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Subspace explained by my fuck toy
Posted:Sep 29, 2019 8:58 am
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2019 11:16 pm

Subspace is place where you let your mind go blank, let your body go limb, and give all trust to your partner. Having 0% trust in your partner is key. Understanding that they have complete control over everything and won't let nothing bad happen. When you close your eyes what do you see? The daily things, the worries, and the stress. You have got to let go and only see black. The first time always seems so werid (not at first but farther u go it is) and super unreal that anything ever truly happened. It is like one of those short naps where you are sleeping but the are home and u still have to keep a listening ear. Your body is relaxed but mind is not quiet there. You know your partners is you. You can 0% focus on what your body is feeling but your mind isn't. Like the sleep thing your body is feeling it but mind is still working to hard not to totally let go. As time goes and you partner keeps working with you to let go and give you amazing sex over and over your body starts to say yes I can let everything go. When your partner is making sure the pleasure you are receiving each time is better then the last and all the with mental work in between. Your body will let go. You will be be finding subspace easier and easier. If you build the need, want and anticipation then the feel of them first penetrating you will be mind-blowing and it will be nothing to find subspace. As time goes on your mind will you let you go deeper and let you focus more and feel all the pleasure you are getting. The more subspace is repeated you senses are heightened. The feeling is increased it is like a single touch is hardest most gentlest touch. You can become aware of sound like voice of your partner even though the most everything being said is words they might come across as just moans or vibrations of sounds. Your sight is one thing that not heighten unless you are a eyes open type person durning sex and doubt full if you are subspace.
Taste isn't changed either you should have nothing in your mouth at this time. This would only distract your mind from focusing on his cock going in and out of you. Smell maybe heighten if u are a big person on how your partner smells but once again it might drawer your mind away from feeling of his cock in you. The way your body feels durning can change over time. In the begin you might feel just relaxed like do when sit down for first time at night. After awhile it could feel like total jello or something soft and jiggly (guess this would all depend if u have curves or a bean pole). You can go from that to something totally different where u have that jello feeling but you are feeling so much you are tensing up your muscles. When u are done it feels like you have had the best workout. After you have gone deep so many times your mind can start to still say hey I can still feel his cock in me even after he has stopped and pulled out. Your partner needs to be highly aware. Your body is still jello your mind has not come back from its happy place! Sometimes the little touches will bring u back and sometimes nothing will. The farther you go in subspace your body and mind will cease to amaze you. The mind is a powerful thing durning sex that almost has to be learned first. Then trusting 0% your partner. The feeling maybe different from person to person. The end result is has to be the same letting go and only focusing on one thing how his cock feels deep inside of you!
The Happiest Place on Earth
Posted:Aug 27, 2019 2:30 am
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2019 4:58 am

Another sleepless night. I need my cock deep in a very wet pussy. Fucking that pussy over and over. Fucking it slow then fucking it hard and fast but always fucking. Feeling my cock being squeezed hard over and over. Just like fingers massaging my cock milking my cock. Nothing like a very greeeedy pussy taking what it wants from my cock. Greedy pussy's are what I crave. They receive the most pleasure and return back the most pleasure. Fucking a nice wet pussy with my nice hard cock is always on my mind but the craving is so much worse in the middle of the night. My mind is obsessed with fucking and needing to fuck. Rubbing my cock and balls while thinking of fucking only makes my cock want to fuck even more but I have to play with my cock it demands someone to rub my cock. My mind goes to those nights when I am the happiest with my cock balls deep in a very wet pussy feeling it squeezing and massaging my cock as I fuck that pussy over and over, only stopping to rest then fucking some more. My very, very happy place is fucking a pussy giving it the pleasure it demands, it deserves, it wants, it needs, it craves. Fucking a pussy takes me to that happy place that I crave soooo very much and need even more. Now I can sleep as I visited my happy place and my cock is well satisfied for that very short moment in time. When I wake it starts all over again. A little insight into my mind...
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Posted:Aug 18, 2019 4:04 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 4:10 pm

I have helped several woman achieve subspace. All have given some what different accounts of what it felt like them. But all said the the pleasure they felt was amazing did not want come back from the pleasure they were feeling in subspace. It took time to develop the trust needed to achieve subspace. But all agreed the time and work to achieve subspace was well worth it. I would like to see if other woman that have achieved subspace could explain the way they felt in subspace? Liked it did not like it?
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Licking and tasting sweet pussy
Posted:Aug 16, 2019 8:38 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 4:20 pm

As you lay back on the bed, I stand at your feet. Looking at your sweet pussy. Imagining how good you will taste. I reach down and touch you calves. My hands around your calves starting to spread your legs. Kneeling between your legs caressing your inner thighs. Spreading your legs wider. Taking a finger and dipping it into your pussy, feeling how wet you are. Nothing better than a very wet pussy. Putting my head between your legs making the anticipation so high, your hips start to squirm. Taking my tongue and starting at the bottom of your slit and licking all the way to the top. Seeing in your eyes the need for more, never rushing letting the anticipation build. Licking from top to bottom both lips each side. Feeling your hips move again, knowing you crave more. Taking my tongue and licking from bottom to the top again but this time stopping on your clit with my tongue and lips. Teasing your clit just a little with my tongue. Feeling you need more. Now sucking and teasing your clit harder and faster feel your orgasm building. Then stopping with my lips and tongue wrapped around your clit. Feeling your body moving from side to side, pushing your pussy up into my mouth begging for more. Still holding as I let that feeling of wanting to cum start to fade. But as you start to relax my lips and tongue start to move slowly again licking and sucking your clit. You hips flinch. That feel of needing more quickly returns. Licking and sucking harder and faster. Feeling your orgasm building again. Taking my tongue and licking up and down your slit stopping on your clit. Feeling you are getting closer to cuming. Picking up the pace with my tongue and sucking harder. You taste so sweet it inspires me. Your hips can’t hold still, moving more and more. You are so close to cuming. You are fucking my face wanting to cum. Letting your orgasm build and the anticipation also, it’s time to cum. Sucking harder and squeezing your clit in my lips pushes you over the edge. Thrusting your hips up pushing your pussy deeper into my mouth I can feel you cum. Continuing to suck and tease your clit with my mouth making your orgasm hard and feel like never ending. I can feel your orgasm ending so I continue to lick you ever so lightly letting you come down slowly. My mouth is covered in your cum. I lick your cum from your pussy and then lick the cum from my lips. Taking you in my arms we cuddle as I can still feel your body quivering.....Anyone up for a good licking?
Giving Extreme Pleasure
Posted:Aug 15, 2019 7:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2019 1:11 am

How to treat a lady.I know this is 2019 but women still want to be treated with respect. I’m old fashioned because I believe a woman on Find adult friendz or any where should be treated with respect, honesty and show her passion. Most men don’t understand that giving pleasure returns pleasure. Learning to give pleasure to the extreme takes practice. To give pleasure talk to your lady, find what kind of pleasure she likes. Listen and here her. When giving pleasure learn her body language so you know if what you are doing is really giving her pleasure. Take the time to really learn to read her body language. Also be truthful with her about the pleasure she wants. Don’t tell her just what you think she wants to here, be truthful. Show her passion when giving pleasure. Let her know that you truly want her to experience as much pleasure as you can give her. So you should not just think you know what she wants, learn to read here body language so you can really give her the extreme pleasure she wants and needs. Give her passion. Passion will intensify her pleasure. Sounds like a lot of work to give pleasure but doing all this to give her extreme pleasure will let her return the pleasure that you want also. Both of you will be able to experience pleasure like nothing you have experienced in the past.

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