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Posted:Apr 21, 2017 5:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2017 11:22 am
Welcome to THOUGHTS-VENTURES-TUNES-SEX Since I have Standards Members Can Contact me you can message me from my profile page.
This is my blog.

THOUGHTS: Can be topics in everyday life. Stories of my city and community. My Editorial.

VENTURES: My personal adventures and predicaments that I get myself into. Good Or Bad. Wild and Crazy, and Sometimes Funny.. My Society.

TUNES: Profile of Music Lyrics and Artist. Sharing my personal favorites with everyone. My Playlist.

SEX: Profiles of Evil Angel New Releases and their Classics from the Past. I’ve been a big fan of Evil Angel forever. Adult Cartoons, Sexual Fantasy Stories that come into my mind. My Hornyness.


Years ago I worked at a porn shop. I dealt with every kind of kinky sexual perv imaginable in real life face to face. Dealing with those kind of people here is Child’s Play to handling them in real world. The only people that can relate are ones that have work in some type of adult entertainment that deals with the general public. In every sexual preferences male or female young or old, you have one smart ass in the bunch.

Here you can just block and be done with it. It’s like swatting a gnat. Dealing with them in the real world is a whole different experience. When they walk in that door and you don’t know them you never know what to expect. They can end up being one of your best customers or one that finally hits a nerve, and you finally tell them to GET THE FUCK OUT! I didn’t care I was always ready if it got confrontational when someone didn’t know how to behave or pestering other customers.

If you’re worthy of respect you’ll get my undivided attention with that respect. If I don’t see you that way I’m not going to waste my time with you. If I like you I’ll tell you and why either in the reply back or by personal email.

Even though this isn’t a porn shop my blog is my Personal Porn World. I take care of my world the way I please. As long as I’m not breaking any rules set by Find adult friendz I’ll Keep On Truckin’ just like I have been. If I do break a rule they’ll deal with me. I don’t mean any disrespect, I’m just being upfront about everything.

THOUGHTS-VENTURES-TUNES-SEX was a way of life at that porn shop. It’s my way of life for my online enjoyment.

If I debate politics I do in real life with someone. If I make a political posting it will be a read only. Why? We don’t know each other well enough to get into those type of specific issues. We share more common interest in better things than a political debate online. My political postings are more intended for the open general public. Anything else I don’t mind you sharing your opinion. Positive or Negative as long as they’re constructive and friendly. If you’re Cool with that I know I am. My time here is for sharing common interests with other members. Peace and Love, Michael

For quick access to the music playlist that goes
with the TUNES section just copy and paste


to your Youtube search bar
and it will take you right to it.
"MmmmSmacks" is my trademark kiss that I use. .

Posted:Apr 21, 2017 4:44 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2018 2:17 pm
I have also created a music playlist on YouTube that coincides in sequence with the music lyrics postings on THOUGHTS-VENTURES-TUNES-SEX. Just use my username here in the youtube search and you should find my profile pic that I use here. you should know how to do the rest.

"Mr. Music"

I got my iPod, shake my body
You got my going, so naughty naughty
Hey Mr. Music, keep my focused
Keep me moving, like you promised
Take me back to another time
Play that track, come on press rewind

Hey Mr. Music come on rock me
Your so explosive, you really shock me
In my soul, under my skin
When its done, play it over again

I love music (I love it, I love it)
I love music (I love it, I love it)
I love music (I love it, I love it)
I love music (I love it, I love it)

Hey Mr. Music, you get me through it
You play it for me, know how to choose it
You make me happy, make me cry
You're always there in every part of my life

Hey Mr. Music come on and take me
You got me dreamin', shake me wake me
Never stop always in my mind
All day or night, mr overtime


I, need your help, get me through another day
Fridays been draggin' on, now I'm out

Time to play

Belly up belly up to the bar boy, let the money be seen
Belly up belly up to the bar boy, like a party machine
Belly up belly up to the bar boy, let the money be seen
Belly up belly up to the bar boy, like a party machine

I love music (I love it, I love it)
Wash rinse repeat
I love music

CREDITS: Donna Summer

Posted:May 20, 2018 2:03 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2018 2:07 am
Word given when you do a damn good job!
Man, you busted your ass today!... attaboy
Just Some Adult Cartoon Humor. Sexist, Tasteless, Rude and Crude, Ethnic, Political and Any Other Kind Of Crazy Shit I Come Across. In Humor Someone Always End Up Being The Butt End. Sometimes It’s You, Sometimes It’s Me. I Hope You Don’t Give A Fuck CAUSE I DON’T! So Take A Look And Either Laugh Or Don’t Laugh It’s Your Choice! This Is ATTABOY #19

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Teen Wet Asses Vol. 2
Posted:May 20, 2018 12:09 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2018 12:12 am
Studio: Elegant Angel
Released: Jul 25, 2017
Director: Pat Myne
Categories: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Anal, Double Vaginal Penetration, First Double Penetration, Water Play
Performers: Kimber Woods Jojo Kiss Amara Romani Alyssa Cole
Length: 2 hrs. 6 mins.

Elegant Angel presents Teen Wet Asses 2 over 2 hours of young anal! These teens know exactly what they want when it comes to getting off, and what they want is a hard big dick spreading their juicy assholes apart. The feel of flesh inside their brown eye sends these young sluts overboard and makes them cum harder than they would from their pussies!! Elegant brings you some of the hottest young booty in the biz featuring Kimber Woods getting double penetrated and her 1st double vag! Starring Kimber Woods, Jojo Kiss, Amara Romani and Alyssa Cole. Enjoy!

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Sperm Swappers
Posted:May 19, 2018 11:49 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 11:51 pm
Studio: Elegant Angel
Released: Apr 27, 2005
Director: Zak Wylde
Categories: All Sex, Cum Swapping, Cumshots, Gonzo, Swallowing, Threesomes
Performers: Eva Angelina Tory Lane Melissa Lauren Sandra Romain Victoria Sweet Tianna Lynn Lee Stone Dillan Lauren Cailey Taylor Poppy Morgan
Length: 2 hrs. 8 mins.

Watch these beautiful porn whores swap sperm!

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Ass Jobs #2
Posted:May 19, 2018 5:31 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 10:02 pm
Directed By: Kevin Moore
Runtime: 2 hours 14 minutes
Release Date: April 2, 2018
Cast: Eva Notty, Harley Dean, Liza Rowe, Moka Mora, Tiffany Watson, Violet Starr, Kevin Moore
In "Ass Jobs #2," kinky pornographer Kevin Moore humps the slick, oiled ass cleavage of six sexy sluts. This POV-style frottage-fest includes lots of tease, cocksucking and doggie-style fucking, and a creamy load splashes each hot starlet's comely booty. Petite Moka Mora, a favorite of the director, squeezes Kevin's boner between her small, natural tits and stimulates his meat with her greased anal crevice. Ebony stunner Harley Dean flaunts her big boobs and sweet ass. An interracial encounter climaxes with hot spunk in Harley's butt crack. Violet Starr, a 21-year-old beauty with braces, uses her jiggling rump to make the director's dick erupt. All-natural Liza Rowe gags on Kevin's prick, and he fucks her till semen spurts between her cheeks. Tiffany Watson rubs her glistening rear split against Kevin's erection, making it spit. Super-busty MILF Eva Notty's huge, fleshy bottom tempts the director, who porks her pussy and splatters her buttocks with hot spunk.

Kevin Moore's "Ass Jobs #2" is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies.

My Curvy Girlfriends
Posted:May 19, 2018 5:18 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 10:07 pm
Directed By: Nacho Vidal
Runtime: 2 hours 49 minutes
Release Date: March 26, 2018
Cast: Amaranta Hank, Kesha Ortega, Marta La Croft, Paola Guerra, Sheila Ortega, Nacho Vidal
Famed Spanish ladies' man Nacho Vidal has his choice of the world's most stunning women. In "My Curvy Girlfriends," he introduces us to his latest harem, a series of incredibly busty and voluptuous Latinas down for serious screwing, sucking and titty fucking with Nacho's gigantic cock. Generously proportioned Venezuelan beauty Kesha Ortega wraps her full, cocksucking lips around Nacho's fat prick. The big-assed knockout takes a passionate fuck ride. Comely Paola Guerra loves gagging on Nacho's massive meat. He bangs the freckled slut, and her big, pale butt quivers in response. Nacho's thick monster dick stretches Spanish stunner Marta La Croft's pussy. The longhaired bombshell squeezes him in her deep cleavage; Nacho spurts jism on Marta's soft belly. Kesha's sister, Sheila Ortega, grinds on Nacho's throbbing tool, and he sprays her big, meaty rump with cum. A refined and naturally voluptuous Colombian temptress with short hair, Amaranta Hank uses her perfect boobs and juicy pussy to service Nacho's boner. He ejaculates on her ample ass.

Nacho Vidal's "My Curvy Girlfriends" is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies.

Anal Play Threesomes
Posted:May 19, 2018 5:11 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 10:12 pm
Directed By: Mike Adriano
Runtime: 4 hours 24 minutes
Release Date: March 26, 2018
Cast: Alyssa Cole, Amara Romani, Ashley Adams, Giselle Palmer, Haley Reed, Kimber Woods, Lena Paul, Zelda Morrison, Mike Adriano
Ass aficionado Mike Adriano constantly raises the bar in his raunchy backdoor spectacles. For "Anal Play Threesomes," the prolific stud/director matches up four groups of pervy starlets for vulgar sessions of rectal debauchery. Mike's trademark, in-your-face footage captures marathons of savage, hole-stretching sodomy drenched in slimy, ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Best friends Haley Reed and Ashley Adams share a love of intense buttfucking. The depraved dolls enjoy sphincter-gaping toys and ass reaming; they rim Mike's bunghole in a filthy backyard free-for-all. Dirty blonde beauty Giselle Palmer assists naturally busty Lena Paul with nasty anal fucking, and each babe swallows a portion of Mike's semen. Spunky butt sluts Zelda Morrison and Alyssa Cole enjoy explicit rump reaming loaded with Mike's signature shenanigans: Zelda crams an entire stick of butter up Alyssa's ass, and the hot grease oozes from her rectum as Mike buggers her! Sexy, foulmouthed brunettes Kimber Day and Amara Romani give Mike a rabid, deep-throat blowjob, graphically spewing gag spit. Crude rectal reaming features rectal prolapsing, gape-farting and oral cum swapping.

Mike Adriano's "Anal Play Threesomes" is a double-disc DVD with cast list and filmographies.

Posted:May 19, 2018 3:14 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 10:35 pm
Word given when you do a damn good job!
Man, you busted your ass today!... attaboy
Just Some Adult Cartoon Humor. Sexist, Tasteless, Rude and Crude, Ethnic, Political and Any Other Kind Of Crazy Shit I Come Across. In Humor Someone Always End Up Being The Butt End. Sometimes It’s You, Sometimes It’s Me. I Hope You Don’t Give A Fuck CAUSE I DON’T! So Take A Look And Either Laugh Or Don’t Laugh It’s Your Choice! This Is ATTABOY #18

Show 'Em What's Underneath. Show 'Em Your Jockey: Chris Van Etten
Posted:May 18, 2018 9:13 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 10:39 pm
I first saw Chris Van Etten on General Hospital. He is playing the role of Chet Driscoll brother to nurse Amy Driscoll. He was first introduced in his role with an opiod addiction. I added his video clip to the youtube list I use for my blog. He’s an inspiration and a role model for young men in today’s world.

Marine double amputee now an underwear model

People stare at Chris Van Etten wherever he goes, but he doesn’t mind. The 25-year-old Marine veteran has used prosthetic legs since a 2012 bomb blast in Afghanistan, so he understands the public’s curiosity. He just wishes they’d ask him what happened, because he’s got a story to tell.

All this summer, the San Diego man is sharing that story through ads on television, movie reens, the Internet, magazines and billboards as the main poster boy for Jockey International’s “Show ’Em What’s Underneath” campaign. The ultra-fit model, athlete and college student said he was at a low ebb in the year after the explosion that took both his legs and his best friend. He hopes the ads will inspire others going through a difficult time.

“I’ve seen lots of guys in my situation and they can go both directions,” he said of his fellow military amputees. “Some just can’t get out of that bad place. I’m hoping to show people that if I can go from down there to up here, that they can do it, too.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Van Etten talked about his transformation in an interview at Fitness101, a La Mesa gym where he spends about hours a week lifting ws. He was on break from a week-long Jockey media tour that began July 4 on NBC’s “Today” show.

The “Show ‘Em” ad campaign features “everyday heroes” in their Jockey briefs. Company spokesman Matthew Waller said the Americans chosen for the ads reflect the 140-year-old Wionsin company’s core values, including family unity (adoptive father Michael Cott) and courage (female firefighter Lisa Cusimano). Van Etten represents the quality of perseverance.

“He’s a fine young man whose values and moral compass are right in line with what we were looking for. We were very lucky to find him,” Waller said.
“What happened to me sucked. I’m not going to pretend like it didn’t,” Van Etten says in a TV commercial showing him exercising in his briefs and prostheses. “Not all of us are lucky enough with the gift of a full life. As long as I have mine, I’m going to celebrate the best I can.”

Van Etten’s parents, Wayne and Leigh, both spent 20 in the Air Force. Chris, the eldest of their sons, said he dreamed of being in the from the time he was a boy.

“It was all I ever knew and I decided that whether I was in for or 40, I was going to serve my country,” he said.

He met with a Marine Corps recruiter before his senior year of high hool in O’Fallon, Ill., then joined right after graduation in 200. In March 2012, he landed in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, known as “Suicide Charley.”

Van Etten, who handled bomb-sniffing dogs, was on a night patrol near Sangin on June 12 when a fellow Marine stepped on an improvised explosive device. As Van Etten and his buddy, Cpl., T.J. Baune, were loading the injured man on a stretcher, Van Etten stepped on a second mine.

“I remember all of it,” he said. “I was tossed up in the air and it felt like I flipped over or times before I fell back in the crater and hit my head. I had temporary amnesia for about 10 or 12 seconds, then I looked up and saw the sky and took a few breaths and knew I was alive. That’s when I looked down and saw I’d lost my legs.”

In the typical gallows humor of Suicide Charley, Van Etten said the first thing that crossed his mind was a joke. “Maybe it was the shock or the adrenaline but I saw my legs were g and said ‘I guess I’m not going to be riding my motorcycle when I get home.’”

Baune, a 21-year-old newlywed from Minnesota, died in the blast. His name, and that of another buddy, Lance Cpl. Curtis Duarte (killed just months later), are tattooed on Van Etten’s left shoulder. His right arm bears a large tattoo of Michael the Archangel slaying demons. It replaces the St. Michael medal that blew off Van Etten’s neck and disappeared in the blast.

Van Etten spent weeks recovering at the San Diego Naval Medical Center. Just months after he left the hospital, he was fitted with his first pair of prostheses, a remarkably fast time from amputation to fitting.

“It was just sheer grit. I was so determined to be on my feet to greet my unit when they came home in October 2012,” he said. “I didn’t want them to see me as some other than just Chris.”

Van Etten returned to O’Fallon to start a new life, but instead fell into a deep depression that lasted a year. Then he joined a gym, hoping the endorphins released through exercise would lift his spirits. day, a woman saw him working out and posted a note on Facebook that his positive attitude had inspired her to train harder.

“A friend sent me her Facebook message and it really made me think,” he said. “If I can be motivating people and I don’t even know it, imagine what I could do if I tried?”

Ever since that day in mid-2013, Van Etten’s life has been on a sharply upward trajectory.

He got back on his motorcycle, started ing wheelchair lacrosse and mono-skiing, then in 2013 he used a hand cycle to complete the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. After he was medically retired from the Marine Corps in August 2013, the dog that had served him in Afghanistan — a yellow Lab named Harley — was granted early retirement to be his personal dog.

In January of last year, Van Etten met his now-fiancee Samantha Yovandich, 25, at a gym in O’Fallon where she worked as a personal trainer. She saw only his head and shoulders from across the room and was instantly smitten. When she learned he was a double amputee, she knew they were meant for each other.
“When I was a little girl my aunt had a rare b cancer and she lost her leg. I was always the who ed her remove her prosthetic leg whenever she was hurting and it never really bothered me. Chris said I’d been preparing for him my whole life,” said Yovandich, who deribes her fiance as the most hard-working, determined and, sometimes, stubborn person she knows.

Last year, the couple moved to San Diego, a city that Van Etten fell in love with during his training and recuperation here. Next week, they’ll resettle in a Temecula apartment, where he plans to study business management through online classes at Palomar College. Their dream is to have a family and day open a gym together in Temecula, where they may specialize in serving amputees like himself.

They chose Temecula because that is where they hope to have their home built next year by the charity Homes for Our Troops. Since 2004, the Massachussetts nonprofit has built 216 homes in 41 states for severely wounded post-/11 combat veterans.

Homes for Our Troops builds specially adapted houses to meet the veterans’ needs, with wider doors and hallways, roll-under cabinetry and sinks, pull-down cabinets, flat entryways and ramps. The homes — built at a cost of $700,000 in private donations, corporate gifts and small federal grants — provide the veterans with financial security and reduce the physical frustrations that can trigger episodes of post-traumatic stress syndrome, said Homes’ marketing director Kristi Galanek.

“Our tagline is ‘building homes, rebuilding lives’ and the rebuilding part is the most important part of that mission,” she said. “We are about creating a home that’s an adapted calm and safe place. We’ve had more than 100 babies born in our homes since 2008 and we’ve had of our vets in the Paralympics.”
Van Etten is among 45 veterans now approved and in the pipeline for a new home. Galanek said he’s a role model for how veterans with grave injuries can recover and lead fulfilling lives.

“Some people aren’t ready to talk about their injury, but he’s so confident and so comfortable,” she said. “He’s a very caring person who wants to his comrades in arms and give back.”

Van Etten said the Jockey campaign is just the start of what he hopes will be a lifetime of motivating others to overcome challenges.
“I want to find people who are dealing with a disability, cancer, a bad breakup ... anything traumatic and show them that you can feel better. For me it was a physical thing, where exercise turned my life around, but for every it’s an upward process and you have to keep pushing and not give up.”

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Posted:May 18, 2018 3:45 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 10:48 pm
Before Billie Jean, and Dirty Diana on Michael’s first solo album Got To Be There. One song on the album was about a girl named Maria. Singing songs about girls started early for the King Of Pop.

Got to Be There is the debut studio album by Michael Jackson, released by Motown on January 24, 1972. It includes the song of the same name, which was released on October 7, 1971, as Jackson's debut solo single. It sold nearly 900,000 copies in the United States and over 3.2 million copies worldwide. The album was later remastered and reissued in 2009 as part of the 3-disc compilation Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection.

The title track and "Rockin' Robin" were released as singles and were commercially successful. Those two hits were back-to-back on the Hot 100 at #5 and #6, respectively, on April 8, 1972. Jackson's "I Wanna Be Where You Are" reached number 27 on the American chart on June 24, 1972. The album included remakes of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine", Carole King's "You've Got a Friend" and the Supremes' "Love Is Here and Now You're Gone". The album's songs have a tempo ranging from 74 beats per minute on "Ain't No Sunshine", to 170 on "Rockin' Robin".
The album was arranged by The Corporation, Eddy Manson, James Anthony Carmichael, Gene Page, and Dave Blumberg. Berry Gordy was the executive producer and Jim Britt was credited for photography.


Maria hey hey Maria
Maria don't you hear me calling Maria
Maria girl you know you were the only one
Hey hey Maria
Maria don't you miss me just a little
Maria after all you were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Maria come on back to me girl
Hey hey Maria
Maria it's been long so long
Maria since you've been gone
Hey hey Maria
Maria don't you need me just a little
Maria 'cause honest girl you were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Oh come on back to me girl

Maria I need you
Maria why d'you keep a-running away
Oh baby you keep a-running away
Oh baby yeah Maria
I need you honey
Oh Maria you sweet little sunflower
Oh hear my plea for sympathy
I just want you here with me Maria
If you're on that lonely night
What's my life without you girl
I'm so lonely I'm so blue
Without you darling my life is through
Come on back

Posted:May 18, 2018 12:54 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2018 11:00 pm
"Dim All the Lights" is a song by American recording artist Donna Summer that bowed at #70 on 25 August 1979 and peaked at #2 on 10–17 November 1979 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was blocked from becoming the third number one hit from the album by "Heartache Tonight" by the Eagles the first week and "Still" by Commodores the next week. Taken from her Bad Girls album and produced by her longtime collaborator Giorgio Moroder with Pete Bellotte, the track combines Summer's trademark disco beats with a more soulful pop sound. This was the third Hot 100 top two single from the album and her sixth consecutive Hot 100 top five single.

Summer had released "Hot Stuff" and "Bad Girls" and, later, the No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) duet with Barbra Streisand, all of which reached position 1. "Dim All the Lights" was another massive hit for her, reaching number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and number 29 on the UK Singles Chart. Like "Hot Stuff" and "Bad Girls" before, "Dim All the Lights" and "No More Tears" were simultaneously in the top three, Summer was the first female artist to accomplish this feat of having two songs in the top 3 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

"Dim All the Lights" was Summer's only hit single that she wrote alone. She had originally intended to give the song to Rod Stewart but changed her mind. The song was nominated for Best Disco Recording at the 22nd Grammy Awards in 1980 The song caused a rift between Donna and Casablanca label president Neil Bogart. Bogart had promised to wait a month longer than he did, before releasing Summer's duet, with Barbra Streisand; to allow the single to peak first.

According to Billboard, the song is about sex.

The recording is remarkable for a sustained note held by Summer for about 16 seconds.

The record's flip side, "There Will Always Be a You," also received some airplay and charted as an album cut on some North American radio stations (notably CKLW in Windsor, Ontario, where it reached number two in October 1979; interestingly, "Dim All the Lights" never charted on that station).


Here's a song I wrote for Rod Stewart
and... ah... I wanted to give it to him,
and then I chickened out and so I kept the song
for myself and I sang it, and I had a Hit Record with it
Sorry Rod. You can still sing it if you want to...
So I’d like to just sing the way, sing the song the way I originally wrote it and
and then you know I'll sing it the way I sang it.
the way I think you know Rod might have sung this song
im gonna do it that way first, ok? You ready?
It's nice to be the boss sometimes, you know?
I like that. They have to do it as many times as I do this...

Dim all the lights sweet darling
cause tonight it's on its way
turn up the old victrola
I'm gonna dance the night away

Love just don't come easy
no it seldom does
when you find the perfect love
let it fill you up
fill you up
fill you up

Dim all the lights... dim all the lights
Oh Maggie Maggie you know I'll never leave you
Deep inside my heart I'll never grieve you Maggie
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie May uuhh
Maggie, Maggie I love you so today...

All Right... All Right...

Dim all the lights sweet darling
cause tonight it's on its way
(hey baby)
turn up the old victrola
gonna dance the night away

Love just don't come easy
(no no)
no it seldom does
(hey hey)
when you find the perfect love
let it fill you up
fill you up
fill you up
(ho oh Baby)

Dim all the light sweet honey
cause tonight it's you and me
(hey Baby)
no need to worry sugar
cause it's for eternity

Let yourself go freely
I'll think you'll understand
I want to be your woman
if you'll be my man

let yourself go freely and I'll
show you things that you've dreamed of
don't think that your dreaming
cause we've got the perfect love
and I'm like a cup come fill me up

Dim all the lights sweet darlin'
cause the night is on the way, oh baby
turn up the old victrola
gonna dance the night away

All Right

Hey hey hey
hey hey
hey hey

do it tonight
you know the moments are right
turn my brown body white
come on dim all the lights

do it tonight
you know the moments are right
turn my brown body white
come on dim all the lights

(Dim all the lights)
Dim all the lights sweet darlin'
cause the night is on it's way, hey baby
turn up the old victrola
gonna dance the night away, keep on dancing
dim all the lights sweet baby
Dance the night away

dim all the lights,
come on dim all the lights,
come on dim all the lights,
come on dim all the lights

Posted:May 18, 2018 12:42 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2018 12:43 am
Word given when you do a damn good job!
Man, you busted your ass today!... attaboy
Just Some Adult Cartoon Humor. Sexist, Tasteless, Rude and Crude, Ethnic, Political and Any Other Kind Of Crazy Shit I Come Across. In Humor Someone Always End Up Being The Butt End. Sometimes It’s You, Sometimes It’s Me. I Hope You Don’t Give A Fuck CAUSE I DON’T! So Take A Look And Either Laugh Or Don’t Laugh It’s Your Choice! This Is ATTABOY #17

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