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A word used to describe the act of shitting by a female.
Yo, don't go in there for about fifteen minutes. Some bitch just dropped a nasty doucette in the shitter.

The act of eating out or performing oral sex on a hooker while sitting on the toilet in a gas station bathroom.
So I heard you had some great gas station sushi last night.

Take a woman out into the woods and tie her to a tree stump upside down. Then proceed to pour maple syrup over her naked body while you drive your penis into her resembling a "piledriver". While riding a moose, and occasionally using a milk machine to lactate her breasts. And feed the milk to the moose.

Best if done while wearing nothing but a ski-mask and a bow tie. This act is extremely illegal except if done on the 4th of July while holding a sparkler in your left armpit while you sing the "National Anthem" backwards.
Sam: This 4th of July is gonna be crazy Pam gave me permission to try a Alaskan Pancake Piledriver Upsidedown Milkmachine.

Joe: Nice I am definitely jealous. If it’s not too much to ask bring me back some milk.

Masturbation while wearing a condom.
If you Slap the Ghost, you won't leave a mess.

Similar to "The Shocker", "The Shiv" is a sexual act that involves forming a W with your hand like the Westside Gang sign. The dominant partner gives the more subtle female partner pleasure by inserting the middle and ring fingers into her vaginaand the pinky finger of the same hand into her anus. This leaves the index finger free to manipulate her clitoris leading to maximal stimulation. She is pleasured by the slow/fast thrusting of the hand in and out of the orifices.
She went wild when i gave her The Shiv

The noise that can be, but isn't guaranteed to be generated by the penis and breasts during rough pelvic thrusts by the male and tightly squeezed breasts usually helped by sweat, lube, or spit. Usually no foul smell results from this.
I was titty fucking my girl and we were really going at it and then she titty farted on my dick.

My wife can titty fart on command.

Attempting to lure a suspected homosexual into revealing himself or herself by giving off indications that one might be gay as well. Generally used by homophobes to establish grounds for verbally or physically attacking a homosexual.
Billy got his ass kicked by a five-foot Puerto Rican drag queen. I told him he was going to gay bait the wrong fag one day.

An annoying person who responds to hearing someone else’s experience or problem by immediately telling a similar story about themselves with a much more fantastic (or terrible) outcome.
Person: I got to meet James Hetfield before the concert and I got his autograph.
One Upper: Yeah, well my cousin knows the head of security for Metallica, and he got us front row tickets to the show and then we went backstage and met the whole group. Then they invited us back to their hotel room and we partied with them all night.

Person: I have a dislocated knee.
One Upper: Yeah, well last summer I broke my leg in four places and had to have a steel pin inserted. I also had to have surgery done on my knee to repair the torn ligaments. I was on crutches for almost two months.

When a girl is giving you a blowjob and she manages to fit your penis and balls in her mouth.
"Dude, I went to Catey's last night and she gave me a head and shoulders!"
"She does have an abnormally large mouth."

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    Quoting Tmptrzz:
    Interesting definitions for our Thursday, I hope you have a good one..
Lol Yea you might have a point there. And it's not even noon yet, it could get wild and crazy this afternoon. Happy Thursday to you!

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Interesting definitions for our Thursday, I hope you have a good one..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

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BOO! Yes, I have indeed slapped the ghost on occasions

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