A co-worker’s wife  

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11/2/2019 7:45 pm
A co-worker’s wife

So I was invited to a party one of my co-workers and for a change I said I’d go. Most of this of co-workers are married, and most are women. This was the first time I would be meeting everyone’s significant other, and to my surprise my one co-worker’s wife was gorgeous. I was surprised because he is not what most would consider attractive. But I digress.

I met his wife and was immediately taken in her. She is tall with raven black hair and a stunning body. She is and welcoming the way she moved just screamed sex. And even more tempting was when she got changed into more comfortable clothes, a pair of pants that was loose but still clung in all the right spaces and a crop top with no bra.

During the course of the evening everyone was getting more drunk and inhibitions were disappearing. I had gone to the kitchen to get more glasses when the wife walked in. She came over to and was reaching up to get some glasses of the cabinet above my head, and in doing so had to press up against . I didn’t think anything of it as it was a small kitchen and there was no place for to move to, but she came down with the glasses she pressed herself up against me, more than necessary, moving down until her pussy was pressed up against my hand. She looked , smiled, and moved her hips,<b> rubbing </font></b>her pissy against my hand two or three times before turning and walking .

I followed her and it was as if nothing had happened. Everyone drank some more, and were singing, dancing, and generally having fun. I had moved to the edge of the party, away from all the drunks, when I felt someone grab my hand. It was the wife, she quickly pulled me around the corner into the hall where no one could see us, and pressed her body up against mine. She kissed me quickly and then pulled away, still holding my hand she moved us toward the bathroom. She locked the door and immediately started kissing me again. I kissed back and let my hands wander down her back, the waist of her pants, and over her ass, getting another pleasant surprise when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I slid the waistband over her ass, her pants falling to the floor. Her own hands unbuckling my belt as she stepped of her pants. She pulled my pants and underwear down, then stepped back as she lifted her top over her head. I have to say that she was even hotter naked than I had ever imagined. Small breasts but firm, her hard nipples negging to be sucked. Her pussy hair was trimmed so only a small patch of jet black hair pointed the way to heaven. As soon as her too was off she dropped to her knees, took my now very hard cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck my cock like a champion, taking all of my cock in her mouth, her tongue flicking and sliding over my shaft, as she fingered her tight cunt. It was fantastic. Time for me to return the favour.

I pulled her up, grabbed her ass and lifted her into the vanity. I spread her legs wide, her pussy already wet and glistening. Knowing that everyone, including her husband, was outside there was no time to play, or draw out the pleasure, we’d have to save that for another time. My tongue went straight into her pussy, flicking up over her clit as my fingers slid in in place of my tongue. Her hands on my head, pressing me against her pussy, I ate her out. Standing I pressed my cock against her waiting pussy and slowly slid it in as deep as it could go. She wrapped her legs around me, keeping me inside her for a moment before I began thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy, hard and fast, her breasts bouncing with each thrust.

I pulled out, lifting her off the vanity so she was standing, I turned her around and bent her over. Her ass in the air, pussy still soaking as well as her tight little asshole, I moved my cock closer,<b> rubbing </font></b>it up over her pussy and resting it against her asshole for a moment. She pushed back a bit, clearly wanting my cock inside her ass bit we’d have to keep that for later when we weren’t in such a rush. I slid my cock back over her pussy and slammed it home. I fucked her hard and fast until I short a load of deep inside her. I slowly slid and we quickly put clothes on again. She kissed one more time before she quietly opened the door a crack to see if anyone was outside. I gave her ass one last squeeze before she quickly went out, followed me.

We went back to the party and acted like nothing had happened. And honestly everyone was so drunk I doubt they even noticed we had gone. I looked her across the room, we smiled each other, I pictured her naked and realised that we had just had an amazing quickie in the bathroom, with a promise of more lengthy, more pleasurable, and more intense fuck sessions in the future...all without saying a single word.

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