ Emma thinks.
She hurries and showers, gets her makeup on and dresses. The grey dress does look wonderful on her, and knowing the lingerie she is wearing underneath, and the feel of the silk stockings on her legs, Emma starts to drip.
When coming back to her room with the money, Emma also brings the notebook. She has about fifteen minutes until she needs to leave, so she opens it and sees it is a diary of the fifty years of marriage of her parents. She flips through it a bit and suddenly realizes that it is probably better than the book Donald has been having her read.
She would love to waste her afternoon reading this right now, but her meeting calls her.
She hurries downstairs, kicks the bags out of the way; she will get them to the garage when she gets home and goes to her car.
She is antsy throughout the meeting, wanting it to conclude the business at hand and adjourn. But it drags on. And she does see the others there catching glimpse of her in her new look.
Finally, it is over. But now several chat her up and tell her how nice she looks today. A few men and a woman or two all look at her in what she realizes is a lustful way. Emma just smiles politely and thanks them for their comments. As soon as she dares, she is out of there.
Wondering, wondering what the diary holds, she does stop at the liquor store and buys wine and several other things. Yes, she is ready to enter this new world, while she wonders if it is such a new world for her family.
Emma’s mother, Charlette, was always very plainly dressed and seemed to be there only to raise her and take care of her father. Her mother and father would go out regularly as she grew older, but her mother was always primly dressed. Her father, Edward, had been the president of a local bank which had been founded by her great-grandfather. It was the family occupation. But when he was in his sixties, and her mother grew ill, he sold out to one of the bigger banks in the state and devoted his attention to civic and service organizations. Which is how Emma is now so involved with them.
As said, he was a peacock, and her mother fawned over him always. So what secrets does this diary hold that Emma never imagined?
She puts away the liquor and wine, leaving one bottle of wine out, which she opens, and with a tray of cheese and crackers and a wine glass heads to her room.
She is undressed in moments, takes the diary to her bed, and she fills her wine glass and opens it to the start.
It is dated a week before her parents' wedding date. And next to the date is written 'one-hundred dollars.'
All the entries are a couple of pages or less long, and her mother’s handwriting is rather small.
April 18, 1974
Edward and I have been dating for about four months now. He seems interested but tells me I am a bit high spirited, flirty and mean to others at the same time. I have just laughed at him and said, but doesn’t that make me more interesting?
Tonight, though was different. I admit I was rather catty to the wife of one of the bank officers, but Edward is the heir apparent so if I am with him why shouldn’t I be?
Rather than taking me home after the dinner, Edward took me to his apartment. I was surprised, as though the seventies now, we had done nothing more than kiss and a little groping. When we got there I learned it was not for us to have sex for the first time. At least not yet.
Edward led me into his living room and sat on the couch. He told me to sit beside him. And then he floored me.
“Charlette, your behavior tonight was totally unacceptable. First, you wore such a short dress with too much cleavage as I have mentioned to you to please not do. It does not look proper for someone who is with me in my position. Second, you were mean and spiteful all evening even when I mentioned it to you.”
My eyes began to tear some at his harsh comments and thinking he was going to tell me he would never see me again.
He continued, “Charlette, I would so like to make you my wife, but you need to learn to behave properly. I think I know a way to help you become my ideal, but you have to agree totally with it. If not, then I think we need to end.”
‘Anything, anything,’ is all I can think, ‘I do not want to end this with Edward. He is all that I want in a man. I touch and fondle myself at night thinking about him.’
“What do you have in mind?” I ask him timidly.
“Charlette, when you misbehave I will spank you so you will begin to learn how to be a good wife. It will be for your own good.”
‘A spanking? I have never been spanked, ever. Could I do this to stay with Edward?’ I thought.
I stood up to leave, to see if he would back down. I was rather spiteful.
“Charlette, you can leave if you wish. I will drive you home, but we will never see each other again.”
I melted. Not to see this man of my dreams ever again? To possibly see him around town with someone else? No, I could not do that. But the alternative.
“What do you want me to do, Edward?”
“Come and lay across my lap.”
I did as he told me, somewhat in a daze. I positioned myself on his lap, my head on a pillow, and my legs along the couch. I felt him lift my dress, and then told me to lift up, and I felt him lowering my pantyhose and then panties down to my knees.
I am so embarrassed and had no idea what is coming.
Edward rubbed my ass cheeks nicely over and over. And then when I least expected it I felt my right cheek spanked, hard. And then my left cheek. And the spanking really started. Back and forth between my cheeks, sometimes numerous times on each cheek and thigh.
It was not long before I was crying out and kicking my legs. Would it never end? It was stinging so much.
But then suddenly I realized that I was dripping between my legs. So much! And realizing while the spanking hurt, I was reaching a sexual summit.
I cried and cried and told him I would be good for him, be all that he wanted. But then I felt his cock hardening against me as I was dripping away. He was getting off on this as much as I was!
The spanking continued until my bottom felt raw, and as he told me later, a lovely rosy shade.
He helped me stand and then pulled me on his lap. My arms went around his neck, and like a little, punished girl, my tear-stained face rested on his shoulder. He rubbed my back and told me he knew I would be a good girl for him.
I looked up into his eyes, and while mine were teary I nodded and promised him I would be better.
He lifted me and carried me to his bedroom. Laying me on his bed, he undressed me completely. It was the first time he had seen me nude. He took his time running his fingers all over my body, making me shiver. But not touching me where I was burning up and needed his touch so much. But it was heavenly.
We stared into each other’s eyes as he completely undressed. The sight before me was like a god to me. He had me completely and totally. If he sent me away at that moment, saying I had failed and he would not see me anymore, I would have to go to a nunnery as no one else would be able to compare.
He came and kneeled between my legs. He ran his fingers up and down my soaking slit as I whimpered with pleasure. Then he did the same with his cock, wetting the head. Just as he began to press his glans into me for the first time he said, “Charlette, we are about to be married. From this moment on, you are mine, have whatever ceremonies you want. But you are mine for always.”
And he thrust his cock deep into me. The first cock I ever felt inside me and I knew it had found its home, and no others would ever enter.
He rode me hard and fast for my first time. The excitement which had built as he spanked me had grown and I was soon shouting out in pleasure. This ride went on for a while as he raised me to a cusp, then slowed to bring me down again, only to take me over and over to that point again.
Finally, together we both shouted out in ecstasy and I felt his cum cascading up into me.
We both dropped to the bed, he beside me holding me in his arms.
“Charlette, that was wonderful. You will learn to be my perfect wife, but while you learn to be, if you continue like tonight in other ways, you will be wonderful as you are educated.”
I just sighed deeply and cuddled closer to him.
In the morning he had me shower with him as he washed me carefully, and then so lovingly rubbed my ass and asked if I was okay as he dressed me.
I told him I was fine, and I did not really have any lasting pain.
“Edward, I understand that my behavior is far from perfect, and I think what you did last night will have an impact on improving my behavior, thank you.”
Edward replied, “Charlette, I meant what I said. You are my wife now. Plan whatever you want for a wedding, but do not take more than a couple of weeks. I need to be officially and totally married to you soon.”
Then, he handed me a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill and told me that I will receive one whenever I take my spanking, and respond afterward as a proper wife.
I tucked that first one-hundred-dollar bill away, as I will with every one I receive from today forward.
Emma is astounded by what she reads. Her parents? Is this why she is so acceptable to what Donald suggests? It is all so incredible. But then realizing what her mother’s last line said, she goes back and counts the one-hundred-dollar bills again. She calculates in her mind.
Though her parents had been married over forty years, besides the year she was pregnant with her, and the almost six years of being sick, during which she did not think any of that would have been happening, her mother earned at least one, if not two payments each month overall.
Emma does need to read more and more of this diary, and share it with Donald.
Just then her phone rings, and as she picks it up to talk to her prince, she notices that two-thirds of the bottle of wine is gone. Has she has been sipping that much as she was reading the first entry and absorbing it?
Emma says hello to Donald in such a gleeful voice he wonders what is going on.
He asks how her day was, and she just bubbles forth with what she has discovered. It is eye-opening to him, but it adds another dimension to Emma and her ready acceptance.
All that Emma is becoming to him, now she adds something new and unique to the documenting of the study of her too. Never before have he and his colleagues added hereditary leaning into their equations. Yes, they knew some things run in a family, but to have it actually documented too. And as a primary resource.
And while he plans only having her earn a small number of pearls, her father seems to have mastered that beyond completion with his monetary prizes. And why did Charlette never spend any of them? Did she need to keep them like a bouquet of her accomplishments?
All this leaves him speechless, and he allows tonight’s conversation between them to be Emma gushing out more and more of what she has discovered.
They, well Emma, talks for almost an hour before she winds down. Donald tells her to save the rest of the diary for them to read together. She must bundle up the money and deposit it in the bank tomorrow morning. Yes, he knows it has been hidden in the house for years, but now knowing it is there, and her not being there as much, she must make sure it is safe.
Suddenly realizing, he tells her to look at the dates on the bills to check if any are old enough that they would be worth more than their face value.
He urges her to get to bed now and watches her as she lies down and turns out her light. When away from her, watching her in darkness is so wonderful. She whispers to him from the semi-darkness asking if he will stay and watch her until she is asleep. It is a request he can hardly refuse and he tells her to put the phone on the stand and he will until he sees she is asleep, then he will hang up for the night.
E023: Sunday Night: Pearl Eleven
Posted:Nov 3, 2018 8:23 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2018 2:10 pm

Donald stands and watches Emma’s car go down the street. His cock is throbbing, thinking how many times he has cum and the many more he was at the cusp in the last forty-eight hours.
He is the one who is supposed to be the tour guide for Emma, her teacher, as she learns new sexual things and grows accustomed to them. But somehow, she is such a fast learner, in ways unbelievable to him, she is taking the lead in initiating playing some of the things she is learning over and over.
He had looked up how she had done in school and college when this whole possibility was beginning, and he did see that she had excellent grades, at the top of her class, and all her instructors praised her quick comprehension and analytical skills.
Never could he have imagined that they would carry over so much with what she is now mastering.
Laughing a little to himself, he goes into the house, to his study, his ‘control room’, and flips through the videos of most of Emma’s ten lessons. As he watches he writes up a report card for her for her first ten pearls. He does not mail it to her, rather he decides to save it for her to see when all of her pearls have been earned.
By the time he finishes reviewing the videos, writing up the report card, and making notes for the research part which was all this was supposed to be, he is hard as a rock. He closes his eyes and imagines Emma’s lips and fingers playing with him, without even touching himself he cums. His pants are stained as he had not even released himself from what he was wearing when he walked Emma to her car.
He takes off his clothes now, cleans himself and goes into Emma’s room and takes a nap on her bed. Even with the clean sheets, her scent is still fragrant on the pillows. He falls into a deep slumber for over an hour.
Emma has tears running down her face as she drives home. She wipes them away with the back of her hand, smearing her eye makeup terribly. When she arrives home, she looks in the mirror and tries to wipe the traces away enough with a tissue before getting out of the car. She takes the suitcase from the back seat and hurries into her house.
She really is going to have to start parking in her attached garage if she is going to be coming and going with a suitcase now. Her neighbors are always looking out.
In the house, she goes straight to her room, puts her phone on the stand by her bed and the suitcase on the dresser. Before even opening it, she takes off her lovely black dress, shoes and undies and lays them on her bed. As she looks at her bed she realizes that the last two nights were the first time she had not slept in her virginal bed all her life. And tonight, it will not be a virginal bed anymore.
Undressed, and feeling wonderful this way again, Emma goes to her large closet and starts throwing all of her dresses and outfits out on the bedroom floor. The pile grows as the closet is emptied. After all the clothes, her sensible, boring shoes are tossed into another pile. The closet is empty.
Throughout the half hour it takes her to do this, she keeps looking towards her phone to see if Donald is calling or texting her. But there is nothing, which does bring new tears to her eyes. She shakes her head at tells herself to be sensible, it is only a little over an hour since she left him.
Next are her dresser drawers. Out go all of her panties and bras into a new pile, along with tops and pantyhose. And what is this? Even a girdle.
Everything is in piles on the floor. In a bit, she will get bags and sort things all out and take them to the garage, for now, to be given to a needy clothes shop.
Her old clothes are all somewhat expensive and good quality, but they are not her anymore. She realizes these old, drab things would burn her skin if she ever had to wear them again now.
Only then does she allow herself to open the suitcase to see what is inside. She hangs the dress for tomorrow on a hanger. It is a soft gray, and while not as low as the dress she wore last night, does appear to be offering an excellent view of her cleavage. Especially with the uplifting gray bra and panties of gray which are with it, and black sheer stockings and garters. She puts the undergarments into her top drawer, stroking their softness some as she does.
Then she lifts out the dress for Tuesday when she will see the Professor again. It is rosy pink. She smiles as she realizes it is almost the shade her bottom gets after Donald spanks her good. His ability to choose colors which complement her coloring reminds her of things that have happened together. This makes her start to drip.
The dress is placed on a hanger next to the other, and the lingerie in the drawer. She takes out shoes which match each outfit. The gray shoes are not so high of heels. She goes to the bed and brings back her black dress and shoes and places them in the closet also. She will hand wash and dry the black bra and panties before putting them away.
The phone has still not rung and it is now two hours since she left.
She goes back to the suitcase and takes the book and DVD out and put them on her bed stand. The two makeup bags go into her bathroom. She smiles that the bag of the milder makeup is virginal white and her more erotic shades are in a shiny black bag. She comes back to the suitcase and sees there is something more to unpack, with a note taped on it.
She lifts it out and goes and sits on the side of her bed as she reads the note.
She recognizes what the object is from when Donald was opening the dresser drawers in her new room, showing what all was stored there. It is a small vibrator, and just running her fingers over its silver rounded head she realizes that this is the one he used on her the first night she was with him. She is sure of it.
The note, handwritten, and she is thrilled to see Donald's firm, straight up and so readable writing on the page, reads, “Emma, put this in your nightstand drawer by your bed. Have it charging all the time so it is ready when needed. You are not to use it unless I give you permission and under my supervision. I know I can trust you about this as we do not want to be apart for a whole week again. D.”
She reads it over several times, taking in a different part each time. One, he will let her get some relief when she is not with him. Two, he does not want to be apart from her for a whole week. Three, he plans to see her more than once a week, heaven. Four, when she does get to use it, she will be allowing him to enjoy her doing so, hopefully arousing him too. Five, he trusts her.
All is heady thoughts running through her head. She sniffs at the paper to see if she can smell his scent, but alas. If only she could smell the aroma of him it would be like an elixir to her.
And as she goes back to close the suitcase now, it is like he knows her so well already, and all that she needs. Tucked in the top of the suitcase are the boxer shorts he wore to dinner last night. Unwashed, with a little bit of cum on them. She holds them to her nose and breathes in deeply. Then not wanting to ‘use up the scent’ yet she takes them and places them under her pillow to enjoy when she goes to sleep tonight.
She goes downstairs and, in the kitchen, pours herself a glass of sherry. She never has much liquor in the house, just a bottle of sherry, which she will have a sip of from time to time. But the wine from this weekend was so good, she decides to make sure to get several bottles of it, and perhaps some other drinks to have on hand in the future. She grabs some garbage bags to take back upstairs for the clothes which she will deal with tomorrow.
With all they have eaten today already, Emma is not hungry now. She decides to get into bed and read more of her book.
When she returns to her room she sees that her phone is flashing a message. ‘Oh, why hadn’t she remembered to take it with her downstairs. Don’t let this result in a punishment of time apart.’
She looks at her phone and sees that it is a text message just received less than a minute ago. She quickly opens it.
“Emma, I will facetime you in about an hour. Is your vibrator charged?”
Emma is so glad she had plugged it in as soon as she had placed it in her nightstand. That was probably two and a half hours ago. She quickly replies, “Yes it has been charging for more than two hours. Would that be enough?”
He does not reply and Emma worries a little that he might have decided she took too long responding.
Why does she worry so over everything that happens between them, and imagine the worse?
She climbs into bed but leaves the comforter and sheets turned down. She picks up her book and is soon engrossed. She sips at her sherry as she reads. The time quickly passes and so do three more chapters.
Suddenly, making her jump a little as she is so involved in the book, her phone rings. She recovers herself and picks up the phone, holding it away from her face so she can see her Donald. It has only been about four hours, but she longs to see his handsome face again.
As she answers, she realizes she had not redone her makeup after her crying jag, and her face is more or less makeup free. A little taint of her lipstick is still on her lips, but nothing more.
She smiles at him and says hello. He replies a greeting. That is somewhat different than his previous gruff, right to the point, beginning of each conversation.
Donald tells her to put her phone on the stand facing her, sit on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. Then for her to take out the chargeable vibrator and hold it up for him to see. As she does this, he sees that she has been crying and her makeup is gone for the most part. He feels his heart twinge at this, but enjoys how even makeup free and with glistening eyes, she is still lovely for him to look at.
She does as told.
He smiles at her and tells her to press the second from the bottom button three times. The head begins to whirl, then goes faster, and even faster with each press.
Donald tells her to now take her other hand and spread her lower lips wide and press the head against her clit.
Again, she does as told, and the feeling of the first touch of the speeding vibrator against her clit sends shivers through her body.
He tells her to run it up and down her slit to get it wet. “You are wet aren’t you Emma?” he asks her.
She blushes and admits that yes rather a bit and explains she has been reading the book more.
Donald just chuckles and says, “Good girl.”
Oh, to hear him praise her like that as the vibrator is going from pressing just into her vag up and over her throbbing clit. Back and forth, though she does so want to leave it pressing against her clit.
After a minute of having her go up and down on her slit, Donald tells her to hold it against her clit, to keep her legs and lips spread so he can see how she is doing.
A flush has come over her as she feeling it vibrating hard against her clit. She moans some.
Then, almost knocking Donald off his chair, she says, “Oh Sir, I would so like to be able right now to kiss and caress your cock and balls.”
While Emma has done everything so willingly and did shyly ask him to do a couple of things to her, at his asking, this is the first time that she has used any language like this to him. He shakes his head to clear his thoughts and then wants to hear more.
As the vibrator is spinning against her and she is sighing deeply, Donald asks her to tell him what she would like to be doing to him right now.
In between moans and gasps of pleasure, as the vibrator works its magic on her, Emma begins to talk to him.
“Sir, if you would allow me if you were wearing pants, I would like to slowly unbuckle your belt, slide it off you. Then unbutton your pants. Unzip them, then lower them slowly down to your ankles. Once you step out of them I would place my hands inside of the back of your boxers and caress your ass cheeks as I lower them off you too.”
She continues, “I would press you back to sit on the side of the bed, and kneel between your legs. I would start to just jerk your shaft up and down while fondling your balls, squeezing them to fill them with your cum. Only when you cock is almost fully hard would I lean my head down and take your glans into my mouth.”
Donald is speechless as she goes one. Is this all from the influence of the one book he gave her? Heaven help what she will be like when she has read more of his library.
Emma pauses for a minute as she moans loudly and throws her head back. She cums for the first time with the vibrator. And though Donald can see she is in the throes of ecstasy from cumming, the vibrator is still twirling against her now bruised clit. She does not remove it from where Donald had told her to hold it.
Donald knows she is at that place where the total pleasure of the feel against her clit is now for a moment reaching the point of pain. He clears his throat and tells her that to run it up and down her slit again, and avoid her clit for a few minutes.
She nods at him thankfully and moves the vibrator head up and down her slit again, eluding her clit as she does. She breathes deeply for a moment or two. Then she continues with her description.
“I suck on your tip for a bit and run my tongue back and forth over your glans slit pressing into you just a little with my tongue. Then running my tongue around the top. Licking around and around your shaft, starting just below the head, down to the base and your balls. My fingers are at the base of your shaft pressing over and over at the back just above your balls.”
She continues, “When at the base I move my lips to your balls and take one, then the other, into my mouth and suck hard on them to help them fill and expand. When I hear you moan with pleasure, only then do I take my tongue and pressing firmly against the vein at the back of your shaft run back up to your head again to start sucking on it again.”
Emma continues her description as Donald now stroking himself out of her view, moans with the pleasure Emma is longing to hear.
Donald tells Emma to return the vibrator to her clit, but if it gets too much to run it up and down her wet slit a little before returning to it again. As he watches her comply with his instructions, he sees strings of cum dripping from the vibrator down onto her thighs.
Emma’s show and her talking are getting the better of him. He tries to pace himself as he does not want to cum until Emma reaches that point in her account of what she imagines doing to him. And again, between sighs and gasps, she does go on.
“I press my mouth down taking more and more of you in. Sucking as I do, positioning myself to take you all in without gagging too much. The fingers of my hand not gripping and squeezing the bottom of your shaft find your taint and begin pressing against it. Over and over as I take more of you into my mouth and down my throat.”
She carries on, “I am sorry sir, but I do gag a little and need to pull back after about a minute, but recovering quickly you are fully back in my mouth to go on. You feel my fingers pressing your taint and being so deep into my throat, you let out a yell of satisfaction, and I feel your sperm squirting down my throat. I have to pull back a little so to be able to swallow it all as it keeps cumming and cumming.” Emma is winding her story down now.
Donald, at the moment Emma says that his sperm is squirting down her throat cums hard, even more than earlier today. Her words have edged him to the cliff and push him over it with the final comments.
But Emma is not done quite yet, as he hears her moaning more and more as the vibrator is back servicing her clit.
“I swallow all your sperm I can, and what I can’t I lick from your shaft, cleaning it and your balls thoroughly. I then look up at you to see you smiling down on me and lean and kiss me so sweetly.” At that moment Emma squeals again and not only does she throw her head back but Donald can see her back arch so and she is visibly shaking.
Donald tells her to take the vibrator off her and turn it off. Panting hard, she does as he tells her.
“Baby, lay it aside and lean back on your bed. If you can, lift the phone so I can see your face.”
‘Oh shit, did I just really call her baby out loud?’ Donald shudders in realization.
She does as he tells her and smiles weakly at him a second later. He would so like to be there with her at this moment to take her in his arms and rock her.
What is coming over him? He has never felt tenderness for anyone really. Why is Emma bringing this out in him now?
He is so surprised at her graphic description of sucking him off she just gave him. He would have never imagined in a thousand years that she would allow herself to open up that much. She is a unique and rare treasure he must take such care of.
In a small voice, he hears her ask him if she did a good job doing what he asked her?
“Emma, you did very well. I am proud and surprised that you did that. You seem to be learning so much. But now my dear, I think you need to go to sleep. I think that just took a lot out of you, in both ways. Leave the vibrator on the stand. In the morning clean it and plug it back in. But for now, turn off your lights. I want to see you do that,” Donald goes on.
Now seeing her face shaded in darkness, though she can still see him clearly, he tells her goodnight and then, though he hardly can make him do it, he turns off the phone.
Emma sees his face disappear and a deep sigh escapes her lips. She puts her phone back on the stand, rolls on her back, and why she keeps doing this still she does not know? She reaches her arms out towards both bedposts, and before she knows it she is falling asleep. Feeling the wonderful wetness seeping out of her and onto her thighs.
Donald sits at his chair at his computer, staring at the now black screen. ‘Emma doesn’t know it yet, but she has just earned her eleventh pearl,’ Donald thinks with a crooked grin on his face.
E022: Sunday afternoon
Posted:Nov 1, 2018 1:54 pm
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After he recovers from Emma’s astonishing announcement, Donald opens the end table and removes a cloth and wipes all the cum from both of them dripping out of Emma. She then leans forward and cleans his cock of the last fluids. Donald thinks how nice it would be to lick her clean as she does him, but right now is not the proper time for that.
He lifts her Delta of Venus book up from where it was tossed in their frenzy and looks to see how far Emma has gotten. She is on page fifty of the three-hundred-page book. He tells her to get back to her end of the couch now, and she must read to at least page one-hundred before they have lunch.
Emma just nods to him and scurries to her place on the couch and opens the book again. The soft leather of the couch against her bare ass is rather enjoyable as she reads. Reading the stories is getting her hot and bothered, and she hopes she is not dripping onto the leather.
She dares to speak, as she is concerned. “Sir, may I have a towel for under me? I do not want to mess up your couch.”
Donald smiles to himself as he reaches and hands her another cloth to put under her. He knows the Anais Nin stories are very seductive but for her to be dripping so hard is wonderful for him to hear. Emma slides the cloth under her crossed legs. The stories are getting to some inner place in her, arousing her so. She is at page seventy-five already in less than an hour.
It is then that Donald stretches out his legs and his toes are touching her calves.
Emma does the same. Hers are over his, each of their feet resting on each other’s thighs. And both, absent-mindedly reach with their free hand and begin to caress each other’s feet.
Pressing against the sole and inner foot and heel, then just mingling their fingers between the toes. It is all so nice.
Emma continues reading, as she sees Donald is. Neither look at each other as this foot caressing continues as they read. About one-thirty Emma has finished the chapter just past page one hundred. She places the book on the coffee table, and something coming over her, she lifts Donald’s foot up and begins to suck his toes.
Where did this desire come from? How can she be doing this now?
Donald, still reading, gasps at what Emma is doing. This woman is sublime. Donald somewhat worries about what he has hatched. Did he go too far, too fast to unleash such primal lust in her that she craves so much now, and moves even beyond it?
Oh, but he is loving the moistness of her mouth on his toes sucking them. He cannot help himself, he lifts her foot to his mouth and begins to suck her toes too.
There are moans coming from both ends of the couch now. Well no, really as both heads are bent over each other, almost side by side, the moans are coming from the middle of the couch.
They go on this way for over a half hour. Neither really reaching a peak, but the sensation of what they are doing is stirring them both. When sucking or not, the pressure each gives to the other’s feet is amazing. And more or less in unison, they both switch feet so one does not feel left out of this treatment. Somewhat both panting after a half hour mark passes, they sit back up and just grin sheepishly at each other.
“Emma, I think we better get some lunch now.”
Donald helps Emma rise off the couch, and as he loves to do, his hand on her ass leads her back to the kitchen.
Which is a surprise to Emma. After breakfast, Donald had left the pans and dishes just by the sink. But now the kitchen is spotless. And Donald really never had the time to do this. Yes, she was in the corner for forty-five minutes, but she had heard him moving around the house then. How is this all happening?
Plus, there is a bowl of salad greens already in a bowl, with a bottle of what looks like home-made dressing beside it. Again, Emma just shakes her head in wonder.
Donald tells her to take her place by her chair, and she quickly assumes her stance. Legs apart, hands behind neck. And she hopes she does not have to confess that she is imagining people walking by seeing her in such a position. ‘Why am I wanting to be on display whenever I am here?’ Emma wonders to herself.
She hears Donald behind her moving around fixing something for their lunch. She is a bit hungry. But if at this moment she would feel his touch on her, all thoughts of food would escape her.
How has she gotten to this point of always being on the cusp of sexual tension? How is it that she is so willing now to want to give herself to this man completely? Yes, he opened her and let her now start to blossom, but why, why, does she feel this need to only be controlled and ready to answer his every need?
It is not long before Donald brings a plate to the table. It is a larger plate, it holds two perfectly cooked grilled cheese sandwiches on each side of this amazing looking salad. The crust is crunchy and so is the rest of the sandwich nicely toasted. The cheese melts out of them. It is cheddar cheese and muster cheese combined.
Donald moves behind her and tells her, “Let me help you take your seat.”
This unexpected rush runs through her and she thinks, ‘Damn if my juices run this hard, I won’t need any lube.’
Donald moves her in front of her chair and reaches to the center of the table. Besides the salt and pepper, and a carafe of olive oil sitting there, he pulls a small glass jar with a glass lid towards them. He lifts the lid, dips his fingers in and covers them. He brings his fingers to grease the plug and Emma’s hole. Feeling it, she realizes it is lube.
‘There will be a jar of lube on the table from now on?’ she wonders.
Somehow the thought of this just sends lighting jolts through her whole body as he positions her on her special chair. Donald covers the jar again and pushes it back to its place on the table until time for the next use.
They eat their lunch and drink some wine slowly. Donald begins for the first time really to talk to her about things. He asks about her the different groups which she is active in and shows interest in what she tells him. He asks her questions about her growing up and life taking care of her parents but does not really tell much about himself. Telling her that would be a story for another time.
She is content just talking together. And feeling the plug pressing up in her.
He asks her how she is enjoying the book? Then her face lights up and glows at him as she goes on and on about different details of the stories and how they impacted her. The ones she allowed herself to imagine herself in the role, and the ones she didn’t really care for.
Donald shares his views of the stories, and even which stir him the most. All in all, it is an enjoyable lunch that lasts over an hour. It is past three in the afternoon when they finish.
Donald takes her off her seat, then turns her, and with his hand on her bare ass, which she is loving the feel of, he leads her to her room and to her bed. He pulls the sheets down to the end of the bed and helps her lay on her back on it. He climbs between her legs and begins to lick and suck her.
It is like he cannot get enough of her, savoring every drop full that comes from her cunt. Emma is moaning and clutching at the sheets with her hands. She tries to reach for his cock, but he is just out of reach for her. She moans with frustration.
Sensing her frustration, and his desire to feel her lips again, he turns himself so his cock is hover over her mouth, and bends from this angle to continue his lip service to her cunt and clit. Emma reaches up and takes his shaft in her hand, and pulls him down to her mouth.
At first, it is just his glans that she sucks on and runs her tongue over and over his slit. Then, at this angle, it is so much easier to bring him deep in her mouth to suck. By the time she has it fully in, the glans is pressing down her throat.
She gasps and sucks, and then presses him away for a few seconds so she can breathe before pulling him back fully into her mouth. She caresses his balls and taint as she does this.
Meanwhile, Donald is licking away up and down her slit. Spending equal time up her vag as flitting across her clit. Both are moaning low in their throats as they do this. There is almost an animal scent coming from them now. The smell of pure and passionate sex.
Emma can taste Donald’s precum and he knows he is moving towards his peak. He lifts off Emma as he also lifts his head from her golden triangle. He swings around and kneels between her legs. He leans and kisses her as they taste their own juices mingling together in the passion of their kiss.
He lifts her legs over his shoulder, and raising himself to be kneeling upright, lifts his cock to her pussy and presses it into her wet, welcoming cunt. Thrusting into her hard, as they both seem to realize this time has to be hard and fast, over and over he repeats. Her cunt starts to throb against him, making him pump harder into her.
Then the first clinch, he moans out loudly at the sensation of it. Banging, banging against Emma, Donald fucks her hard and deep. Her guttural moans in response to each lunge respond to the panting he has started doing.
Minutes later, they both cry out in joy as they cum. Her feeling all his sperm up in her blending with her own juices flowing so rapidly down the river of her cunt.
Somehow, as Donald leans down to kiss her again, he does so love kissing her, she manages to roll over so she is on top of him, his softening prick still up in her, and lays this way with her head on his shoulder. And they both feel it as Emma continues to clutch against his cock, flaccid it might be, but the nerves are so alive as he feels this.
His cum, intermixing with her juices, slowly drip down out of her. Over his cock still in her, covering it, then seeping out running up her slit, some messing in her mons, other dripping down and out of her to moisten both their thighs.
Never could Donald have imagined that such a feeling, the result of the frenzy passion could feel so erotic spreading over them. The student is teaching the teacher as much as the teacher is imparting. This has been a wonderful Sunday.
But now, could it really be after five already?
Donald clears his head and does something he does not want to do. He tells Emma to go take a shower, clean up, and fix her hair and makeup. “Take all the time you need Emma, you are not on a timetable now.”
Emma is a bit disappointed in this statement. First, as he would not be giving her a bath. Second, that the time limits he has been setting, she is starting to enjoy trying to meet. But she does as she is told.
When she goes into the bathroom she is rather surprised again, everything there has been straightened. New towels are on the rack and the shower and sink have been cleaned.
‘Who is doing this? Donald has been with me the whole time since I last used this bathroom. What is going on?’ Emma knows he cannot do magic, but it is rather magical how everything is cleaned and back in pristine shape.
She showers, dries her hair and apply her makeup. Taking her time now to make sure she is doing it like how Donald did the eyeshadow yesterday. She is rather pleased with the results, which shows in her mug smile in the mirror. She opens the bathroom door and returns to the bedroom.
She notices first that again the sheets have been changed, and the bed made up. Someone is doing a whole lot of laundry around here. Her black dress and undies from Friday are laying on the bed, all freshly cleaned too. But what makes her heart stop is that there is an open suitcase on the bed which Donald is packing.
‘What!!?? Is he sending her away today?’ She had thought she would spend the night here, with him hopefully beside her like last night. Tears form in the corners of her eyes, but she stops herself as she does not want to ruin her makeup when Donald hasn’t seen it yet. Time for tears later in her car as she is made to drive home alone.
Donald looks up and sees her and smiles. She has done a wonderful job with the makeup. Completely filling his fantasy of how he wants her to look. To match how he wants her to dress.
He tells Emma to come and sit on the bed next to the suitcase, between it and her black dress.
“Now, Emma I am going to send you home soon, as we both have busy days tomorrow. You will do all you have to as I will. And Tuesday, early day, I will be busy also. But I expect you back here for Tuesday night at four p.m.”
‘Not until Tuesday afternoon? That is almost forty-eight hours, two days, away.’ Emma’s heart melts.
“I have packed an outfit I want you to wear tomorrow and the one for you to wear when you come here Tuesday afternoon. You will quickly be able to figure which is which.”
Emma sees that there is the two outfits, undies, stocking and shoes for two outfits. There is also a make-up bag, the book she has been reading, and a DVD which she cannot see the title of.
“When you are at home Emma, I want you to continue to be nude all the time. I think you are beginning to enjoy being that way. You are to finish your book and watch the DVD for some ideas and enjoyment. You have your phone and I will be in touch some. Do all your meetings and scheduled things tomorrow and Tuesday morning. Wear the outfit and the not so exotic makeup for those.”
He continues, “The second dress is for when you come on Tuesday, and I will send instructions for then. The second makeup bag which is your new makeup to use before you arrive here. You remember the rules for your arrival now? Be sure to follow them.”
He finishes with, “Now let me help you get dressed to go home.”
Emma holds her tears back as best she can. And stands before Donald as he shut her new suitcase. He helps her on with her panties, bra, shoes and then slides the dress over her. She will always favor this dress, the first he gave her.
Donald holds her by her shoulders, looking deep into her eyes.
“Emma, you are going to need to clean your closet and drawers of all you had before. You will be needing room for some of your new things. Plus, I never want you to wear any of those things ever again. You are not that person anymore, nor will you ever go back to that. Bring the empty suitcase back with you on Tuesday. The things I send home for when we are apart will start your new wardrobe at home. Your outfits for me will stay here, you wearing them back to me.”
All Emma can do is just nod to keep from crying.
Donald closes and latches the suitcase, and picks it up. This time he takes Emma by her hand and gently leads her out through the living room to the front door.
Is it only forty-eight hours ago she entered here, so naïve and anxious? These short hours have changed her life forever.
Donald walks her to her car, puts the suitcase in the back seat, and does, out here in public, where anyone can see, pulls her to him and kisses her long and deep, before helping her into her car, and pulling the seat belt over her. Leaning in, he gives her one more kiss and tells her to be a good girl for him until Tuesday.
Again, so emotion filled, she can only nod to him. She lifts her hands and caresses his face before he pulls away and shuts the door. He stands there as she starts her car and pulls out of the drive.
Emma is not a block away before the tears start running down her cheeks. She is having such mixed emotions. How Donald just treated her, and his display of affection out in the drive, she feels a rush run through her about that. But the two-day banishment, she just cries a little more. She knows it is not a banishment, and it will have to happen for them.
And she realizes that some time apart after these crazy two days is probably what is required now. But she is already throbbing with longing from his last touches and caresses, and so much more.
After Emma pulls out, Donald stands in his driveway for a good while. mourning her departure. He too knows they need some time apart, but he longs for what she is bringing out in him too. He craves to make her his submissive slut, but there is just something that she does which makes him wonder who really is in control.
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E021: Sunday morning
Posted:Oct 31, 2018 6:11 am
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2018 9:34 am

Donald had every intention of leaving Emma’s bed as soon as he knew she was asleep, but her soft breathing as she began to doze lulled him to sleep too. His hand on her close-clipped mons and his cock between her legs just made him so content that it just happened.
When morning comes and he awakes he is a little annoyed with himself, but it feels so right sleep with Emma like this. He realizes that this is the first night he has ever sleep the entire night with someone. He always leaves to sleep alone. And feeling his cock hard as it still lays between her legs just makes him realize what a unique and thrilling experience this is for him.
Emma is taking him to new levels he never imagined for himself. ‘How can this be?’
Emma begins to stir and starts to turn towards him. He tells her in a husky voice, "no don’t stay as you are". He reaches down and runs his fingers up and down her silt and is amazed that she is soaking already, from in her sleep.
He rubs the head of his hard cock up and down to moisten it and then guides it into Emma’s vagina. She groans in joy feeling him in her again. She bends at her waist just a bit so he can get all in her from this position. Donald takes it slow as he strokes his cock in and out of her. This morning is just pure bliss in slow and steady motion.
Emma understands and enjoys this slow ride to paradise. She is throbbing hard by his fifth thrust into her. And the spasms of her cunt begin shortly after. Feeling her hold on to him at each gentle thrust is such a wonderful way to wake up. They just slowly play this out, taking their time, there is no rush now. They go on this way for over twenty minutes until her clenching gets tighter and tighter on him and he knows she is not far from coming. He grabs around her waist and begins going faster and harder against her. She wails in delight and cums in a minute. Donald is not long behind her, only a few thrusts more and she feels him unload in her.
Yes, such an excellent way to start the day.
Donald keeps his arms around her waist as he pulls her to him. He deeply breathes in the scent of her hair, her neck as he kisses her over all of them. Even nibbling a bit on her ear. Yes, his mark is still there on her.
‘What is coming over him?’ But he cannot stop himself. ‘Yes, she will be his to control and teach, but he will pamper her properly also. This changes nothing, she will be his sex slave, his sub, his pet, his everything. Wait, what? His everything?’ Donald shakes his head to clear it.
“Bab.. Emma, would you like to have breakfast in bed, or would you like to sit on your special chair in the kitchen while we eat?”
‘Did he almost call her Baby, out loud? Get control of yourself, Donald.’
Emma is a bit torn. She loved being fed by him in bed yesterday morning and so wants to have that again. But on the other hand, the chance to sit on the plug again draws her. After last night’s tongue play there, many of the feelings from earlier yesterday in the kitchen overwhelm her.
She decides to be bold and see what happens. The worst would be over his knee, and she does so enjoy that too.
“I would like to eat in the kitchen this morning Sir, but I did so like you feeding me my breakfast yesterday. I am not sure which I should choose.”
Donald chuckles behind her and raises his hand and squeezes her breasts and nipples.
“Okay, young lady, since you were such a good and star pupil yesterday, today you may have both. We will eat in the kitchen and I will feed you your breakfast. I guess we will only need one plate between us this morning.”
Donald moves to get up but slaps her ass cheek as he does.
“Now go get a shower and be in the kitchen in a half hour. I will be really nice to you today and call out when twenty minutes are up, and at twenty-five, so you can try to be on time. The clock for the bathroom I will get for you tomorrow.”
Emma scurries to the shower, and Donald goes to his and quickly showers and shaves. He is in the kitchen getting eggs, bacon and toast ready in ten minutes. Meanwhile, Emma is hurrying too. Today she will not be late, she tells herself.
When Donald calls out twenty minutes she is just finishing her hair. And makeup will just be minimal today until she knows what is ahead for the day.
Donald contemplates as he makes the food, and as it is warming, he goes and exchanges the plug on her chair with a slightly larger one. He is astonished that she said so readily that she would like to eat in the kitchen, knowing what it involves. Yes, every minute she amazes him more and more. He does need to get a handle on this so they can move through this properly and without compromises.
As he starts to call out twenty-five minutes to Emma, she appears in the doorway. So lovely, flushed all over from her hot shower, and she did put on just the right makeup for this morning. And her hair, he held himself back from reaching for her and running his hands through it. And her standing there so comfortably naked. Did it only take her a day to understand the freeness of being like this?
He seems to forget that she spent almost two days naked during her punishment time, and is realizing how wonderful being unencumbered by clothes is. And here now, with his benevolent gazes on her, her confidence of being undressed is becoming her preferred state.
He has her bend over the table some so he can lube her hole, and apply a good bit to the plug also, and then helps her take her seat. She hesitates just a little as she feels the bigger plug enter her. Once her sphincter relaxes and accepts this new entry she slides down on her seat.
She smiles at him and then thinks how she would love after breakfast if he would finger her there like he did yesterday. As she looks out on the street in front of her, she decides that she is going to pretend to herself that people can see what is happening to her from the sidewalk, if he does do it for her again. She blushes at the deviant thoughts she is having.
Donald, bringing the plate to the table just then sees her blushing, and as he sits down, he asks her to tell him what she is thinking. She hesitates to ponder how to say it. He lifts the first forkful of eggs to her mouth to give her time to compose herself and what she wants to say.
Her mouth now empty, she stammers out what she was imaging. He grins at her and feeds her another forkful and takes one for himself. Now this, them sharing the same fork as he feeds her makes her drip even more.
“So, Emma, you are saying you want me to finger fuck your ass again after breakfast?”
In those terms is sound rather crude, but yes that is what she really wants. “Only if you would like to sir,” she replies.
Emma is going to be the death of him, her wanting more and more, but leaving it up to him to decide if she should enjoy a pleasure.
Then she tips him over the edge and his prick grows hard. “Well, there is also that I want to imagine that the people on the street can see you doing it to me like I thought yesterday.”
Are there no limits to how far Emma will go to please him? Never in all the experiments and studies he and his colleagues have done has anyone been this readily willing to go to outer fringes with such ease and abandonment as Emma is now. What has he created? The perfect servitude woman.
Donald does not say yes or no and continues to feed her and him.
Suddenly he feels her toes and sole press against his hard cock. She has lifted her leg and now pressing against him like last night. He didn’t want her to know yet how hard he is from her request, but it does not matter with the feel of her pressing so nicely on him. And with no clothes directly on the target.
He reaches down with the hand not feeding them and caresses her foot as she presses in and out. He lifts his leg and presses his foot into her cunt and wiggles his toes. She giggles with excitement and reaches down to caress his foot in return. She actually occasionally pushes against it so there is more pressure on her clit.
And so, they continue through their breakfast, now in no hurry for it to end with this lovely foot play between them.
When they are finally done, Donald lowers his leg as he lifts Emma’s off him and to the floor. He stands and picks up the plate and carries it to the sink. He comes back to the table and helps Emma rise off the plug.
“Emma, bend over the table and wait.”
She does immediately. Her heart is pulsing so hard as she spreads her legs to wait for what is to come.
And she waits. Donald seems to be taking some time. She doesn’t hear him moving behind her as she looks out the window, and as someone walks by with their dog she imagines they have a full few of her bend over the table, her ass in the air, waiting. She feels herself dripping down her thigh.
Her hole is rather open right now from the plug, but she likes the thrill she feels as she remembers all that happened yesterday. She finally hears Donald come up beside her. She hears the lube being placed on the table and then his latex-gloved hands rubbing over and over her cheeks.
‘Oh yes, this is going to happen again. Every time she came yesterday was exhilarating, but the three, or was it four, times she came over this table as Donald pressed up into her had been spine-tingling. Oh, let it be that same way once again.’
Donald picks up the tube of lube and wets his fingers thinking how he cannot believe Emma is so willing for this to happen to her again. He runs his oiled finger up and down her crack spread out in front of him and then thrusts the first finger in her. Her time on the plug makes her open and accepting.
He pulls his finger out and thrusts two in her. She lets out a low moan.
Dare he? He pulls out a third time and as he thrusts back in it is now three fingers entering her asshole. She cries out. Is it in pain or pleasure? But her cries of “yes, yes, yes” seems to answer which one it is for her.
Donald sees her lift her head to see if anyone is going by. He smiles at her now exhibition desire, but raises his other hand and spanks her cheek, then the other.
“Emma behave yourself. Do not get carried away.”
She moans giddily from his spanks, adding so much to what he is doing ramming her ass with his fingers. Just to feel another spank she lifts her head again.
Donald cannot believe she is disobeying him and spanks her several times on each cheek and he thrust deeper and deeper into her. It is only when she groans in ecstasy that he realizes she is playing him. She wants to be spanked too.
This is too much for him to comprehend. What has he created? To be willing, and liking this much at the same time? And to maneuver him to do to her what she really wants? A balance between them needs to be reestablished where he is completely in control. And quickly.
He spanks each cheek a few more times and then takes his fingers out of her asshole.
“Emma, go and stand in the corner of your room until I come for you. Your behavior is totally unacceptable.”
Tears in her eyes from this harsh statement, she stands, looks pleading at him for a moment, then heads to her room, and her corner. There, even without Donald there to see, she presses her nose against the corner and clasps her hands behind her neck.
She feels frustrated as she was so close to cumming before Donald admonishment, but somehow, she does realize she has stepped over the limits.
Standing there for what seems like hours, tears running down her cheeks, her ass sore from what happened, but not happen, all she can think is that Donald will take one of her precious pearls away. She just cries and cries.
Donald really only made her stand in the corner for about forty-five minutes, but to Emma, it felt like a lifetime. Worrying through her tears that Donald will cast her off, give all the lovely dresses and things to someone much worthier. She is heartbroken. She just cannot stop the tears from falling.
And then, he is behind her, and she feels another cloth handkerchief drying her tears. Donald turns her around and holds the chief to her nose so she can blow.
“Emma do not ever again taunt me the way you just did. I am the one who decides what will happen, and you edging me toward your will is not acceptable.”
The remorse running through Emma right now all she can do is nod her head before she lowers it as tears begin once again to form in her eyes.
“Oh, sir, I am so sorry, I do not want to overstep my place. Whatever you decide or want I will do.”
Hearing her quivering voice is enough for Donald. He will not press this much more. He got immense pleasure out of the after-breakfast fun himself. ‘Imagine, she lets me finger fuck her ass as she is spanked. And crying out over and over is such a thrilling way.’
But she must never know this.
He rubs her pinked backside and tells her to go clean up, and then bring her book to the living room. He walks out of the room.
Emma turns to go into the bathroom, but as she does she notices that the room has been cleaned, and new sheets on the bed. Another shade of the rainbow.
‘How many sheets does Donald have? And how did this happen? I knows he was not in the room while I was in the corner. I would have heard him. And they weren’t change when I went to the kitchen. And he never left me long enough until he sent me to the corner.’
Emma ponders things and wonders. She picks up her book and hurries to the living room. It is now about ten a.m.
Donald stand from the couch he is sitting on as she enters.
Now the living room is rather large, there was the rather empty part near the front door, where Emma’s mark is to stand on. There are only a couple of straight back chairs and chests against the wall in the part. But further back there is a couch, at an angle making a corner triangle. It partly faces a fireplace on one side and a flat screen television on the other. From the couch you can watch either easily. The leather couch is very deep. Two people could lay side by side on it with no trouble. There are three big pillows on each end to lean against, so the couch is longer than it appears. There are end tables and a coffee table in front of it.
He sits her on the couch and tells her to read more of her book quietly. She tries to with all her concentration, but her eyes follow him as he moves around the room.
Finally, with a tablet in hand, he sits on the other end of the couch and opens it to begin reading. His back is against his pillowed armrest facing her. She moves so to be sitting against her armrest and facing him.
At first, her legs are tucked in, cross-legged. But as she reads more and more she stretches them out and opens more and more.
Understand, she is not trying to entice Donald, it is just from these stories she is reading that she feels the need to expose herself more. Though as she stretches her legs out, they do rather land on the top of Donald’s legs and thighs.
She glances as she realizes what she has done, and just sees him reading. She returns to her book. A few minutes later she feels his hand massaging her foot. Shudders run through her at his touch. She does not move, just enjoys the experience, engulfed once again in the rushes Donald can so easily cause to run through her.
When he lifts her foot and presses it against his crotch she gasps a little. She begins the pressing and toe tickling as she had done at breakfast. Then she feels his foot in her crotch searching for her slit. His big toe finds it and runs up and down it, getting a thorough wetting.
They both lean back against their respective couch arms and sigh deeply over this mutual, but so different, touching.
They both try to continue reading but this foot play between them is arousing them both so much. Donald sits up and brings her to his lap facing him. He lifts her up on him, and she slides down onto his cock so wet and ready. Her knees on each side of him, her hands bracing herself against the back of the couch, he lifts her hips up and down on him until she gets the rhythm and bounces on him herself.
His hands remain on her hips caressing her sides as they bounce to climax. Once again Emma screams out as she cums just seconds before Donald unloads in her. Their timing together is excellent.
And how she milks the final juices from him after and she puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. They stay in this position for a good while, his arms hugging her as she lays her head on his chest. He feel her firm boobs pressing against his upper stomach, and though now flaccid, he does not pull out of her. It just feels so warm and nice here to leave yet.
Emma begins to whisper to him.
“Sir, I saw what you did last night to the back of my neck. Thank you. I like you leaving your mark on me. Whenever you want.”
“And I am sorry sir for overstepping at breakfast. Something just came over me and I got carried away. I would never want to try to be in control with you. You are the one who must control me. And I think from the last hours and how I feel now, I might need a lot of control and discipline to stay in line.”
Thank goodness Emma has her head down on his chest as she tells him this, so she cannot see the astonishment on Donald’s face from what she had just said. He is not even sure how to reply. He clears his throat a few times before he does.
“Emma, I will leave my mark on you in many ways over time. Just so you know who is in control of you. And I do realize I have released something in you. More than I imagined would happen this fast. So yes, you will have to be corralled and, shall we say, dominated, to keep you in check as you learn and earn your pearls. When you have, I hope then we will reach a total understanding between us.”
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E020: Pearl Ten
Posted:Oct 29, 2018 1:56 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 7:07 am

Yes, she is so wet and came hard from lip service. Emma is so ripe for more. After kissing and smiling down on her, Donald tells Emma to roll over and lift her ass. The picture before him is delightful. The stockinged legs, the bare upper thighs, and now her lovely ass cheeks before him.
He leans between her legs again and licks and kisses her inner thighs, going up to her cunt and licking some of the wetness away, which is only replaced with more. Emma is now a leaking faucet which one cannot stop the stream from. It might slow a little, but it will drip a little even when not touched.
He runs his hands up and down her silk covered legs. He is getting very aroused himself as Emma, with her head a pillow, her hands at her side, and her lovely ass in the air for him just sighs so sweetly. He licks up and down each thigh. Then when she least expects it, she feels his hands spread her crack and his wet tongue running up and down it. She lets out a moan showing her pure enjoyment. If she is measured right now on a Richter Scale she would be at 6.5.
To say the least, she is enjoying this to full capacity.
Donald now spreads her cheeks more and begins to circle her anus, down to her perineum and back up to her back hole, licking around it and pressing his tongue in a little. Emma’s senses are high now and each touch with his tongue makes her want to swoon from the rush that is running through her entire body.
Donald keeps this play up for a good while as he hears Emma whimper and whine. He occasionally goes back to her slit to lick some of the juices away as they drip from her on to the bed. But then he is back to her butt hole enjoying every moment of her being so pleasured this way.
She lets out a huge moan, her back arching up to his lips and as he holds her hips he can feel the shuttering throbbing running through her. After she stops panting, she turns to look at him.
“Sir, why don’t you get in this position now, and let me try this for you?”
Donald is astounded. He had thought for her to go that far would be weeks, months down the road. He does not understand. Emma, now learning so many pleasures for her body, wants to allow him to feel the same thing in return. So, she is willing to do this for him so quickly.
She rolls on her side, and he does move and squat on the bed beside her.
“Emma, are you sure you want to do this? You do not have to.”
Emma’s response is to move between his legs, spreading them more. Her stockings are rubbing against his inner calves and he feels her spread his cheeks and lower her lips. She first takes time kissing all over each ass cheek, and on his inner thighs. There is something about his cheeks spread, feeling a little breeze along his crack as she kisses him elsewhere that add to the hard-on he already has.
Then she slides her tongue up and down his hanging hard shaft, takes each ball in her mouth and sucks on them, increasing the cum building inside him now. She runs her tongue back and forth over his taint, pressing with her tongue on it. Only then, does she move up over his hole just playing at it for seconds before running up and down his crack.
Finally, her tongue is back on his back hole, pressing against it, sticking her tongue up in him. Wiggling it around, arousing him to such a peak. He didn’t know it was possible. When she stops for a minute, her hands now on his shaft jerking him, he lowers himself to his stomach and tells Emma to go back to how she was positioned earlier.
She quickly does as told, on her knees, butt in the air, wondering why he wants her this way again already. In seconds she knows. He is between her legs, on his knees, and pressing his hard cock up along her slit. Teasing her clit, wetting it well, and then ‘yes, yes, yes,’ he thrusts himself in her as deep as he can.
In this position, she can feel him in her so much. Oh, the first time was wonderful, and in the tub, it was something like this, but this, how now he is fucking her she feels like he is slamming against the back door of her vagina. She screams out loud in sheer elation. She presses her ass up closer to his stomach to feel it in her deeper and deeper.
And then her throbbing reaches full force, and Donald feels her walls clenching and holding him her prisoner. Her grip on him holds him fast for several seconds before she relaxes and lets him thrust into again. Only to be held once more.
Donald has never had sex like this before in his life. Tears fill his eyes at the total abandonment he feels being held by her so tight. It really isn’t that long until her clutching him like this makes him cum. At the same time as she lets out a final scream.
Emma feels his wad of cum streaming up in her so forcefully, and this makes her throb and cum for the second time in seconds. She collapses on the bed, and Donald falls on her back. His now softening cock is still inside her, and he feels her uncontrolled clenching over and over, milking the final drops out of him. They just sigh deeply. He kisses the back of her neck, which he now notices the loveliness of. When they calm, he pulls himself out of her, rolls on his side, and has her roll over with her back to him.
He suddenly wants to make his mark on her, staking his claim that she is his. He leans back to where he has been kissing the center back of her neck and begins sucking her there. He goes on stronger and stronger this way as she feels different sensations running through her as he does. She is not sure what he is doing to her, but for the most part, it feels appealing.
He finally lifts his lips away and smiles as he sees he has left his mark on her. The hickey that he has given her is almost, but not really, heart-shaped. Yes, now he has branded her as his.
He sits up and reaches in the drawer by the bed. Emma worries she has done something wrong as that is where he placed the paddle earlier. But instead, he has her sit up and removed her necklace. Holding it in her lips, feeling the eight pearls bump her lips, she feels first one, then a second being dropped down the chain. Ten pearls now! Tears come to Emma’s eyes at the overwhelming bliss that is running through her.
She turns and kisses Donald. He returns her kiss gently. Then he kneels on the floor between her legs, and slowly takes her shoes, and then stockings off. Finally, he removes her garter. He tells her to go and clean herself up for bed. She smiles and hurries to the bathroom.
She does not dawdle long there. Seeing her smeared makeup now, she cleans her face, brushes her teeth, and pees. Then with a wet cloth, wipes between her legs capturing the last of both their cum which is spilling out of her. Finally, she stands before the mirror for a moment and admires her necklace being filled now. Then curiosity gets the better of her and she lifts up the makeup mirror and turns to see the back of her neck.
She sees the bruise Donald has raised on the back of her neck and smiles happily. Donald has left a remembrance for her.
When she returns to the bedroom she sees that all of their clothes have been removed, and again clean sheets, a royal blue now, are on the bed. She smiles, thinking about what they both had worn tonight. But the smile turns to a frown as she does not see Donald in the room. Is he gone for the night?
She walks over to the bed and sits on its side wondering what she should do now. But then Donald walks back in the room, still so beautifully naked. Emma will never get tired of seeing him this way. He comes over to the bed and tells her to crawl in so he can tuck her in.
“Sir, could you stay with me tonight? I would so like to feel your body next to mine.”
Donald knows he shouldn’t but tells her to move over. He tells her he will stay until she is asleep. He climbs on the bed, pulls the covers over both of them, and turns on his side towards her. She quickly turns and presses her back to his chest. Somehow his prick just finds its way independently to lay against her slit.
He kisses her head good night and tells her to go to sleep now. She wiggles to be as close to him as possible, he feels her ass against his stomach, and his hand reaches around her and lays just over her mons, stroking it gently. Before he turns out the lights, he enjoys his mark on the back of her neck one more time.
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E019: Pearl Nine
Posted:Oct 29, 2018 1:54 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 10:9 am

Both Donald and Emma are thinking to themselves as they drive home. He takes one hand from the wheel, and places it on Emma’s thigh, raising her dress a little so he can stroke at her lovely silk stocking covered legs. She just sighs, as she thinks.
‘This has been the perfect day. I have never experienced so much and had such lovely feelings running through me. My Donald has proven most worthy of all my attention. I must adjust everything in my life. All the meetings I attend and the things I do, they all must become secondary to filling Donald’s every need and desire.’
‘Never anything on Friday through Sunday.’ Oh, the added thought of Sasha’s tender touch on her each makes Emma feel fluids drip out of her. ‘Mondays I do have the board meeting in the morning. And if I shift the other committee meeting to early afternoon on Monday, I will be free in the evening.’
‘Donald does teach most the day every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so everything else must be moved to accomplish on Wednesdays. Yes, I can still meet my commitments with a little shuffling and be available to him when he wants me.’
Meanwhile, Donald also thinks as he caresses her thigh.
‘How did this all happen? I can’t believe when I answered that little waif’s rather pathetic email that it could come to this. I could see the underlying desires and yearnings in her messages, but never expected this much flowering. This little cocoon which has been kept in for so many years. Almost forty now bursts forth into this beautiful butterfly which from just tonight I can see will constantly be turning heads.’
‘This sexual essence which has exploded from her gives off such an aura. Yes, I dressed her perfectly for her shape, and the makeup gives her a certain glow. But even though Emma does have a tummy, and thick hips and thighs, tonight no one noticed that. All they saw was a woman with the radiance of sexual arousal, stirring their loins.’
As they continue their drive home, perhaps this would be an appropriate time to address all the clothes and things that Donald bought for Emma. That week of Emma’s punishment did take a toll on him too. And just the glimpse he got of her on his phone and computer filled him with more and more desire.
Donald does have a quirk. He loves to buy women’s things. Mostly he screens through the possibilities of lingerie but also looks at outfits which would be most fitting.
In the past he had no one to buy for, he would fill his cart with all his choices, but never check out. Over time, and being able to do more and more on the computer, he began to make wish lists of things he would buy if he ever found the right woman to do it for.
He loves to stroll through all of the women’s departments and stores. Just feeling the fabrics and imagining them on someone. Seeing and touching the lingerie and dresses gives him ideas for what to look for online. After such shopping sprees, he needs to hurry home to jerk himself off from the excitement. Once it hit him so hard, he had to throw his coat over his lap and jerk in the shopping center’s parking lot.
Online, just looking at things at home is much better. Though he can’t feel and touch the items, he can jerk to happy contentment as he shops.
After seeing how well Emma responded their first time together, how she did as told the next day and took her punishment without question, he knows he has found the person he could fill his cart and checkout for.
And that is how he spent most of the week of punishment. Going through his wish lists, finding items in Emma’s size, and then ordering them. The speedy delivery has so many of them at his house before Friday. And the items he sends to Emma, paying the one-day delivery fee, is well worth her seeing a glimpse of what is ahead for her.
All money well spent. The enjoyment now of seeing her in each outfit will be worth any price. And each day choosing her outfit for the day will bring much pleasure to him. He knows he has to be a bit careful what he dresses her in the days she has meetings and functions. He figures he will let the new Emma emerge slowly in the world she has inhabited for so long. But in time, they too will see the full butterfly she has become.
Yes, it is a rather quiet ride home between them, but it is a content quiet between two people who now are knowing each other so much. A couple of minutes after Donald starts to rub Emma’s thigh, her hand reaches over and strokes his leg as they drive home.
They go into the house, again with his hand stroking her ass as they walk down the hall to her room. There, he pulls her close to him and kisses her. Then he unzips her dress and lets it fall to the floor.
Emma is loosening his tie, pushing his suit jacket off him, unbuttoning his shirt and casting it aside. Donald can feel her animal lust as she gropes and works to unbuckle his belt and trousers. She succeeds, and they drop to the floor. He steps out of them, takes his shoes and socks off, and now is standing before her in only his boxers. His hard cock is pressing to break out of them.
He leads her over to the bed. Emma starts to step out of her shoes, but he tells her to keep them on.
At the bed, he undoes her bra and tosses it aside, then lowers her panties to her ankles where she steps out of them. Yes, the sight before him. Emma now in just the garter, stocking and high heels. This added height of the heels makes her in the perfect positions to kiss her over and over.
He presses her down on the bed, lifts her legs, so the shoes are against her ass cheeks and spread her legs wide. He sees how dripping and glimmering she is. He runs his finger up and down her wet slit as she moans with delight.
Then, he bends between her legs, and for the first time, Emma feels the wonderfulness of lips and tongue on her. She squeals from the pleasure of his first lick over her wet slit.
Donald takes his time, he wants her to fully experience and engulf herself in the pleasure of receiving oral sexual gratification. After licking up and down her soaking slit, enjoying the taste of her fully, sniffing in her scent as he does, he takes one of her outer lips between his lips and sucks it gently at first but soon harder and harder.
Emma is whimpering in bliss feeling this. He moves to her other outer lip and does the same. Never having felt this wonderful treatment before Emma lifts and arches pressing her cunt into Donald’s lips more and more.
Donald moves back just a little, and his breath blows over her open went cunt sending spasms through her body. Emma remembers the rush she felt when Sasha had been waxing and oiling her and she had felt her breath across her slit. But this, now, actually blowing on her, so far surpasses that.
He leans over each side of her and kisses her toes sticking out of her heels, and he runs his hands up and down her silk covered calves and thighs. There is something that enthralls him about a woman in heels and stockings.
He moves slowly up her thigh licking and kissing her until he reaches the top of the stocking and her bare thigh. He breathes heavily taking in her woman scent, enjoying this moment so.
Then his tongue is back on her, sucking her inner lips just as hard, by the time he finishes all lips are rather swollen and red. Only then, when he spreads the lips apart and holds them in his fingers pinching the lips now and then, does his tongue return to her slit. Up and down over and over he goes, pressing into her vag some when there, polishing her clit when he reaches the top.
Before long Emma is screaming out her pleasure, and arches and Donald can feel her throbbing from deep within as she does.
Knowing she has cum from her first licking, Donald sits back on his haunches. “Emma, did you enjoy that?” he asks her.
“Oh, yes, sir. It was a gratifying feeling. A wave ran through my whole body.”
“Well dear, remember how it feels, and what I did to you. One day it will come in handy for you.”
Emma doesn’t quite comprehend what he is saying, but the wave is still running through her. Donald leans and kisses her, and she can taste her juices on his lips and tongue. She moans in ecstasy. The taste of herself on his lips is more decadent than she could have imagined.
He smiles down at her, and thinks, ‘Yes baby you have earned another pearl now, but that will wait. There is one more joy I want to bring you to experience.’
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E018: Pearl Eight
Posted:Oct 29, 2018 1:53 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 10:9 am

Donald can’t believe how far he has brought Emma in just one day. Not even a day. Six new pearls earned in that time. He knows he needs to let her recuperate from her pre-lunch session.
After he places her seventh pearl on her necklace, he helps her stand, lifting her off the butt plug she is sitting on throughout the meal. A small sigh escapes her, but she smiles at him.
“Emma, I think you should nap now for a while. You have accomplished a great deal today so far. So, yes, young lady, a nap for you for at least an hour.”
Donald places his hand on her ass cheek and directs her to her room.
Emma really does not want to nap now, she wants to learn more and more as fast as she can so she can be his desired sex slave. She realizes this is what she is becoming, willing to do whatever he tells her to, and enjoying all of it.
She tries to protest and say she is not tired, which only results in her cheeks being spanked as they walk along the hall to the bedroom.
“You sound whiny when you protest what I tell you to do, which shows you do need a nap, Emma. Now are you going to climb into bed like a good girl, or do you need more attention over my knee?”
Now Emma is relishing every slap to her ass as they walk along, and actually would like to be over his knees again, but she knows she must be good. So, she climbs into bed when Donald pulls back the covers.
He tucks her in and leans and kisses her forehead.
“I won’t tie and mask you today, with the curtains still pulled, when I turn the lights out it will be dark enough for you to sleep. And I know you will for me, won’t you.”
“Yes, Donald,” is all that Emma could reply in a small voice.
The lights out, Emma rolls on her stomach and enjoys the warmth of her just spanked ass. And she imagines being over Donald’s lap again and him spanking her with the paddle. And she begins to drip.
She falls asleep with her arms over her head, to keep herself from touching herself as Donald had this morning. It had felt so good, and now she knows what to do. Yes, he is stirring many new sensations in her these last several hours. Sighing with contentment she dozes off.
And good to his word, once he sees her asleep as he watches from his computer screen, Donald sets the timer on his phone for one hour. When the time is up, he comes and sits at her side on the bed. Just the feel of his near presence stirs Emma from her sleep.
And watching her sleeping and then arising fills Donald’s heart. ‘What is this effect she is having over me?’ he wonders.
Roused now, Emma sits up, smiles at him, and leans and kisses Donald, her arms around his neck. He should stop her, but he is so stirred by her excitement of just seeing him. They do kiss for a bit.
“Emma, I think with all this play today, you need a bath.”
Emma pouted a little. She doesn’t want to be apart from Donald again to take a bath. But that quickly changes to a big smile as he takes her hand and leads her to the bathroom. He has her sit on the wide ledge of the large tub as he fills it with toasty warm water. He climbs in first and leans against the back, then helps her to slide between his spread legs.
“This is wonderful,” is all Emma can think.
As Donald soaps a cloth and begins to wash Emma’s arms he asks her, “So why the pout? Don’t you like to take a bath.”
Emma is embarrassed by why she pouted and replies sweetly, “Oh no, this is a wonderful way to take a bath.”
And she leans against his chest, feeling his hard prick pressing against her crack. Her asshole is still a little sore from what happened before lunch, but it is such a nice, enjoyable sore.
Donald washes her arms, neck, moves to her chest and squeezes each of her boobs and nipples as he washes them. It is a unique cloth he uses. On one side is soft cotton, the other is a sort of mesh which is a bit rough against her. He goes back and forth with which side he uses, scrubbing her with the mesh side until her skin is rosy, then the soft side to gently caress her.
The feel of the mesh over her nipples hurts some but in an arousing way. Then Donald moves down over her stomach and then the mesh is rubbing against her clipped mons. Ooh. Then the softness of the cotton side. She is really soaped up.
He moves down to wash her thighs, calves and then lifts her feet so he can scrub and wash them. Donald is so thorough on each inch of her. He brings the cloth back up and scrubs her inner thighs. Then lifts her legs on each side of him so Emma is spread wide. Oh, the mesh first on her outer lips, then they are spread as he scours her slit, into her vag some, then over and over on her clit.
Emma lets out a low moan.
The rough cloth against her stirs her so, but then the gentleness of the cotton after, she knows there is a lot of her cum on the cloth now as Donald soaps it up again.
He has Emma roll over on her stomach leaning toward the faucet, her legs on each side of his thighs.
He hard cock is now lying in her slit, the glans just brushing the opening of her cunt. Emma sighs harder as he begins cleaning her back, down to her ass cheeks. The roughness all over her cheeks, then thighs is delightful.
Then Donald spreads her cheeks and runs it up and down her crack, over and over. Then around and into her rosebud. She cries out in abandonment. The soft side follows the same pattern making her whine with pleasure.
As he finishes, Emma feels him press further into her. Oh, what a wonderful experience.
Something comes over Donald as he feels himself up in Emma’s tight, wet, pussy. Seeing her lovely ass cheek in front of him, rosy now from being scrubbed, he cannot help himself.
“Emma, I do not think you were truthful about why you pouted. Do you want to tell me the truth now?”
And with that, Donald raises and then brings his hand down and spanks Emma’s lovely ass. She responses with a gasp. A second spank hits the other cheek. These really sting a lot. With her bottom wet, and just roughed up a minute ago, the pain of the spanking is intensified. As more and more spanks are administered to both cheeks back and forth, and then repeatedly on each cheek, Emma begins to really cry.
As Donald continues to spank her, she feels him getting harder and harder inside her. Every spank makes her lift a little, and then back down feeling his cock stroking in her as she does. She begins to clench his prick with the sides of her vagina.
“Emma are you going to start explaining, or do you want the spanking to just go on and on?”
Truth be told, Emma would love this to go on and on and never stop, but she knows she has to answer him.
Between her tears and cries, she chokes out, “I thought you were going to make me take a bath on my own, and I didn’t want to be apart from you again after my nap.”
Donald continues to spank her a bit more until her cheeks are so very rosy. Feeling himself up in her as he is, he knows that they will be in this position again and again in times to come. And knowing that, and Emma’s tight squeezes to his cock, makes him take her by her hips and lifts her up and down on his cock faster and faster.
Emma has been bracing herself on her elbows through the spanking, and how lifts her head and back up a little more so to be able to ride Donald this way. It is not long until they both cry out in unison, Emma’s back arching and Donald exploding inside her.
After coming back down to earth, Donald pulls her back up on his lap. Drains the tub some, and fills it again with hot water. He wets Emma’s hair with the shower head, and as she leans against him he shampoos her hair. Feeling his fingers massage her scalp is marvelous. He keeps this up for a while as he talks to her. Her sore, warm ass rubs against his thigh as he does.
“Emma, I am very pleased with your waxing and clipping. Even your nails are perfect. I have set up a weekly appointment for you with Sasha each Friday, so you will be flawless each weekend for me. It will be at one p.m. each week, and after you are finished you will come directly here.”
Emma looks up at him searching his face. ‘Does he mean we will only be together on the weekends?’
She timidly asks him about this.
Donald hugs her before going back to the shampooing and tells her, “No, we will see each other during the week too, this will just be so our full weekends together will be ideal. While you were sleeping I put a special app on your phone. It will allow you to open and pull into the garage. The door there will lead right to this room.”
“I will always tell you when you are to be here, and you are not to arrive more than ten minutes before the time. I will also tell you if you should be waiting for me in position in the living room, or to be in your room waiting on the bed for me. At times there will be other instructions too. But I know you will follow them completely and correctly. And the final thing, you are never to explore this house at all. You will learn about other places as time goes on, but you will only be allowed in them when told. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Donald. I will enter from the garage and come to my room or the living room only and nowhere else when I arrive.”
Emma is filled with glee at the thought that she will first, be seeing him so much, and second, that he is allowing her access to his house.
Donald brings the shower head up over her and begins to rinse her hair. When done with that, still holding the shower head, he takes soap in his other hand and washes between Emma’s legs once more. Then with the shower head on high, he brings it between her legs to rinse her pussy slit.
“You did get a bit messy with everything before,” he tells her.
The powerful pulse of the sprayer is arousing her again. Donald spreads her lips wide and directs it right on her clit until she cries out in pleasure. All Emma can think is, ‘Please, let this just be the first of many baths we have together.’
Donald quickly washes, then gets out of the tub. He throws a towel around his waist and helps Emma from the tub. He wraps her in a big towel and begins to dry her all over. Emma is just contently sighing. This is all too magnificent. Yes, that week of punishment was horrible, she will never do anything to have that happen again. But now, all that Donald is alluding to in the future. Yes, it is even more than she could have asked for or even dreamed of.
The marvels of the feelings which have come over her with each pearl earned, she wants to experience over and over.
Donald pulls a seat from under the large sink counter and has Emma come and stand between his legs. He picks up a bottle of lotion and begins to rub some all over her body. Her arms, her back, her still pink ass, down her legs, up her thighs, and over her stomach and breasts. His wonderful caresses doing this is making her head spin. Finally, he lifts her on the counter and takes one foot at a time and massages lotion into them.
He then sits her on the seat and standing by her begins to blow dry and style her hair. Her hair is not that long, and he seems to know just how to hold the brush and allow the warm air to dry it. Emma feels herself getting wet as he does this. ‘How can such simple things turn so erotic for her when Donald is doing them to her?’
When he finishes, he sits on the counter, his towel dropping to the floor. He brings a makeup mirror close to the counter edge and pushes the makeup forward. “I want to watch you put your makeup on Emma,” Donald tells her.
Now, Emma really is not that skillful at putting on makeup. She manages mascara, a little eyeshadow over the lids, some blush and a little lipstick. What is before her now is much more. She hesitates a little and then begins with the mascara. She does okay, but there is some smeared under her eyes. She looks around searching. ‘Does she open the drawers to see if she can find something?’
Donald looks at her quizzically and asks what she is looking for.
Emma shyly replies, “Some cotton swabs to clean what I messed up.”
Donald chuckles, and opens a top drawer and brings the box out. “Emma, everything in this bathroom, and as you will soon see in your bedroom, you can look at all you want. And you need to tell me if you need something I have left out.”
Emma smiles at him, and then sticks a cotton swab into her mouth to wet it, then rubs the smear away. She picks up the eyebrow powder, and though she seldom has used any, she likes the look it adds to her eyebrows. Now the eyeshadow. As said, she only uses one shade on her lids. She never quite understood how to do the full eye look. She runs the swab over the lid color, there are four different shades of brown in the tray and each is marked where to apply.
After she gets the lid shade on she looks at Donald and confesses she is not sure how to proceed.
Donald smiles at her and moves off the counter, takes the palette in his hand, and has her watch as he expertly applies the crease, upper and tip color which really does make her brown eyes shine. It looks so much more exotic than anything she has ever worn.
She grins at her new appearance and then applies the deeper blush and darker lipstick. She looks so different, while still the same. The look does give off a sexual facade. Her parents, if they could see her now, or knew all that she has done today, would be rolling in their graves.
There she sits, makeup on, but naked in front of the man of her dreams who is also naked, and a little hard again. She leans forward and takes Donald’s cock in her hand and jerks it as she lowers her lips to his glans. She sucks a little on it while jerking him and caressing his balls. He moans with satisfaction.
His student is learning so well, and already making sure he is pleasured all the time. His pride in her goes up and up.
He lifts her up, and as he looks down he sees slight traces of her lipstick on his glans. So exciting. He leads her back into her bedroom and has her stand by the dresser.
The dresser has six drawers, three on each side. As Emma watches, Donald begins to open each drawer starting with the top left one. Emma gasps as she sees it is filled with silk panties of every color and type. There has to be over twenty-five pairs there. And all so lovely, and she can tell they are brand new.
Donald takes out a pair of royal blue bikini type and lays it on top of the dresser. He opens the drawer beneath it. It is filled with as many bras, all seeming to match the panties. Emma feels herself start to drip as Donald removes a very low cut royal blue bra from the drawer and places in next to the panties.
The next drawer is divided, on one side are numerous garter belts in many colors, and the other side holds stocking of assorted colors and types. Thigh highs, fishnet, pantie hose, which as she leans and looks closer she sees the pantie hose are all crotchless, and actually opened in the back some too. There are even some lace trimmed ankle socks.
Donald removes a blue garter and nude color thigh highs. She has never worn anything like this before. As she looks in the mirror above the dresser and sees herself standing here naked with the new makeup she just trembles with anticipation.
The opposite lowest drawer has some corsets, chemises and bustiers. All things she has never worn but looks so interesting. Donald does not take anything from that drawer, telling her they will be things she will wear down the road.
The next drawer up has all sorts of flimsy negligees, which Donald and just smiles telling her sometimes he will want her to wear something special for him when they are alone. ‘Or other times,’ he thinks to himself but does not say. Emma is not ready to understand that part yet.
Emma is beginning to become overwhelmed with how much money he has spent for all this. She knows he is a best-selling author besides everything else, but so much, just for her? She feels tingles going up and down her spine realizing he must be planning something long term with her.
The top right drawer is all that is left, and Emma remembers one thing that was placed there on her first visit. And yes, when Donald opens that drawer it is filled with sex toys. Some she recognized others she pondered what and how they would be used. She saw the lovely vibrator she had felt on her the first time. And there are plugs of varied sizes, but the rest, she will wait until Donald uses them to teach her more.
He leads her to the large clothes closet and opens it. There are again over twenty dresses, all beautiful and very sexy hanging there. Some other outfits which seemed different and she wondered about, but again time will tell.
And shoes, so many different shades, and styles, but all very high spiky heels. She is glad she is learning to walk better in them.
Donald takes a royal blue dress which is really low in front and has a scooped back from the racks and a pair of matching high heels with open toes. He carries them back into the room and lays them on the bed. He gets the undies from the dresser and comes and stands by Emma.
Now, this is something that Donald does desire to do. To dress Emma. To make her look just as he wants her to. It adds to his control over her. To be the one who tells her what to wear, and put it on her.
He starts. He places the skimpy panties near her feet and has her step into them. Then slowly, so he can caress her up her calves and thighs as he raises them, he pulls them up her. He hears her shudder as he does, and with his hand at the back, he caresses her wonderful cheeks which are still just a light shade of pink from her spanking in the tub. He can feel the smallest bit of warmth still on them. And her guttural moan as he rubs them tells him she is loving this too.
He moves his hands around, and his fingers rub up and down her very wet slit. “Oh Emma, you are so always ready for me, aren’t you? But, we must dress to go out for dinner.”
Emma just moans and sees he is still hard from when she put her makeup on. “Sir, should I relieve you so you are alright to go out?” she asks hesitantly.
“Yes, Emma, perhaps you should finish what you started in the bathroom.”
Emma kneels down in front of Donald and takes his cock back into her mouth. She only spends a minute or so on his glans and slit before she presses down and takes as much of him as she can in her mouth. She really does not want to gag and ruin her makeup now, but she does so want to please Donald.
Donald can sense this, and he keeps her from fully taking him into her mouth and throat. Rather he presses in and out of her enjoying the sweet wetness of her mouth. He reaches for her hand, taking it from his balls, and guides her once more to his taint. She presses against it over and over. Then he guides her hand back farther, to his back hole, and she understands immediately.
Emma removes her hand for just a second to rub in up and down her soaking slit to lubricate her fingers. Then she is back with that wetness circling and then pressing into his hole. The whole time keeping up with her sucking on his cock.
Donald is beside himself. Is Emma really becoming his sweet, beautiful, wonderful slut? He acknowledges her flaws which he has seen from the start, but for these last twenty-four hours, she has so transformed and become something delicate and breathtaking to him.
She sucks him so well, and the feeling now of her fingers up his ass brings him quickly to a climax. It had been building so long, the release as he spurts into her mouth feels so good. And realizing how many times he has come in this brief time. ‘Can it be six times since she arrived yesterday?’
Emma laps it all up and as she removes her finger from his ass licks and cleans his cock so nicely. Donald helps her to stand, he kisses her deeply. She swoons at this attention. He tells her perhaps she should go and fix her lipstick some before they continue.
As she goes to do so, he looks down at his now flaccid dick and loves the traces of her lipstick all over it.
Emma composes herself in the bathroom. Washes her hands, brushes her teeth, and then applies more lipstick. She smiles a Cheshire cat grin into the mirror before she returns to the bedroom. Oh, she is soo happy with her life right now.
Donald is waiting for her, himself more composed now, holding the bra for her. She goes and stands close to him so he can bring it up her arms, reach behind her and snap it closed. Then she feels his hands on her breasts, positioning them so they are correctly in the bra, giving her wonderful cleavage to look at.
He next puts the garter belt on her and reaches up into her panties to bring the straps down inside them. He pulls a little so the belt is just around her waist, and the panties below them, but the straps are hanging out. Yes, she is situated to have her panties off but stocking still on.
Donald has Emma sit on the bed as he kneels in front of her and takes the first stocking and rolls it down to bring it over her feet. The thrill of feeling him raise the stocking up over her ankle, her calf, her knee, her thigh, and up to clip the strap to it, has both of them breathing so heavily.
And to experience it a second time for the other leg. They both are almost panting from this. Donald runs his hands up and down her legs over the silk stocking and tremors run through Emma, and him, as he does.
He helps Emma stand and just runs his hands up and down her sides as he enjoys how sexual she is now in this lingerie. So different from hardly a week ago with her so unappealing bra and panties. ‘How has she come so far so fast?’ He knows she has to have had these inner desires in her, so repressed for too many years. To see her blossom so quickly and fully, he worries that he must keep his new flower alive and not burn her out.
Donald helps her first into the shoes at her feet. Her height raises so she is now only about three inches shorter than him and makes her lips so close to his. He can’t help himself. He leans and kisses her over and over. All that she has done so far deserves some compensation he tells himself.
He pulls apart from her now and sees that again her lipstick is somewhat smeared, but it looks so enchanting to him. He lifts the dress up over her and slides it down over her hips and thighs. It is so low in the front, the first time really showing Emma’s cleavage. And the back dips down to just above her bra. The nap of her neck is so open and appealing with the beginnings of her strand of pearls.
He huskily tells her that perhaps one more refreshing of her lipstick is needed, and that then she should sit on the couch and begin to read the book he has left there for her while he dresses. She quickly fixes her lipstick, thinking, ‘My how much Donald has taught me over in such a fleeting time.’ She then hurries to the couch to see what he has left for her to read.
It is a book by Anais Nin, Delta of Venus. She opens it to the first chapter and quickly realizes that this is like nothing she has ever read before. She is engulfed as she reads the first couple of chapters while waiting. She feels herself dripping in her new panties. She begins to get more ideas about what is possible sexually. If all of today has not opened her eyes wide, this makes sure she does not want to close them for a long time.
She makes it through the third chapter, finishing as Donald walks into the room. She lusts for him so much as she sees him standing before her in a gray suit, white shirt, and a royal blue tie which matches her dress.
He pulls him up to her, the book dropping on the couch, and kisses her so long and deep she is amazed that she can still stand. Her legs are like jelly.
He pulls away from her, pretending that the kiss did not just happen. And she knows, deep inside, she has made an impact on him. Not that he is ready to acknowledge it, but yes, she has. She smiles inwardly to not give her new found knowledge away.
Donald places his hand around her waist and guides her out the bedroom door, down the hall and to the door to the garage. Now she knows the path she is to follow.
In the four-car garage, he helps her into a Jaguar, even reaching over and clipping her seatbelt on her. It is a beautiful car, British Racing Green with dark tan leather interior. She looks as she sees that he also has a Jeep of the original vintage with a removable top in yellow which she can tell has the ability to go off-road. And ‘Oh my,’ an original Volkswagen Van from the sixties or seventies. Both of these look like in mint condition. All are so intriguing to see. Especially seeing the space where her car should pull in to park in the future.
She sees all this quickly as Donald walks around and gets in the driver’s seat. He opens the garage door and backs up and out on the street. Emma, as the realization hits her is again in seventh heaven. ‘Donald is taking her out, in public, is this like their first real date?’ If she thinks of it as such, she realizes that it is her first date ever really.
That is if you forget that unfortunate disaster of going to the movie with that boy her first year in high school. He tried to hold her hand, but his fingers were so greasy from the popcorn she pulled away. As soon as the movie ended, he more or less dumped her at the entrance of the theater. The seven blocks she had to walk back home resolved her to not try that any time soon again.
Now over twenty years later, she is throbbing at the thought that Donald is taking her out.
He drives them to a very elite and expensive restaurant. Up to the valet service. He comes around and helps her out of the car. She does look so tempting and delightful that he is not surprised at the stares she gets as they enter the restaurant and are led to their table. And the best part, Emma is so engaged with being here with him, she does not realize the appreciative stares she is getting from men as she walks by, and a few women also.
As they are seated, Donald immediately orders drinks for them, tells the waiter Emma does not need a menu and starts to look over his. Emma understands fully, she is under his charge. He will order everything for her, and she will need to eat it regardless of what it is. She quivers at this realization. But then she feels Donald’s leg rubbing against her inner thigh as they are close across from each other at the table and she just knows everything will be fine.
The waiter returns with their drinks and Donald orders for the both of them. First an appetizer then salad for each, the main course, and a bottle of wine to complete their meal. He winks at her and she knows it means she can take the first sip of her drink.
Donald leans towards her over the table and tells her, “Emma, when the salad arrives, not before, I want you to slide your foot out of your shoe and lift it to my crotch and caress me with your toes and sole while we eat our dinner.”
Emma’s mouth is again an “O” as she understands what he wants, and she wants to comply immediately. But he has told her when, so she must wait. Ooh, this is part of the torture he brings her to so easily. Now, knowing what is possible, and wanting it now, making her wait, twitching, for when it is allowed.
The appetizer is excruciating, though Donald does lift forkfuls of the oysters to her lips to swallow. Finally, the salad arrives, her foot has been out of her shoe since Donald first told her what he wanted. Her leg has been twitching since, wanting to lift it to where he wants. Finally, she can. She presses her toes and sole against his covered prick again and again.
She is throbbing herself inside.
“Slowly Emma, we have a whole meal to get through,” Donald says as he lowers one hand under the table to caress her silk covered foot and ankles.
Feeling this, Emma is frozen, she just sits here sighing. Donald tells her to relax and start eating her salad, as he does his, as he continues to rub his hands over her foot and press it into his cock more and more.
Donald does not want to cum now, leave a stain on his pants, but Emma’s touch even this way is so intoxicating. He moves her foot to his thigh and continues to massage it as they finish their salads.
Their main course comes, and though identical, Emma sees that it is all her favorite indulgences. Something she would never order for herself, but loves so much. She just gleams at Donald as they take their first bites and he continues to massage her foot.
Halfway through the meal, he tells her to switch feet. She does as directed and her left foot now, out of her shoe, is laying at his crotch. She feels his hand caress it, and she so wants to give him pleasure too. But she realizes what that would mean out in public.
Instead, she just sighs at his administrations to her foot. Little gasps escape her as she eats as he presses into such wonderfully responsive places. She feels her legs almost melting at this touch. How she manages to finish her dinner through this all amazes her.
Now on Donald’s side, he does have to stop her feet pressure, though it is so enjoyable, and will need to play this out fully at home soon. But he cannot cum when out in public. Well, yes could, but not when it leaves a wet stain on his pants. So, he raises her foot off him and begins the under the table treatment to her feet and ankles. The response from Emma so entrails him. Her gasps and moans as she eats make him know he is still keeping her in the highly aroused state she has been in since last night.
‘Was it only last night this has all really started? Have we come this far in only so few hours?’ All of this is getting beyond Donald’s comprehension. Somehow Emma raises the bar so high.
Never, in all his experiments to help women reach their full potential before sending them down the road, has he ever seen someone like Emma. How much she has taken today, learning so fast, and almost demanding to be taken to the next level immediately.
He has never used the pearl rewards with anyone else. Well, one, back when he was just out of grad school and starting to pursue this line of sexual reasoning. But while that girl, well woman, seemed to want and need it, after only three pearls she shied away. It was disappointing, but with his research over the years along with his special colleagues, they have advanced their studies so much.
‘Does he want Emma to be a part of that study? Or is she his precious gem to enjoy for himself?’
All of this just cascades through his mind as they eat. She is his raw gem in front of him. Tonight, she looks so enticing. And yes, Donald sees the stares at her from around the restaurant. All lusting for Emma, but it is so satisfying to know she is his.
Dinner and the bottle of wine finished, Donald helps Emma rise, and with his hand on her ass cheek, and seeing the forlorn looks on the faces of all that have been gawking at her, he leads her out of the restaurant.
As he settles her in the car, and climbs in himself, after pulling away from the restaurant entrance enough, he stops, leans over and unclasps Emma’s necklace. The sigh from her in anticipation of what this might mean is heavy in the air.
“Emma, for everything this afternoon and evening, and understanding foot play for me, yes, another pearl.”
Emma has to maintain her self-control as Donald once again places the chain against her lips and the eighth pearl drops into the necklace.
The drive back to the house is rather quiet as both contemplate what has happened today, and where they are in all this.

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E017: Pearl Seven
Posted:Oct 29, 2018 1:50 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 10:9 am

Donald has Emma stand before him, between his legs now. His fingers run back and forth over her soft, closely clipped mons. It feels so nice. Then he runs his hands up and down her thighs, first the outside down from her hips, then up over the front, then down the back of them. Finally, up her inner thighs to almost her crotch, but not quite. Both hands moving in unison.
He makes his touch light. Emma sighs deeply over his touch. As he continues this caressing dance over her thighs a few more times, he presses his face close to her. His nose rubs back and forth over her mons. Taking in the heady scent of her juices that are so glimmering on her slit.
He stops now, and stands before her, lifting her arms over her head. He leans to her right armpit, which is waxed so clean and sniffs there, and then runs his tongue up and down the smooth surface. And then the same with the left side.
Emma’s scent is so intoxicating for him.
He moves his fingers to her vag and hooks them in her. And it is this way that he turns and leads her to his large kitchen and the table sitting in front of a large bay window. Emma hesitates a little as she sees that the window looks out at the front of the house. She is nude. Can people see her?
Donald feels her hesitation and just pulls her to stand by one of the chairs so she is facing out to the street. Donald chuckles soundlessly to himself. Yes, let Emma worry that people going by can see her. The truth is the windows are tinted on the outside so no one can see in, but for Emma to ponder that she is on full display will be good for her.
Especially for what he has planned for her next. Yes, there will be something more as they wait for lunch to heat.
He leaves her standing this way as he goes and puts something in the oven. Emma, after being placed at the table, immediately raises her hand to the back of her neck and spreads her legs apart. It is like she is willing to be on display, if that is what Donald wants from her. And he is naked right now too, she thinks, so he will be on display too.
She hears him move around fixing things, taking things from the refrigerator and cupboards. She dares not turn to watch.
Donald finishes getting things started for the meal, but Emma needs some attention while it heats. He puts on latex gloves and picks up a bottle of lubricant and comes and stand beside her.
“Emma, we have about forty-five minutes while our lunch heats up. I think we should use this time for you to start to prepare yourself, and get used to something else. Bend at your waist over the table. You can grip onto the far side. You will probably need to. Now spread your legs a bit more apart. That is good.”
Emma feels Donald’s latex fingers spread her thighs and gasps a little from the soft feel of them. Bent over, legs spread wide, she feels the gloved fingers of his one hand spread her ass cheeks apart. And then the cool, wetness, of the lubricant being dripped up and down her crack.
She tenses a little as she realizes what is going to happen. She is unsure about this. But if Donald feels that this is what she must learn next, she will comply.
She feels him run his fingers up and down her crack, rubbing the lube into her. Then his fingers now covered well with the lube, begin to circle her anus. Ringing around it again and again, then starting with his index finger to press against her, and begin to enter her there. She let out a moan, not really of contentment right now.
“Shh, baby. Be a good girl for me. Make me proud of you. You can do this.”
Those sweet-sounding words from Donald do so much to Emma. She presses herself back into his finger and feels it enter about an inch. It hurts some as he is right at her sphincter now, he just holds himself there and tells her to relax some.
She breathes deeply a couple of times, and he feels her unclench him and he presses in further. His finger is almost all the way in, and he wiggles it some so she can feel it. Now her sighs and moans take on those of when she is receiving something pleasurable.
She almost is disappointed when she feels Donald remove his finger, but a moment later, after applying some more lube, she feels two of his fingers, his middle and ring finger press up into her. And now they dance back and forth, she feels herself being stretched a little.
She really should be hating all of this, but it does feel so good. And then Donald does something that makes things move to an even higher level.
He takes his other hand and stick three fingers up her vag and begins to twist and turn them there. Then pressing them and the fingers up her back hole together and apart. And if that is not enough which starts her howling, gripping the table hard to hold on, he takes his thumb and begins rubbing her clit.
This is more than she can take. She screams out as she cums. This is so wonderful. Her breasts and stomach press against the highly sheened maple table, holding on to the other side, stretching her body to be able to grab on.
Her cunt and ass are thrust in and out of while her clit is polished and hardened by Donald’s hands. He is standing so close to her as he does this that she can feel his hard cock against her thigh. She gives way and cums a second time in minutes of the first.
She is panting hard, she is gleaming with perspiration flowing from her from the exertion. Donald sees how on edge she is and knows a third climax is close at hand, so he continues to thrust his fingers in and out of her, each time trying to press further up into her.
Emma’s final scream fills the room. Her body is shaking so hard, and both her ass and cunt are clutching at his fingers and her back arches up, and she pushes back hard into his fingers. She stays that way for almost a minute until she collapses on the table.
Donald slowly removes his fingers from her. He removes the gloves, and brings a towel and wipes her back, patting it, telling her what an excellent job she did. Coming to herself again, Emma looks out and sees people standing chatting in front of the house.
‘Good Lord, had they seen all of this?’ Emma drops her head into her arms and begins to sob. Donald, not comprehending what is wrong rubs her back as he asks her to tell him what is wrong. Has he pushed to too far, too fast? He is truly concerned.
Emma manages to raise herself for the table, points out the window and falls into his arms sobbing. She just mumbles over and over she is sorry, but if they saw her that way, in that moment and type of passion, "oh, oh."
Donald wraps her in his arms kissing and stroking her head and tells her not to worry. “They can’t see in the window at all, honey. It is tinted. Do you think I would walk around naked here if anyone could see in?”
She is still sobbing, but calms as he comforts her. Finally, she recovers and pulls a little away from him and gives him a small smile.
“Sir, I am sorry I overreacted so. It was just I was in such a state and then seeing them there, I was overwhelmed. Punish me how you see fit.” She hangs her head in shame.
Donald lifts her chin and kisses her nose. That simple act sends electric currents through her already primed body.
“Emma, do not worry, that is not a punishable offense. It is understandable when you become besieged with feelings after you have just cum so hard and so much in such a fleeting time. Now stand here and compose yourself while I get our food.”
He brings plates of quiche and salad to the table along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Then he pulls out Emma’s chair for her, and she sees something attached to the seat. She stares at Donald, somewhat understanding what it is, but somewhat confused.
“Emma, you have done so well with the finger play, I think it is time for you to start to experience plugs also. I will help you sit on it, and you will feel it up in you as we eat. It will help you to get used to such play more and more.”
Wide-eyed, Emma just nods her acceptance of this.
Donald puts some lube on the tube and rubs more on her hole. He more or less lifts her and presses her down on the butt plug that is suctioned to the chair. It is larger than his two fingers, but he takes it slow to get her situated on it properly. It presses all the way up in her, her bare ass cheeks on the smooth surface of the chair. Donald pushes her chair into the table.
“This is how you will eat all of your meals at this table, Emma. I want you to practice being able to handle larger ones in time. It is all very important for you. Now eat your lunch like a good girl.”
Emma lifts her fork and begins to eat, but part of her misses how he had fed her breakfast this morning. She squirms a little as the plug presses up in her, but when Donald tells her if she squirms too much she would be punished for that, so she relaxes and just sits properly through the meal.
When the meal finishes and Donald drinks the last sip of his wine, he once more undoes Emma’s necklace, and the now customary ceremony of her holding the end in her mouth as on more pearl is added to the collar, before being put back on her. Her seventh pearl earned in less than twenty hours.
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E016: Pearl Six
Posted:Oct 29, 2018 1:46 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 10:9 am

Donald knows they should stop now, get some lunch, let Emma compose herself some. But her licking up his sperm has started to harden him again, and she is so ripe and ready for the next. This once she learns will take her to the next level.
Then after lunch, he will allow her to be pleasured again herself.
Still sitting on the couch, he with his legs spread, her beside him facing his side cross-legged, he leans and kisses her again.
“Emma do you think you can continue with another lesson? Then we will get something to eat.”
Emma just nods her head in return. Everything that has happened to her since she entered his door eighteen hours ago is mind-blowing to her. She is loving all of it and doesn’t care about food, or anything else. Just how she can pleasure her Donald and the feel of his touch on her.
Every time he kisses her shivers run up and down her spine. Every touch makes her tingle all over. No, she does not want to stop. Teach her more.
Because each new pearl makes her throb and tremble, and cum just a bit.
And so, Donald looks deep into her eyes, trying to fathom what she is feeling, and what she knows. And what she is ready to do, how far dare he take her?
“Emma, do you know anything about oral sex?”
Emma blushes deeply. She had heard whispers about it and had read a couple of bodice rippers novels which had a more current theme where it was alluded to. But she really isn’t sure how to do it.
“Just a little Sir, I am not sure if I know how to do it,” she whispers back to Donald.
Her pink cheeks and shyness endear her to him. This will be interesting. He must take it slow with her so she does not bolt like a young unsure horse.
“Emma, I will guide you, and we will take it very slow so you can learn. This is one of the main things I will be wanting you to do to pleasure me. In time it will become a natural thing to you, and you will know when your mouth should be holding my cock.”
With that, Donald kisses her once, and then places his hand on the back of her head, and guides her down to his only starting to harden penis. He holds it and guides the glans into her mouth.
“Now Emma just suck on the glans and then run your tongue back and forth across the slit. I am not hard at all really now, so you will be able to take more of me in as you bring me to a nice state of erection.”
Just hearing him explain things so matter-of-factly helps Emma begin. The head, the glans as Donald calls it, does slip so easily into her mouth. She does as instructed and runs her tongue back and forth over the slit in between sucking on it. Donald takes her hand and places it back on the base of the shaft which he guides her to stroke up and down on like she had earlier.
It amazes her how quickly he grows in size.
Part of her is enjoying exploring this new terrain, but most of her is so nervous that she is doing everything right. Donald’s occasional muttering of “good girl” builds her confidence enough to take more of his shaft into her mouth. Sucking hard, she feels him grow more as he moans with pleasure.
When Donald gets a little too large for her to keep in her mouth right now, she pulls out and begins to lick up and down his shaft with her tongue, then nipple a little all around his prick. Then being so bold, she lowers and takes first one, then both balls into her mouth to suck on.
She does not know what is coming over her, but she wants all of his member in her mouth. Donald says this was to be one of the main ways she will pleasure him and she is trying her hardest. Donald hand patting the back of her head eggs her on.
After fully taking both balls in her mouth together, which does take a bit of an effort, and sucking on them over and over, feeling them enlarge as the cum begins to fill them, she moves back to his cock. The head back in her mouth, now tasting a little of the precum again. She licks, pressing into his slit to grab all the first juices.
Donald moans with pleasure feeling the tip of her tongue up in him even if just a little. Then she presses her mouth down. Down. Trying to take all of him in that she can. She is less than an inch away from his base when she does start to gag a little. She situates herself so she is more laying on her stomach taking him all in, rather than bending over at her waist.
This helps some as she sucks and sucks at him as he leans back against the back of the couch and just moans with indulgence. She is trying so to take him fully into to her mouth, and now realizes it is pressing down her throat also.
Tears are in her eyes, and each time she gags and has to come up for air, real tears fill her eyes as she feels she is not performing well enough.
Little does Emma know that Donald is at a loss for words at how well, with so little instruction, Emma is doing. He is having a challenging time holding back before coming once more. ‘How Emma can so arouse him and bring him to a peak without it seems really knowing what she is doing?’
She is a true unpolished gem. And she is his, he knows. It will be for him to polish her, make her jewel glow to be admired and desired by all.
Originally, before that first night with her, seeing her in person for the first time, he had thought she would just be one more experiment, prep her quickly then send her out the be shared with others, then just left to her own devices.
But no, she has gotten under his skin. He wants her for himself. Yes, he will have to share her some so she learns her true role and calling, but she will be his, his alone.
All this runs through his mind as she takes more and more of him into her mouth, he is now pressing up into her throat, and she tries so hard not to let go and choke a little more. And in the end, she accomplishes her aim as she feels his sperm gushing up and down her throat. She feels his cock throb against her mouth, as it all streams in, down her throat. She pulls up and away a little to be able to enjoy the last burst of cum on her tongue, in her mouth.
As she savors that on her tongue, she lifts her head from his spent cock and leans to him and kisses him so he too can taste his delicious sperm.
Donald is surprised by her instinct to share this way and responds by kissing her fully and deeply. He is lost now in her charms and wiles. Thank goodness she does not know she has taken him this far, this fast. The days of waiting did so much to him too.
He pulls away, and again she experiences getting her sixth pearl. She can tell it is only the very beginning, but to earn so many in such a short amount of time makes her giddy.
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E015: Pearl Five
Posted:Oct 27, 2018 9:24 am
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 7:44 pm

Donald realizes that Emma does have so much to learn. She is quick to comprehend, but she is so naïve in almost every way. She does not reach out her fingers to explore really. She is repressed so underneath. But he does see her trying so hard to break out of her cocoon, but only when she is given permission to.
She is ideal for him, and how she shines and shimmers with each new thing she is learning. She will be his completely and unconditionally soon if she is not already.
Donald does not realize yet that Emma has given herself and soul over to him already. She is his, however, she must be.
She has calmed herself on his lap now. He kisses her softly on her lips and tells her to move to sit beside him now. Emma does as she is told.
As they sit on the couch next to each other, naked, their thighs touching, Donald takes Emma’s hand and for the first time ever for her, he presses her hand against his firm cock.
Her palm is against the back of his shaft and he guides her fingers to grasp it. They both let out a low sigh as for the very first time she grips his, or for that matter any, cock. Emma feels how hard it is as Donald begins to guide her hand up and down as she starts to jerk him. He takes her other hand and leads it to his balls and helps her to start to caress and squeeze them.
Donald has to hold himself back so much, so not to cum immediately at feeling her touch. But as he closes his eyes and starts doing mathematical equations in his head, he enjoys guiding her hands to give him the attention and pleasure that he needs.
She is soon picking up what to do on her own, and he moves his hands away and just leans back and enjoys the feel of her touch on him. Her fingers have such a soft touch but are gripping him firmly. And the smoothness of her palm as it presses against the back of his shaft, moving up and down, is decadent.
He tries to hide the pleasure he is feeling but moans escape his lips. He opens his eyes just a slit and is more aroused watching Emma. She has this look of concentration on her face as she stares at his cock, as if in wonder. She seems to be trying to measure her strokes so to feel that he is getting full enjoyment.
Emma does feel his cock throbbing in her hand. The blood running through him, his cum swelling in his balls, and now up to his shaft. Whether with the born instinct of how to do it, or catching on from his feel and sounds, she is jerking him so well. Better even than he does himself. And Donald does enough self-pleasure but this sensation of Emma’s thorough touch is overwhelming him.
A bit of precum escapes him. He watches as Emma takes her fingers from his balls, and wipes it up and brings it to her lips. ‘Ooh! Did she just taste his cum? Without being more or less forced to?’
This is beyond anything Donald could imagine happening. And then, her fingers do not go back to his balls, but rather along the short stretch between his balls and his anus. Somehow, she just knew and found where to press against his taint. Over and over as she continues to jerk him.
Has she been studying or is she just this naturally good. She is so naïve about the sexual world, but as soon as she is directed to do something, she just exceeds all expectations.
It is too much for Donald. He has to, he does not want to yet, but he cannot hold back. Yes, a gush of sperm come out of him. Covering his stomach, mons and Emma’s hand.
This is a very special first for Emma. She had felt Donald’s sperm gush into her when he came fucking her last night. But she has never seen sperm shoot forth from a man before. Her eyes are wide open and her mouth a round “O” as she watches it burst from him.
The visuals she is now seeing amaze her. At first, she is not sure what to do, how to respond. Then, the loveliness of what she has just seen waves over her. She just moves her hand and begins to collect the sperm on her fingers and bring it to her mouth. Licking all Donald’s sperm up. And then she lowers her head and licks the last part from his stomach. She hesitates and does not go to his mons.
In reality, she is amazed at what she is doing and suddenly stops, realizing how far she has just gone. Donald realizing her uncertain just runs his fingers through her hair and then rubs the back of her neck before undoing her necklace.
In ecstasy, Emma sits up and stares into Donald’s eyes, and the clasp is slide between her lips, and she feels the fifth pearl added to the string. There are tears of joy in her eyes as Donald places the necklace back around her neck.
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