A Rare Find  

Luveroticdreamz 60M  
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7/17/2019 11:10 am
A Rare Find

Adrift in the vast space between reality and fantasy, I am amongst the many that seek a connection and remain lost in my search. I have had the pleasure of few women that are genuinely dynamic and awesome lovers. Very few experiences have been extraordinary, most profiles and the pictures posted are not genuine, and many people have other misleading hidden agendas that confuse the simplicity of making a connection.

I make every effort to sway away from being judgmental, and rely mostly on my internal instincts to keep me aligned in perspective. I imagine it can be difficult for others to be forthcoming, and rely on tactics that circumvent truth in transparency. My preferences limit possibilities, there are very few profiles that really captivate my interest on this venue, and the ratio gap of men to women is gross disparity.

Friend, Erotic Lover, Kinky Confidant, Sensual, Spontaneous, Uninhibited Woman seeking to explore her kinks and insatiable desires with me, that has similar interests and desires, and is genuineā€¦A Rare Find.

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