Sex chat . . .  

aflower2c 45F
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4/17/2016 1:17 pm
Sex chat . . .

Ok, I am pretty sure we have all done this, thought about, and even mastered it
Sex chat, talking dirty, sexting, online play, role play

But, little miss flower has never been good at dirty talk or sex chat,
Now I have tried and tried...and my partners have been good sports about it

I am definitely more of a hands on kinda lover,
I want to feel your body, I want to feel the heat,
listen to your heart race,
to feel your cock harden in my hand, to taste it on my lips...
I want to hear your moans and the quiver of your flesh as you quicken and release...

Now I have certain past partners that still call up for some sexy play,
I easily share photos and vids with them, on occasion make them something custom.
But when it comes to talking on the phone... / ya intj and sex talk shouldn't be in the same sentence lol
I try, I humour them, I will send off a few pics and "help" them with that pesky hardon

But I also find the porn versions to be very porny and not at all sexy, so I guess its each their own. Some partners like hard words like "cock" and "cunt", some would rather hear the wordplay and suggestion of the act. Some want the tender side of sex, and some just like the hard fuckin. So its very much working with my audience and knowing what his preferences are - for sure I have photos and vids that not every man wants to see, and then I get requests from partners that want to see something that I am hesitant to do (ok the golf balls and vag one, certainly not for everyone but the most hardcore golf fan) lol

For those that master dirty talk or sexting minus pics, I envy your abilities.
I like visuals more than short form texted stuff. There is some erotica I will read, but if it looks like a wall of text, I tend to just start skimming it.
But then I used to read my grandmas romance novellas and just chuckle at the scenes knowing in real life they would not be like that
but then instead of staying in a dreamy fantasy I have done lots of ...well you get the idea.

So back to sexy chat.

(I am not quite that bad,,, but you get the idea)
I am more of a visual person

Little miss flower

Written from a small city middle of no where kink thinkin kinda gal.

asiaas 51M  
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4/17/2016 1:24 pm

Doing all well is a gift.

aflower2c replies on 4/17/2016 1:40 pm:
Very much so

gardenboy321 56M  
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4/17/2016 2:11 pm

Love that little comic strip...

... then I'm going to stick my thing in your stuff till I can't stuff it no more.

Thoughts from the Garden...

aflower2c replies on 4/17/2016 2:35 pm:
lol..ya, I had to search for something quite fitting

hm, yes your thingy feels so good in my hooha

bulehyatt 61M  
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4/18/2016 12:28 am

(I am not quite that bad,,, but you get the idea)

Your cartoon (very funny - thanks) made me think of a pretty twisted blog called "The saga of bloodninja" - do a search on that term if you will like to see more.

Basically it's this nut-job who calls himself bloodninja. He organizes sexting-roleplay sessions with various women. Then he quickly goes completely off the rails. He's so terrible that he's funny in a WTF ??? sort of way.

Here's a sample session - there are many more . . . some even crazier than this.

Bloodninja: Ok baby, we got to hurry, I don't know how long I can keep it ready for you.
j_gurli13: thats ok. ok i'm a japanese schoolgirl, what r u.
Bloodninja: A Rhinocerus. Well, hung like one, thats for sure.
j_gurli13: haha, ok lets go.
j_gurli13: i put my hand through ur hair, and kiss u on the neck.
Bloodninja: I stomp the ground, and snort, to alert you that you are in my breeding territory.
j_gurli13: haha, ok, u know that turns me on.
j_gurli13: i start unbuttoning ur shirt.
Bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don't wear shirts.
j_gurli13: No, ur not really a Rhinocerus silly, it's just part of the game.
Bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don't play games. They f**king charge your ass.
j_gurli13: stop, cmon be serious.
Bloodninja: It doesn't get any more serious than a Rhinocerus about to charge your ass.
Bloodninja: I stomp my feet, the dust stirs around my tough skinned feet.
j_gurli13: thats it.
Bloodninja: Nostrils flaring, I lower my head. My horn, like some phallic symbol of my potent virility, is the last thing you see as skulls collide and mine remains the victor. You are now a bloody red ragdoll suspended in the air on my mighty horn.
Bloodninja: F**k am I hard now.

aflower2c replies on 4/18/2016 7:05 am:
Role play...ya I see conversations and groups that are into that, they pretty much lose me quick
I prefer hands on,
one of the biggest reasons I will not engage in online flirting or sex play with men I haven't met (and had sex with) is because men will not meet if they are getting what they want already.
I only sext it up with a fav lovers also lol

kzoopair 68M/66F  
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4/18/2016 8:57 am

I think in general my tastes run to oral rather than aural. I never could manage sexy talk. I always end up laughing at how ridiculous it sounds, and then start clowning. I just can't take it seriously.

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aflower2c replies on 4/18/2016 9:16 am:
Lol. Same here...I tend to start sounding awkward

Picturethis520 57M  
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4/18/2016 9:09 am

I'm with you, most definitely a hands on and visual type of lover (also INTJ). Love decent porn and erotic photography. I have written some erotica but it has always been borne from a photo or photos that I really liked and that spurred my imagination.

Am not a golf fan what-so-ever, but must say I am a bit intrigued now

Seeking quality in an extroverted society
~Terra Explorare~ Picturethis520

aflower2c replies on 4/18/2016 9:34 am:
Erotic and tasteful nudes are definitely a treat

Otis_Good 67M
3498 posts
4/18/2016 1:24 pm

I can't spell even the simple words sumtimes my mind just blanks out leaving me looking plum silly .

aflower2c replies on 4/18/2016 8:50 pm:
..yes I had this happen to me the other day lol
I couldn't even think of any hot words
But I tried

passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
4/18/2016 3:46 pm

Phone/cam maybe occasionally for relief but otherwise only with the real thing

aflower2c replies on 4/18/2016 8:52 pm:
Yes, on cam I can play (but I don't really talk much on my cam shows),
I certainly prefer the hands on approach

HermanG67 52M
7837 posts
4/19/2016 7:38 am

your not alone in that.... good thing there is lots of things to visualize out there

aflower2c replies on 4/19/2016 9:24 am:
Lol. Yes for sure
I found it really hot when my lovers would send me pics n vids, especially when they are playing to my vids n pics

Golly06 67M  
1838 posts
4/21/2016 2:46 pm

I have never texted, but I can see how a few texts could set the mood for later. I did have a few women that liked to chat on the phone and I did enjoy hearing them cum, but I was more of a listener and just a little spice to what they were already doing. I haven't found anyone to cyber lately, but I do enjoy it if it is creative. We can't always have a partner, so sharing with someone is one step up from masturbation and it is nice to have some sexy company.

aflower2c replies on 4/21/2016 4:53 pm:
Yes, that's why I enjoyed my cam shows lol
I think I was more excited about playing on cam than I was with meeting the "I'm bored" guys
But it sure felt better to masturbate for others than it is to play that long by myself

lucius8858 61M
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4/21/2016 7:38 pm

Well I think I can sex chat and weave a good sexual fantasy with anyone, but I prefer to be verbal and with someone while doing it!

A story by Lucius8858

aflower2c replies on 4/21/2016 8:48 pm:
Yes, some flirting is fun, but I definitely prefer if he can back up what he says now...lets just say that my words have been used one too many times to get other women laid
So now I will only engage in flirty chat with men that I have met and had sex with (on going partners only) LOL

cs1df2 37M
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4/22/2016 2:58 pm

yeah, I'm not so good at that either .....and I'm pretty sure I can find far better uses for my mouth than talking too

...after all there's tits to suck, necks to kiss, and of getting plenty of air in to be enthusiastic

aflower2c replies on 4/22/2016 4:05 pm:
Yes, but for the amount of men looking for online play only...they never seem to believe that I suck at sexting with strangers (plus have zero interest in it anyway)....but then I had one guy jerk off to me talking about the weather lol

longtermfriend19 54M
43 posts
5/20/2019 3:53 am

they need to go together... enhances the whole thing

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