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"What have you been up to?" by Her
Posted:Jun 28, 2018 10:55 am
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2018 7:33 am
He was surprised when she said, "Yes, sure, come over. " He was so use to finding her doing whatever it was she was doing. It roughly translated into: NOT AVAILABLE. She'd sometimes not even respond in words. She liked sending photos and then nothing else. He has gotten a photo of the needlepoint she is doing a few times. He has gotten several hiking photos or waterfall photos. He liked those, it often inspired her to do outdoor nudity photographs. Such a: "You want this, come get it." It is an invitation. She is very much a river. You need to be able to catch up with her and then flow with her. When you can -- it's breathtaking and amazing.

I'm also a fan of her gardening photos. Her sunbathing photos. I do send her photos back that she enjoys just as much. She loves my videos to. We tease each other until it becomes this: MUST MEET. Most of the photos from conversations with me I do see she puts up in her blogs. Well, back when she was here regularly. I even enjoy the photos I never have seen. They make me grin wickedly. Most are from conversations between her and-- long established friends.

I thought I'd make mention of this for if she doesn't know you and you go there with her. Let's just say she'll give you the same courtesy you are giving her. She is good for mirroring or mimicking your actions. It's just unfortunately the sadistic little in her you are then playing with. Chances are she is fantasizing of possibly inserting sounds in your penis. She'll bring something out of her bags of tricks you won't recognize but you'll never forget. Pain is usually involved. She likes having you mirror how you made her feel. She may even restrain you and have another man suck your cock. Especially if you ask her about if she has any girlfriends that could join. She'll squeal with delight and reply: "WHY YES!!" She does enjoy dressing man up as a girl. THE GIRL HAS ONE HELL OF AN IMAGINATION. If it is okay for you to forget your manners. She'll take it as it is okay to forget hers. She sees it as doing a service for her follow females. She'll teach you. I should also add that if you like this and want this from her. I also do not suggest it -- for it will be and I quote: "A wham bam thank you ma'am- never see you again."

Although there is that one rare exception. There is one long time established lover of hers that started this way and continues this way …. She finds him: "ENTERTAINING".

It was weird though coming in this time to see her. There's usually at least a week of teasing with photo's & video's first. There has NEVER been this immediate, "Yes. Sure. Come on over."

She offered me a seat and she sat on the opposite couch, smiling softly. She was dressed in an actual dress, heels. Usually it was lingerie and she was in bed. She likes my good mornings. They're rare, hell over a year sometimes goes by. When you run a business and have just as many interests and responsibilities as she does. The wind just needs to blow us a reminder and then - BAM. We are there together.

"So Grace, what have you been up to?" I asked. "You know me, busy. I have so much to do but I'm finally learning how to balance and fit more in that I enjoy. Are you thirsty?" she asked. I immediately looked in her lap and I was thirsty. "How about some lemonade." she said. I then realized we weren't alone. I heard someone in the kitchen. Oh did I pray it was one of her husbands female submissives living with them. It wasn't. A young male in a maid - it wasn't really an outfit. It wasn't just an apron. It did have a tutu and underneath all I saw a chastity cage with a numbered lock. "As you can see I now have help once a week with my normal chores to free more of my time for explorations and adventures. " she grinned. "shHe makes excellent lemonade. Would you like to see how well she sucks cock. I know I would."

To be continued --

The Shuffle VII
Posted:Jul 21, 2017 6:37 pm
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2017 9:33 pm

Nicholas left and the door remained open. I shut off the lights. I turned them back on. I shut off the lights. ( Must of been the FROG JELLY that did it. "The Little." ) Or it could of been my sarcasm about the blindfold. I thought of just reaching up -- and taking it off. There was no rule. That I was aware of anyhow!?? I was just done with the games. Perhaps-he can play mine now.

inhale. exhale. inhale. exhale.

It is still on. ? ---- I turned off the light and shuffled towards the massage room. I saw the massage room lights motion through the blindfold, somewhat. I assumed that was where he wanted me. Everything else --dark. My nipples became hard the closer I got. I was smiling, feeling with my heart, searching --- for where he was. I felt like I was doing this all day. I did like this!! It was just us now. I was glad I left it on. It still would be pitch black basically without it on. Well not by the exam room--------

I stepped into the doorway, not into the room, just the entry. Listened. Felt for movement. air current. sound. The room was empty? My gut said it was, empty?. and just then. HOLY FUCK. I felt heat behind me. I smelled a scent in the draft. I just stood pretending I didn't know. Leaned forward, sweeping with my right arm. Following it around as I turned towards him. I closed my eyes, feeling for the warmth of him behind me. I turned, slowly sweeping my arm in his direction. Feeling him move out of my way. The draft. spoke loudly. He's now standing in the medical exam room doorway area/direction. Id gather, before the floor started. The pool room floor is yet to be finished. I'd hear him on the exam floor. I stopped, remained still.

I stood, remaining. Facing him. I longed for his words. his voice. I was tired. I just wanted to puddle in a warm smile. I shrugged and put my "waving for where" arm down, turned in his opposite direction and just went to skipping around the pool table... Skipping, Turning.. Skipping.. Spinning.. Stopping again. feeling. listening. realizing--- I was lost. to much spinning..

I felt out and then discovered my place - turned slightly and made a beeline for one specific thing. ( That happened to be just in the exam room. ) Oh how I wanted to be grabbed or run, right into him. I wonder if he's just sitting down watching me?? Well, I know he's watching me.

I found what I went to find. Disappointed, I didn't want to find it!! I hit the power button. I felt for a moment, slid a switch, one click left. I moved my hand up to the right upper corner, felt for three buttons, hit the top one, then the bottom left of the grouping... 12 times and: "Always," by Saliva. I knew he wasn't in the exam area now.

I went back to my laps, but no skipping - just a slow swaying and enjoying the song 3/4 of the way around the pool table. It fit my feelings just then. I was tired. I opened my towel. Let it fall. I was by the downstairs bedroom door. I decided, I was going to bed. I climbed in pulling the covers up over me. The blankets were immediately stripped down. I slid my legs back off the bed and sat up at the edge. Quietly, just as I'd expect. Waiting for direction. In words. Or actions.

I felt the weight of him push down the mattress to my left. His warmth as he passed. His skin. He was laying down behind me. Biggs words returned of climbing up on top of him, riding him. I finally realized earlier he was waiting for me to choose where. I felt for him as I turned - not to explore him. I saw that as trespassing. It was something, I'd need permission for. I felt just enough to not injure him and take my place on top of him. My inner thighs, inner cheeks, did the exploring for cock.

His hands stopped me where he wanted me. I felt the hand dive between. the weave. the heat. the entry... I was happy. I smiled. eyes closed. I began lifting, hungry to see the full extent of him. He stopped my hips. his hands pushing down on my upper legs. I sat in his hands. I was --- feeling like a new one does in a group of people. Just sitting there in the darkness. Is he just looking at me, or?? I felt motion sick butterflies. One of his hands left me, I heard his hand doing something on my right.. searching.. moving pillows. ( I have a ton of pillows on that bed. ) I then felt what he found. "Did I leave that under the pillow??" He put it on my leg. "Take it." There was barely "voice" to his words. Although it was not a whisper -- another song came on. "You Get What You Give" by the New Radicals.

"Put it on your clit"

I did. I felt his hands wrap around and come down its shaft. It gave me images of him doing that to his cock. He had one hell of a cock. P.S. -but I was seeing him in the shadows, masturbating. ( My imaginations fantasy. I couldn't see shit! ) I liked it. My fantasy. I wanted it to be me, he was thinking of. I especially liked when his hands came upon mine. They rested on top a moment before one went back up to the buttons. The cordless magic wand - turned on. He clicked through the settings. ALL THE SETTINGS. some -- opened my eyes. he went back to that one ----- and I couldn't help it. my body shuddered although I tried to get it to stop. it was to intense. TO INTENSE. my hips were tremoring, my body was shaking. I leaned forward hoping to find some relief, to lift off. "no" oh did the shuddering start. "keep it there." "If I don't?" He lifted his hips and I pushed down into him. I rose slowly. His cock pulled my pussy lips. mm. so thick.

I fucked him. I had no choice. The damn toy. oh man. it wasn't painful. it was just, INTENSE. I could not remain still. It was almost as if "I" had a fucking switch, that could not be denied. It wasn't denied. I lost myself, in moans. He was holding me, by the arms, over him. Using them to somewhat direct. or. to move himself. I couldn't tell. vibration. buzz. his fucking thick cock going deep into me. my mouth was open. I was whimpering. moaning. groaning. SHUDDDDDERRRINNNG. squeezing my legs together, which started some bouncing. hard bouncing. hips, spanking my ass cheeks. My hands went back, it came off my clit, yet landed and just went a little lower, he made sure to secure it.... and among my pants. my song. it got very fucking wet. I squirted and, things quickly flipped. in-- all the out from under and on top, between. the toy ended up somewhat under my ass. so in our motioning, for a little bit. it felt really good. the song had changed again. "SAIL" by Awolnation. mmmm-GOOD CHOICE. He was fucking me good now and I was still squirting. I heard this splashing as he was entering me and exiting. His moans. his "fucks". his collapsing on top and up. our breathing in those lifeless moments of, recharging.

I went to exploring him with my hands. He allowed it vs stopped it. I was fascinated with his mouth awhile. He was sucking my finger. Biting it. Then nibbling his way up my wrist. Then a kiss. what a fucking, kiss. sweaty. soft. momentary. extended. it found more motion. more penetration. lifting off, for a moment. a breath. returning, hungry, deep- before parting. my mind, showed me a large ocean wave.. and crashhh.. his arms slid under me, holding me.. and my shoulders became handle bars. he was pulling down, thrusting up.. and the kissing, was explored some more. my, OH MY GODS.

He was the shadow. The body I remember falling upon me -- uh, new song,? I paused to wait for it.. "Fly Like An Eagle" Seal. I was puddling.. I wrapped my legs around him. He wasn't leaving. I wouldn't allow it. I dove up into him and I was again on top of him. He turned around and we went to it. that position. I lifted completely off of him and boy did I hear sounds of complaint. I giggled. I kissed him. I teased myself with him.. Sliding my pussy up and down on his cock at rest on top of him. I kissed him again and descended. He grabbed me. I bit his stomach. He released me.. and I tasted, US.

I was intoxicated with his breaths. His hands. At times lifeless. at times fists. I held down. My mouth.. always on his cock, or soon to be, again. It was-- until I swallowed him. I joined his side, on my back.. and he went to get up again. He had gone to sit, then, he was getting UP. what I felt in the weight shift.

I was just laying on my back, catching my breath, shocked he was already going to leave?? me?? perhaps he had to go somewhere?... maybe he had a wife.? shit. wait. Smile. he was kneel walking up the outside of my body.. I know that shaking.. his hands on his cock. he's making it hard. the motion, his hand went down. he was watching me again. you'd think with all the selfies I take ---- Id enjoy this?! I found myself shifting. blushing. boy the heat traveling to my face. the song had changed, it was at the end of "Paradise" by David Lee Roth.

"Now Everybody... Have You Heard.. " I giggled. It was Billy Squier's "THE STROKE". I was still shifting and squirming. I'd feel him move on occasion. His hands go up to put his hair back. We were both sweating... I honestly was loving the slippery when wet thing we had going on. "soon" he said still out of breath. I giggled. I was still out of breath to --- FUCK. He collapsed next to me and curled me up in his arm... it was the last thing I remembered. The rise and fall of his chest under my face.

I woke in the bed alone. I still half asleep thought it was Ed going to work. I woke later, hearing steps upstairs. More than normal. I stretched... looked around at the bed/bedding... the blindfold was off, draped over the back of the chair. I again sat on the edge of the bed. I put my hand between my legs. I winced. I smiled. I giggled and owe! "I definitely need some coconut water, today!" I headed to the shower.

After the shower I went upstairs. Nicky was in the kitchen. "Did you friend leave?" I asked, hoping he was still around. ( I had more energy. ) "Yes." he said. I grabbed a liter of coconut water from the fridge and reclined. Waiting for breakfast. Feeling sore nipples under my shirt in every breath. Wanting to know how he was this morning. I felt restrained. I knew. I'd be hearing from him -- again. I wasn't happy, knowing it would be months. ( His next poker game. )

"Breakfast is done." Nicky said. I came in the kitchen and sat down. Biggs was already at the table, filling me in on his plans for the day -- his plate was empty and he was gone!! a kiss. poof. I had played with my food and took 3 bites. He was done. Maybe I need more sleep?! I smiled. Nicky looked up, he was standing and his expression -had me look out. ( the kitchen picture window ) Mr. Blackhorse? He had just pulled in and was talking to Ed ( Biggs ) in the driveway. He had donuts. A newspaper. He came in, paused when he saw me seated at the table. Nicky looked down at me, I looked up at Nicky. I Blushed. Then said, "Want an omelet? "

It was damn awkward not knowing what you did the night before? with whom. Specifically. He sat down, opening the donut box, selecting one and biting. The good sex had me losing my mind. I was watching his lips. just. -I wanted to be the donut. I shifted in my chair. 'Would you mind if I took a shower? " he asked. I grinned, "What did you do last night? Did you run into Melody when you went to leave??" He smiled, "No. Work. " I'll show you where the towels are. He got up before I did and went around the corner. He had the closet open in the bathroom before I got there. "I know where the towels are at. " he said. I just looked at him. Yes. It is decided, the good sex had me losing my mind. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. "go ahead" I said. chuckling. grinning. leaning against the door. He took off his shirt. My pussy was awake now.

"Would you mind if I--- showered?--- " I asked, with still wet hair. "It is your house." he said as he undid his belt. DAMN. I never realized how hot Mr. Blackhorse was. I then saw his cock. "He is Black." I thought to myself. Those feeling damn sick butterflies.... "This-may hurt. "

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The Cleansing VI
Posted:Jul 21, 2017 3:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2017 4:05 pm

Oh the water feels good. hot water. Her and Nicholas were now in the shower. He was washing her body. She was happy with his choice of soap today. Lavender. Any bar of ZUM is usually a favorite. He chose a liquid soap today.

"Tell me who your friend is Nicky -- " she lifted her head up into the water, waiting, dampening her hair. "He is-- a friend." he replied., "A friend that can chose to tell you who he is. " he added. She looked down at him as his hands took the soft washcloth my Mother knit and soaped parts of my body. Both the washcloth and his hands roamed my body as we talked. I admired him and his tan skin; his tattoos. His shoulder. Especially.

I inhaled deeply, "Would you tell me if he remained or - left? " I said on exhale. My eyes almost pleading. "He remained." he answered. I smiled. That made me so happy. Although?! why couldn't I pick him out.

whatever.!.. I'm with Nicky now. I thought in a moment of perfectly content. thinking. of honestly: NOTHING. just resting. and listening to the water. letting go. Nicholas, had me.

I giggled. "What??" he asked desperate to know. "Nicky - you know me!! I know you've known him for quite sometime now. You honestly don't think I figured it out?!!" I laughed -- grabbing his head and pulling it under the water. Giving him my, tsk tsk tsk expression as my head shook. I then took some of Biggs MAN shampoo and washed Nicky's hair. He just smirked at me,? "M." deeply. Mr seXXXy.. "It's time to suck your cock, already huh.. Nicky." I thought.

Nicholas smiled. He looked down. It caused me to look down a moment.
at his toes. Nicky has nice legs, to --

"I know you. You are at times, forgetful." he said.
He was right. I was. All of a sudden I was worrying
--- Was it his birthday?!!!! Fuck.
When was his birthday.??????? --SHIT.
---- I DON'T know.!..
Nicky was standing there looking at me with my, "SERIOUSLY!" look.
My Halo, light up. I felt small. so very small. -giggle. I liked it.
-I don't know because I haven't given him one yet- SMILES.

"You tried that trick once before. It worked, then. My friend can tell you who he is - if he wants you to know. " Nicholas said. I laughed, thinking one word: WONDERFUL.

I took him by the chin and just held it there until he looked at me. His eye drifted and I moved the chin until they returned. When they did, I kissed him. and. I kissed him. And... I KISSED HIM. deeply. eyes closed. I felt the knees bend slightly. his body dip and my hand went to his dick.

It didn't feel weak. mm m.
I let go.
I still looked into those eyes.
I leaned forward again. kissed his lips.
like those dutch lawn children
my eyes rose up to his eyes, again.
I kissed his shoulder. his heart.
just beneath his belly button.
my finger drew a path down
as I was taking my knees.
Nicky --- was braced against the shower wall.

after- I stood. smiling.
we were there in the water
I was waiting for his dick to get hard again
I wanted him to fuck me. He figured it out when I reached for his cock.
"No-." "NO?!!" -no. "wha.." He put his finger on my lips.
"You've had quite the day and it-- isn't done. You will be hurting tomorrow-
I'm not adding to that."

damn him. making me all goo inside.

"Maybe after we are done here you should go talk to your friend about that and ask him to be gentle.. " I said. The water suddenly got VERY COLD. ( Nicholas shut the hot water off and left the shower. )

I shrieked turned the hot water back on. I shampooed my hair.. made sure all the soap was gone. Nicky was back with a towel fresh from the dryer. He wrapped it around me and told me to sit down. ( on the toilet ) He began blow drying my hair and brushing all the nests out of it. When it was all straightened he looked at me with sad eyes and then light up with a smile.

"Everyone has gone. Well, almost everyone. I'll need to say goodnight. I'm staying over but, I'll be upstairs. You'll have one hell of a breakfast, I promise you." I cut him off, "Nicky, don't go all out I can only have so much-like a piece of fruit. That's it. It's pitiful. " He just looked down at me with those damn smiling eyes. "You can have an omelet, especially after tonight. AND - one piece of toast won't kill you. Perhaps, with--FROG--jelly. " he laughed at my squirming and expressions.

I was fully red in the face. He was dead on. AS USUAL. damn, Little. *giggle

FROG JELLY: Fig. Raspberry. Orange. Ginger -- combine them.

I looked to the door knowing I'd have my answer soon. Wait. I suddenly was asking myself it if was Nicky's friend that bought the last dance. The room was spinning. Shadow?. Nicky's friend. Why am I thinking it's him, next? It's like: I know. "MAKE IT SO!" like, JUAN LUKE PICARD, says.

oh I was tired.
Nicky paled.
My expressions asked, what?

He lifted another towel that was folded and it was the blindfold. He picked it up. and put it on. kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight MissTress."
The Blowjob, part V
Posted:Jul 21, 2017 1:11 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2017 3:16 am

I finally made it off the pool table. It was starting to get late. It was time for my shower. ( Big Smile ) The blindfold was removed. My thoughts were all looking forward to the shower -- the heat of it. "Not yet you don't."

--I enjoy orgasming there in the shower. If I hang-glide enough, long enough -- when I take a shower and the water softly flows and finds my fault. I find myself time and again clinging to the shower wall. in one deep. swallow of -- FUCK. Sometimes I'm even amazed that I'm a fountain. UH-huh. Sometimes~ the not yet though? Who said that?.

I turned. He was one I didn't know. He stood next to Biggs. oh. oh. "You must be the Chicken, Dinner. " I laughed. He nodded yes. I felt my pussy swell right the fuck up. ( Guess I have no faults after all. 'wink. )

"On your knees, yes. Private room, no. " he said.

I rolled my head back and around in a thought. "So. You are either a man that needs to show he's The Man to Everyone. Or, .." I put my hand on my chin as I walked and thought. "A man.. " I paused. I was laughing, smiling,..

I didn't think he was - I just wanted to belittle a little.

"Perhaps this is about building value to your prize." I continued walking, swallowing my foot like I love doing--as deep as I love taking a cock down my throat.

You learn the most when you are wrong. Which is why I just love being wrong now.

"Perhaps this isn't about you at all. You are thinking of little old me?" I said watching him closely now. I was a bit puzzled. I know most would feel "things" from a room full of watchers butt. I demonstrated, I think. by then. I wasn't one of those. old news. type of thing. --I started to think the reason I wished to give him privacy for-- he was aware of and by him remaining. It was belittling my.. skills. was it a scoff.?.

I took a breath. not liking it. I was trying to decide. to have the fun I was thinking of? or make him go quick.? perhaps. --PERHAPS--he just wished to make me mad. Oh that would be enjoyable, forced, wouldn't it?? "She's gotten awfully quiet." he grinned. oh stoke those flames, huh boy.

The boy was dismissed from every part of me just then.

I started looking around the room for the shadow. I turned to look back at him, wondering..? it wasn't him. "Shadow" -- would be, in the shadow. I moved around the room making eye contact. Glancing around the edges, between each set of eyes. with just a couple of questions for the eyes. # 1. tell me what I want to know. #2. make me want to suck that joes cock for you.. cuz she didn't. wanna.


she started wondering where Nicky was. she had a thought, he'd be by Shadow. Knowing Nicky and the earlier events. Nicky would have bonded with that. They'd be friends. He seemed to like Nicky to... he did. hm.. .? ??..

NICKY WAS NO HELP DAMN HIM. standing by himself by the bathroom downstairs. perhaps I should go suck him off in front of everyone. giggle. he'd tell me everything I wanted to know then. he'd give world secrets if he had them. Smiles. Such a priceless thought.... He'd even tell me who Mr. Black, was! There he was to - standing all proper, towel on his arm. It was like he was asking me to just get it over so he could be with me in the shower... "You'll enjoy it today, Nicky." she thought.

oh man.
I may end up orgasming from the blowjob again.
My pussy is just dying and SCREAMING- to tingle.
I love it when that happens to.

She's in a warm bath of a smile at the moment.
Please leave a message. BEEP!

She turned feeling a possible presence.
"Ms.Tress. " Mr Blackhorse stepped out of the laundry room.
basically right into her. with a slushy water
he must of pulled from the freezer.
"He sure does make himself at home, doesn't he??!"
She spun around again. She was getting bored.
She walked immediately right to Chicken Dinner
-- and got on her knees.

"Did you make up your mind yet?" he asked.


"yes ma'am."

oh she hated to ENJOY that response. She returned his words with her tongue. STARTING at his balls and leading down that shaft to the top. her hands followed along the edges of his dick in prayer form. and they prayed, back and forth. up and down. FOR HIM. as her tongue teased the rim. teased herself. teased him. her thoughts thought of sound. metal sounds. and they were quickly dismissed. after showing her images of entering the penis. they brought another to mind and this wasn't about him.

she took a deep breath. and down she went.. introducing his cock to her throat. and. especially that part of her throat that once made her choke. she likes to think that is the uvula. a little punching bag. she has no problem hitting anymore.

she closed her eyes. things were getting serious now. not for him. this was. ALL. about her. her nipples hardened. her belly tightened. she was aroused now. the cock of that female transgender's mind was swelling and throbbing. and she remembered him again.

her hands rose. and he purred. so her nails dug in a bit on the rise. She was smiling watching the cringe flow over his body - she was thinking of autographing her work with her teeth impressions on the inside of his thigh in the end. DEEP.

no - though. SHE - was happy. she had a cock. and she was enjoying it. she thanked him for the pleasure with a kiss at the top of it. and let her mouth get wet. so very wet. drool was pooling inside thinking of a mouth of cum.. to lay back, - with a full mouth.. stir it around... feel the thickness of it and eventually-- swallow down.
She was fantasizing of the future.. and just like that the future came. Ms. Melody and her full weight on top of her. She was going in for Biggs cumm.. sucking it out of her mouth and then letting it drip down. She was sharing him!! Yes - my lovely, you ARE -- DEFINITELY - my twin sister!!!

****she had to slurp a bit just then it was her fantasy giggle. she was about to have drool hanging****** "blush"

oh shit there's the little in me. damn.
and the taboo hit because of it.
now the pussys getting wet. ---fuck!
oh that's right I have a fuck- coming up.
B I G S M I L E. -and an even deeper suck.

"I'm good."
HE WHO IS NEXT -- maybe full of claws.
It's been decades since I did THAT to someone.

Are those balls shaved? I wanted to suck them. no. ----so no.
I was laughing and smiling.. in motion. using the tip of his cock
to smear drool all around my face around my mouth
"I was painting. " *blush* I put my left hand up. then rocked it out.
my head. on the opposite side of my hand. his dick. using my mouth.
up and down along with my wet hand
it crumbles houses MEN have built.

a blow job to me.
holds the same definition as.
making love.

by the time I am finished.
he. whoever he - is. is:
jelly legged and all. THE END.

he usually needs to sit down awhile.
I've got the energy for Everest.

It was something I'd never of really treasured
---until it was pointed out to me. by Lanny. o

I was back to thinking of the after shower.
oh I needed to fuck someone. just. shred them.
a kitty, ripping out the meat. of her kill. in her teeth. in her claws.
just!! I needed- ROUGH. my eyes found Nicky.
because----- After.
I'd desperately need him.
It's called after care.
--Nicky is fun to shred to. just.
he takes the best care of me. knows what I love. etc. <3

I must say I'm loving Chicken Dinner now.
he looks. well - lets just say his stance has changed.
"You sure you don't want a private room?" I asked.
He looked down and smiled. "Not today. That wasn't part of the prize. "
The man was breathless. oh how I bubbled with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a thought. ----------here we go!!!
"Maybe you should ask who bought that and make him an offer."
I said being helpful. watching the eyes. SHOW ME HIM! SHOW ME!!
and his eyes searched. there we go. .. . that's it. FIND HIM!
what? he's not here. he closed his eyes again.
who is missing from the room? I stopped briefly
as my hands continued. I swallowed some drool. glancing. then continuing..
-why did everyone have to keep moving around, damn it!
oh yeah.. d uh!! --- giggle

that was tasty.
(( lip smooth. ))

damn it. so close! he almost showed me!! damn it!
who the fuck. --- is next.?!
and did shadow go home-- or what!!?
he definitely didn't come anywhere around me! Coward. ( giggle )

oh hell!! - I have fire right now - why not!!
I found Biggs and pushed him up to a wall, BY THE THROAT.
Biggs eyes just slyly and slowly rolled to mine. "Who?"
we can play in the sandbox boy if you really wish, right here right now.
butt I hope you like pain as much as you will be giving it. it will be returned.

I kissed him softly on the tip of his nose --------wishing
I could read his thoughts like you have been reading mine.

my hands went to his belly and his hands met and stopped them.
his eyes said just one thing: "locker room, sorry, Princess."

I backed up and stood. sulking a bit. I pointed to my left cheek
he kissed it.
I pointed to my right cheek
he kissed it.
I turned to offer my ass.

( I almost peed. if not squirted. on the edge!!! on the edge!!! )

"Okay - what's next?!!!"
I had forgotten. my thoughts were all over the place.
"Your Shower, Maam." Nicky said - LOUD AND PROUD.
I turned, went and just hugged him.
--in the hug I thought I might just fuck him-- in the shower.
feast on those delicious pouting lips. that aren't pouting!!
then maybe.. dropping to my knees.
yes-- definitely dropping to my knees- GRIN.

"Come on Nickey, Come TRY-- and clean this dirty girl up. "
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